1). Wazifa for wife:

The wazifa for wife is meant to solve all problems related to wife. No couple is free from relationship issues. Everyone faces some or the other controversies from time to time. Even the happiest husband and wife seem to have clashes at times. If you are a husband and your wife fights with you on every small matters or get’s angry at you or has went away from you, the islamic wazifas will help you to make her obedient to you.

2). Wazifa for wife-Different Wazaif:

  • Wazifa for Wife love
  • Wazifa for Wife come back
  • Wazifa for Wife Controlling
  • Wazifa for Wife to love her husband

i). Wazifa for wife love:

This wazifa is to create love in your wife’s heart. After performing the wazifa for wife love, you can see a change in the behaviour of your spouse. Her heart will become soft and she will become loyal to you.

ii). Wazifa for wife controlling:

This wazifa is meant to control bad habits of your wife. If your wife get’s angry at you more frequently and does not listen to any of your words the wazifa for wife controlling will limit her bad habits.

iii). Wazifa for wife come back:

This wazifa is to help you to get your wife back. Some husbands complain that their wife has gone away from their house and is not returning back, this wazifa will bring her back and make her regret for her act.

iv). Wazifa for wife to love her husband:

This wazifa is to increase your love in your wife’s heart.

3). How to do Wazifa for Wife?

You can perform the name of ALLAH wazifa for wife to make her obedient, loving and bring her back. The name that you should recite is:


It ,means “The Giver of Honour”. Since it is the quality of Almighty ALLAH to make his servants honourable and respectable you should recite this name of ALLAH thousand times along with Durood 3 times before and after. And pray to ALLAH for your need. In sha ALLAH very soon your wife will start loving  and obeying you.

Wazifa for wife come back | Dua for wife come back home Prayer !!!

Wazifa for wife come back | Dua for wife come back home: If your wife has gone away from you without your permission and is not returning back or is angry on you than perform this wazifa for wife come back | dua for wife come back prayer to bring your wife back home quickly.Wazifa for wife come back : If you are experiencing trouble controlling your disobedient wife, and her disobedience has reached to such a point that she left your home and your patience is stretched to breaking point. Then,there comes the need of wazifa for wife come back prayer . Also read a post on wazifa for husband come back. Dua for wife come back : The method to perform dua for wife come back is as follows : Al-GhafooruRecite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times. Read the name of ALLAH 313 times. Recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times. Pray for your wife to come back to you. Do this [...]