Istikhara for marriage

How to make free online Istikhara for marriage Shia

  1. Marriage is one important event for people in their lives.
  2. It is the union of husband and wife for spending the rest of their lives together through every thick and thin.
  3. Unfortunately, many people make dua for hardship in marriage or in finding the right companion.
  4. In such conditions, Islam recommends Istikhara for Marriage which eventually proves to be very effective.

Istikhara for marriage method

  1. First, do fresh wudu and do 2 rakat Tahayatul Wudu Salah. After salam read

Darood/salavat 3 times

  1. Then read Surah Fatiha 3 times
  2. Then Darood/salavat 3 times…..then do 2 rakat nafal for Itikhara and Istianat( help) from Allah. This is the niyet of the nafal.
  3. In the first rakat, you will read Surah Kafirun once. In 2ndrakat Surah Ikhlas once.
  4. After salam, you will read the Istikhara for marriage method 5 times in total.

What is Istikhara for marriage?

  1. Istikhara is a prayer performed by the majority of Muslim to understand the effect of a proposed action. But, What is Istikhara for marriage?
  2. There are many reasons and obstacles for not able to get married to the person we loved which we don’t even know.
  3. Therefore, Istikhara for marriage helps a person to detect the reason for not getting married and helps to start a new life.

How to make Istikhara for marriage

  1. Every Muslims belief, only Allah has controls power of everything that is in the earth and heaven. Therefore, Muslim don’t have to associate anyone other by Allah. But, How to make Istikhara for marriage.
  2. It is our firm belief that Allah has a solution to every problem.  Therefore, the effective Istikhara for marriage is performed in front of the One who controls everything in the universe.
  3. Nevertheless, Muslim have to remember Allah in every hardship and beg to help in the face of prayers and wait for the positive outcome.
Online free Istikhara for marriage
  1. In the terminology of Islam, Istikhara literally meaning invocation is an act of supplication.
  2. The person can find any kind of Istikhara for any sector of life online, by searching the problem and getting the best reference of Istikhara.
  3. However, online free Istikhara for marriage sometimes does effect because there are several wrong references.
  4. Therefore, a person has to find the right Online Istikhara for creating love between them.
Istikhara for marriage Shia
  1. One of the two branches of Muslims Shia. Shia also believes that Allah has the only power in the universe.
  2. Therefore, in their hardship, they also prefer Allah as their only savior. Istikhara for marriage Shia helps to create love between two persons and remove all the obstacles they face in getting married.
  3. As they make dua in front of the most powerful source. However, the prayer will be answered if the motive is good for it.


Weigh yourself in kilos. Buy rice exactly the same as your weight. If you are for example 80.50 kilos buy 80.50 kilos of rice. Any quality of rice will do. Throw the rice in the sea If possible or in the river if you don’t live near a sea or in a lake or a canal.

This is sadaka to the sea animals. Just do it once. Inshallah, you will get married to 2-3 weeks. Before throwing the rice do a dua. Darood/Salavat 11 times then your dua to get married and then Darood/Salavat 11 times. Then throw the rice in the water. That’s all.



Istikhara found very beneficial of those who are trying to get marry with their love of life. But are not able to get married due to many factors. But, how to perform Istikhara and what is the effective Istikhara? So, this article is helpful for removing hardship and difficulty in getting marriage they love.

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  • Salaam walekum can you please do my Istikhara for marriage not had any risthey come and it’s very disturbing I am now turning 33 this year and I really want to settle down and complete half my deen .

    My name is nafisa tariq date of birth is 10.04.1986 please I really need your help in this matter . I am unsuccessful in my life right now

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