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Wazifa for Husband

1).Wazifa for husband
 (1.1).Why wazifa for husband?
2).Husband kinds 
4).Easy wazifa
5).How to 
7).Bad effects? 
8).All Wazifa for husband

1).Wazifa for husband:

Wazifa for husband functions to solve all the problems related with husband. Husband is the head and supervisor of his family. Husband and wife relationship is the sacred bond of love. It needs full of love, understanding and compromises in between. If there is lack of either thing, it leads to clashes. The sacred bond of sincerity, love and companionship should last throughout the life. In order to maintain your husband and wife relationship strong and sweet you need to implement islamic wazifa for husband. The wazifa creates love and harmony within the relationship.

    1.1). Wazifa for husband-WHY?

When two persons marry, they promise to stand together in all the ups and downs of their life.They promise to help and comfort each other at all times. Since they live together for a long period of time, it is quite natural that there arise difference in opinions in few matters. It is important for the couple to limit the differences in their relationship and not allow them to cross the level of intimacy. Unfortunately, if misunderstandings are already created in your relationship, you should take proper steps and implement the wazifa that is relevant to your problem.

2). Husband Types:

Based on nature there are different types of husband. Some are angry minded. They become angry too quickly. Few husband are calm, they do not loose their patience soon. Some other are emotional. You should analyse the character of your husband and try to adjust yourself according. You can also implement any of the listed islamic wazifa for husband.

3). Wazifa for husband-Uses:

The list of wazifa for husband helps you to overcome issues with your husband and develop a more healthy relationship. Some of the benefits that you get after implementing the islamic wazifa for husband are described below:

  1. Your husband will begin to love you and respect you.
  2. The wazifa will eradicate misunderstandings from your relationship.
  3. It will end disagreements and reduce difference in opinions.
  4. Improve communications between husband wife.
  5. Make your husband listen to you.
  6. Increase kindness and sympathy in husband’s heart.
  7. The husband will take care of all your necessities and pay heed to you.

4). Wazifa for husband love-Easy Way:

There are many different wazifa dependng on the specific problem. But this is the overall wazifa for any problems related to your husband. This wazifa is from the names of Almighty ALLAH. The different and powerful names of ALLAH that can be implemented for husband are these:

القدوس, الودود,الوالي, الجامع

(Al-Jamiu, Al-Waali, Al-Wadoodu, Al-Quddoosu)

These are all the powerful names of Almighty ALLAH useful in dealing with husband related issues. The respective meanings of the names are “The Gatherer, the Unifier”, “The Patron “, “The Loving, the Kind One”, “The Most Holy”.

5). Wazifa for husband-How to do?

If your husband is moving away from you and not taking any interest in you, you should recite the name of ALLAH “Ya jamiu” 1100 times and pray to ALLAH for your need. Since the meaning of it is “The Gatherer”, you are telling that ALLAH is the gatherer. When you recite it for so many times with full concentration and pray, ALLAH will surely bring your husband close to you.

Another wazifa is to recite the name of ALLAH, Al Waali 1000 times, blow it on eatables and serve him.After this your husband’s negligence will get nullified. As the meaning of the name is “The Patron” when you recite it for numerous times, you will notice ALLAH’s mercy on you. He will become your supporter and help you.

If your husband is angry mooded with you all the time, then recite the name of ALLAH, Al-Quddosu 1000 times for 7 consecutive days. His behavior will get changed.

Another powerful wazifa is to recite the name “Ya wadoodu” 11000 times and pray to ALLAH. Also blow it on some sweets and serve him. This will make your husband love you more and more.

6). Wazifa for HusbandConditions for effectiveness:

There are some precautions that you need to take care of, for the various listed wazifa for husband to be effective.

  • You must be punctual with your 5 obligatory prayers.
  • Staying away from sins and obeying the commands of Almighty ALLAH.
  • Select a clean and empty room for carrying out the wazifa.
  • Do not harm other muslims nor cause injustice on anyone.

7). Wazifa for husband-Are there any Bad effects?

The islamic wazifa for husband does not have any kinds of harmful effects on anyone. You should perform the wazifa only for positive wishes and desires. The wazifa will give you effective outcome. These wazifa are different from black magic. Black magic usually harms the target person physically and mentally, whereas Islamic wazifa do not. These wazifas should be done by the wife for her husband. She should not keep any bad intentions of harming her husband or making him her servant. However, if she keeps negative wishes in mind, they won’t get fulfilled.

8). Wazifa For Husband-All:

Husband love:

The wazifa for husband love is intended for love of husband. After performing the wazifa, the husband’s love will drastically increase. He will become compassionate towards his wife.

Husband to listen:

The wazifa for husband to listen will change the mind of husband and make him able to accept the opinions of his wife as well. He will start respecting the suggestions of his wife after the wazifa for husband to listen is implemented.

Husband job:

This wazifa is meant for husband job. If your husband has lost a job and is worried for sustenance, you may help him with this wazifa for husband job.

Husband health:

The health is also an important aspect in married life happiness. If a partner’s health remains upset, both the partners feel sad. You may perform the wazifa for husband health so that he recovers back from his illness soon.

Husband to obey:

It is not obligatory on husband to obey his wife. However if you wish for your husband to accept your opinions and suggestions perform this wazifa for husband.

Husband give money:

The wazifa for husband give money is to encourage the husband to give you money for your needs. If your husband has become irresponsible towards his duties and is not giving you the required money, the wazifa for husband give money is useful.

Husband to respect wife:

The wazifa for husband to respect wife is useful to deal with disrespectful husband. After you implement the wazifa husband respect wife, he will start respecting and loving you.

Husband Controlling in urdu:

If you see that your husband going towards bad acts like smoking, drinking or adultery or misbehaving with you regularly, the wazifa for husband controlling would be helpful. This is the urdu version of wazifa for those who do not know to read in arabic. There is also an arabic and english version of wazifa for husband controlling.

Husband bad habits:

In order to combat with bad habits of your husband, you may implement the wazifa for bad habits. The wazifa will effectively break all the bad habits of your husband in a short span of time.

Husband success:

If you have a desire for higher achievement and status of your husband, you can perform the wazifa for husband success. Whether you want your husband to be successful in some job interview or business or job promotion or whichever field you wish, you may take help from the islamic wazifa.

Husband anger:

Anger is one of the enemies of man. It is an intensive emotion of dislikeness. Different people have different way of reacting during anger. People even loose their sense in the state of anger and perform irresistible actions and repent for it later on. If this is the condition with your husband most of the time, it may destroy happiness in your married life. The islamic wazifa for husband anger will work to end the anger of your husband.

Husband get Visa:

Another type of wazifa for husband is related with VISA problems. If your husband has decided to go abroad for job and is encountering too many problems in getting VISA, the wazifa for husband to get Visa will help your husband to receive VISA soon.

Husband love and respect:

This is another type of wazifa intended to get both the husband love and respect.


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