Prayer for wealth

Prayer for wealth and prosperity health rizq transfer abundance success happiness

Wealth is something that everyone likes to have and struggles for it. It has both curse and boons. It is good if it is acquired for the sake of Almighty Allah with good intentions. You should earn so that you need not spread your hands in front of others. So that you eat which is lawful and prevent yourself from forbidden wealth. On the other hand, if wealth is acquired without any proper goal, it will cause harm. When someone uses it just for his desires, there is a very high probability of falling into sins. May Almighty Allah benefit us from the wealth in this world and hereafter and protect us from its bad effects.

Prayer for wealth and prosperity

If someone has no way of earning and no body is there to help him/her out then he/she should perform this Prayer for wealth and prosperity. You should perform the mentioned wazifa and duas with patience. Follows the given instructions. Do not quit it in-between.

Prayer for wealth and health

Quranic dua for money and wealthThe holy Quran is the best healer. If you are having scarcity of wealth, you need not become upset. Almighty Allah is the sustainer. He provides sustenance to all his creatures. Pray to Allah for the increase in your income. You can practice on the powerful Quranic verse and make Prayer for wealth and health.

Prayer for wealth and riches

Perform this amal of “Prayer for wealth and riches in the Quran” after every obligatory prayer. The method of it is described below :

یَارَزَّاقُ ۔تَرْزُقُ مَنْ تَشَآءُ بِغَیْرِحِسٰبٍ۔

” Ya Razzaqu tarzuqu man tashaaa-oo bi ghairi h’isaab “

  • Read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times
  • Above verse 41 times
  • Durood-e-Shareef 11 times
  • Continue this wazifa till results are observed.

There is another method to perform the prayer. It is described below.

Prayer for wealth transfer

If you are looking for a solution to money problems then, this Prayer for wealth transfer is the best remedy for you. Read it as mentioned.

اللھم تب علینا قبل الموت وھون علینا شدۃ الموت وارخنا عند الموت ولا تعذبنا یا خالق الحیوۃ والموت توفنا مسلمین والحقنا بالصلحین

  • Read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times
  • Read the below-mentioned dua 101 times.
  • Again read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Pray for a legal source of income.
  • Do this for consecutive 41 days.
  • In Sha Allah, you will find some way for wealth and prosperity spiritually.

Prayer for wealth and abundance

If someone is looking for a concise wazifa for money then this is for them. This quick spiritual “Prayer for wealth and abundance” is done by reciting Allah’s name “Ya Wahhabu”.

  • You have to do this after every Isha salah.
  • Read it 1100 times along with Durood-e-Shareef 3 times before and after.
  • This should to performed for 41 days.
  • After completing it for 41 days write it on a piece of paper and keep it with you.
Prayer for wealth and happiness

Surah Kausar is a very short and sweet surah of the Holy Quran. It has just 3 verses. So anyone can easily memorize it, recite Prayer for wealth and happiness and get numerous blessings from it. In this Almighty Allah describes the abundant gifts and qualities that Allah, the highest granted to his beloved prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Prayer for wealth and success

If you are having a shortage of money or sustenance or knowledge you may take help of this Prayers for wealth and success.

  • You should perform this after your Fajr prayer.
  • Recite it for 111 times along with Durood e Ibraheemi 3 times before and after.
  • Pray for wealth that may benefit you.
  • Perform it for 21 consecutive days.
  • You will see the blessings and abundance in your sustenance.


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  • Salam everything in the post is clear and nice I have a request is the dua could be written in an English from some of us can’t read Arabic and I am asking since you said to call if the wafiza is not working is it going to be free of charge if we call and the wazifa done by you to help us thank you

    • wa alaikum assalam

      “Ya Razzaqu tarzuqu man tashaaa-oo bi ghairi h’isaab ”

      If you do wazifa on your own its free of cost and for Amulets (taweezat) service there is a fee.

      Quranic verses must be read with correct pronounciation. Those who do not know to read Quran shareef with correct pronounciation must learn it.

  • Assalamu Alaikum.
    Good morning,
    please how many times is the Dua going to be recited for each day and for how long is it going to be recited.

  • Salam alaikum,,, please I need the translation of the second dua which is اللھم تب علینا قبل الموت وھون علینا شدۃ الموت وارخنا عند الموت ولا تعذبنا یا خالق الحیوۃ والموت توفنا مسلمین والحقنا بالصلحین,,,,thank you

  • I truly appreciate your efforts in giving out this dua. Does it have any side effects especially when not pronounced accordingly? I want to start immediately. Thanks

    • aoa. please i am hand to mouth because of qarz as well as i hve to pay about 6 lacs balance
      house rent and i am still berozgar. there is no way how i will cover these problems except all
      help, i kindly request you to advise me a emergency wazifa for these problems and also for
      thku in advance for your kind and immediate answer/

  • aoa. maashahllah i have seen all wazaif and no doubt i am surprised to read them

    thukindly i will be thankful to you repeay for me by mail i.e subhanak lailla ha illah anta thku

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