1. Wazifa to get married:

Wazifa to get married is intended for the purpose of marriage. Who does not lke to get married? Every parent want their offsprings to get married at appropriate age. And every man and woman dreams of his/her beautiful marriage. As the time passes it becomes more and more critical for unmarried person. They will be in a very lonely and depressed condition when they do not find any way for their marriage. One should not lose hope in your lord. Our creator ALLAH has created pair for everyone. It all happens at a proper moment with the right person.

2.Wazifa to get married– Who can do?

Whether a boy or a girl who is looking for marriage can do this wazifa to get married. Or parents can do on behalf of their children and pray for the wedding of their son/daughter. This wazifa will end the long term search for a partner. It will unite the person with their perfect compatible life partner.

3. Wazifa to get married-For How many days?

You should cast the wazifa for at 90 days. There should not be any gap in between. If you skip it in between start it all over the beginning once again.

4. Wazifa to get married-Any Side effects?

This wazifa does not have any bad results. If you wish to conduct the love marriage wazifa, carry out Istikhara and once you make a firm decision to marry your desired person, perform this wazifa. It will help you in both the arrange marriage and love marriage. If you think that you are inflicted with black magic, you should take treatment for it’s cure at first.

5. Wazifa to get married-Short wazifa

The powerful ALLAH’s name that you can execute to get married soon is


It is the quality of ALLAH-The Greatest. The meaning of this word is “The Expander”. When you read this beautiful dua, you should visualize the magnificient attribute of the Almighty. Imagine that he is giving you a suitable spouse. Because of remembering his Ism e azam again and again, the RAHMAN will grant you what you desire.

 6. Wazifa to get married-How to do?

  1. Before commencing the wazifa, prepare good environment.
  2. Make ablution.
  3. Select a clean and calm place to recite the wazifa. It is better to implement it after your Isha Salah.
  4. Recite the above mentioned dua for 5000 times along with Durood thrice before and after.
  5. Make supplication for marriage and go to sleep without talking with anyone.

7. Wazifa to get married-All wazaif