Spells to bring back lost love

1. Purpose:

Powerful spells to bring back lost love instantly to help you manage your crush related problems quickly. In this ritual, we make use of candles and spells to get your lover back to you. Beware that the spells to bring back lost love is not to interfere with the free will of a person. It does not suppress the mental ability of the person to fulfill wishes. Rather it just creates your love in his/her heart smoothly. No harmful side effects if done for a good purpose. The enchanting verses used in this ritual are Islamic. The candle is one of the ingredients used in this hence the name.

2. Choosing candle for the return of lost love:

Candle magic is one of the ancient rituals that all kinds of practitioners use. It can be used in the return of lost love ritual. It depends on with what intention they use it. The belief that we should keep with respect to this is, the energy in the candle is not by itself. But ALLAH has given the ability in it. It has the ability to absorb and reflect some sorts of natural energies. Similarly different color has different properties. Candles are used in simple as well as complicated rituals.

3. Candle spell to bring back lost love:

Different colored candles are used in different rituals. Candles are usually made up of petroleum wax. It is better to use bee-wax candles if you can. Many practitioners prepare such candles at home using essential oils and natural bee-wax or soy-wax. Try to use the specific candle explained in this candle spell to bring back lost love ritual. If you are unable to get, you may use a simple white candle.

   (3.1)  Preparing a red candle for the ritual spell to bring back a lover:

  • Use a new red candle to cast the spell to bring back lover.
  • It should be made up of red wax. And it is better if you can prepare a homemade soy-wax candle for this.
  • Take care that it is not already utilized one.
  • A high-quality candle is straight with no cracks or marks in it.
  • Before using it in the ritual, you can charge it. To charge it anoint it in oil. You may use jasmine oil. Apply the oil properly over the entire surface with your hands. Then rub the surface properly.
  • Do this for 20 minutes.
  • After this take a pin or sharp substance and carve the identity of your lover on the surface.
  • Now the candle is ready for use in casting.

   (3.2)  Casting requirements of spell to bring back lover:

  • You need a clean and empty room for casting the spell.
  • The prepared candle.
  • A lighter.
  • Small table.

  (3.3) How to cast spell to bring my love back to me?

Follow the procedure of red candle love spell to bring back lost love to your ritual to get your love back soon. It is described below:

4. Red candle love spell to bring back lost love:

Casting a lost love back spell:

    1. Place the red candle at the center of the table.
    2. Lighten it.
    3. Look at the candlelight for some time to gain concentration.
    4. Recite the following chants 111 times while the candle is burning.
    5.  Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

      Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

      He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;

      And there is none like unto Him.

  1. Imagine that your lover’s heart is melting like the candle for you during the recitation.
  2. Perform it for 3 to 7 consecutive days.

5. Inspiring spells for your love to return:

Another alternate spell that you could cast while the red candle is burning is here. This spell will make your love to return back to you. It will strengthen your relationship further if you keep practicing it daily.

ALLAH is my lord, the most loving, the most merciful.

I ask for forgiveness from ALLAH and I ask his help to get back my partner.

No one can bring him/her back to me expect ALLAH.

He is the all powerful.

Breakups or losing some special person is one of the difficult condition to cope up with. Many people undergo this & experience the pain of heart break. They even try taking help of various methods but it does not work. However, with the help of islamic spell for your love to return you will find relief. It is possible to get your love back. You just need to follow the instructions carefully to get the results.

6. Alternate spells to get your love back:

This is a Quranic verse which you should implement to get your love back soon.


وَ لِکُلِّ وِجۡھَۃٌ ھُوَ مُوِلِّیھٰا فَاسۡتَبِقُوا الۡخَیۡرٰاتِ اَیۡنَ مٰا تَکُونُوا یَاۡتِ بکُمُ اللہُ جَمِیعاً اِنَّ اللہَ عَلیٰ کُلِّ شَیٍٔ قَدیرٌ

  1. You should take a new cloth.
  2. Cut it in a rectangular shape.
  3. Write the above-written verse at its corners in Arabic.
  4. Write the name of the person at the center.
  5. Nail it inside your house.
  6. Also, enchant the verse for 1111 times and pray to ALLAH.
7. Concluding Spells to bring back lost lover :

After you perform the charms & spells to bring back lost lover mentioned in this post you may notice one of these outcomes: Your love will come back to you or not. If your love does not return back to you, you may contact us for further support or our services.


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