1. Wazifa for lost love back

Love is blind” this is what we heard. When people fall in love they become eyeless to defects of their lover. They even become deaf and dumb to hear the negatives of their love. Their condition will be like they cannot live without their lover. And the very next day some fights take place and the promise of staying throughout the life breaks off; they get separated. But feelings remain even after break up. This wazifa for lost love will help you get your love back to marry you in a permanent and legal bond that is marriage.

2. Wazifa for Lost love-Uses

The wazifa for lost love can also be used to get the love of your spouse. If your spouse has started neglecting you, it will make him/her attracted towards you. The wazifa will create your love in your partner’s heart. It will get your ex back to marry. Make your wife obey you.

3. Wazifa for lost love-How to do?

The wazifa for lost love could be implemented by reciting the name of ALLAH “الودود”. The meaning of it is “The most loving”. When you recite this Ism for several hundred times you accept and think about the wonderful quality of Almighty that he is the most loving. And when you pray to him for your love to marry you, he will put your love in the person’s heart for marriage. He will regret for his mistakes and remain careful in the future.

The procedure of performing this wazifa is very simple.

  1. You should perform ablution.
  2. Select an empty, clean room.
  3. Recite the Ism e Azam 3000 times along with Durood 3 times before and after.
  4. Make supplication for your need.
  5. Do this for atleast 7 consecutive days.

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