Wazifa for husband

Wazifa for husband to come back, Job, anger, bad, good, attraction

  1. Prayers are the gift leftover by saints or scholars to spread blessings of Holy Quran in every field of life.
  2. However, most of the people grab advantages by performing particular prayers.
  3. The Wazifa for husband is very effective getting a husband with good character.

Wazifa for husband job

  1. Job is a paid position of regular employment. Nearly every person does a job to afford all the household expenses and to make their family happy.
  2. But unfortunately, many people found difficulty in finding the best job from which they can make money which is halal.
  3. Therefore, Wazifa for husband job is helpful and effective for the problem faced by a person on finding a job.

Wazifa for husband anger

  1. Marriage is one important event for people in their lives. It is a union of individual people vowing to spend the rest of their lives together through every thick and thin.
  2. Unfortunately, many people face difficulty in finding their love back.
  3. In these circumstances, Wazifa for husband anger is effective in creating love between them and makes their life happy and peaceful.

Wazifa for husband to come back

  1. Women got nervous and hassle when their husband had to go on the trip due to business reason or the soldier which fought in wars.
  2. In these situations, women perform Wazifa for husband to come back to make their journey safe and get back home with no harm.
  3. Although, it depends on a person’s intentions whether their dua will be answered.

Wazifa for husband attraction

  1. Many people face troubles in finding the best companion due to many factors.
  2. But, these difficulties are temporary. As Allah won’t give problem without its solution. As the Quran is the book of guidance and benefits.
  3. Therefore, the Quran has many surahs and powerful Wazifa for husband attraction. One has to recite them and believe Allah for the best results.
Wazifa for bad husband
  1. Most women face difficulty when it comes to finding a good character husband.
  2. Even, if they are bonded with each other, the other difficulty that is faced by them is that their husband has not that behavior which they have expected.
  3. In these circumstances, Wazifa for bad husband is preferred because no one can change a person’s thought or fortune without Allah decision.
Wazifa for good husband
  1. According to Muslims belief, only Allah has the power to control anything in earth and heaven.
  2. Therefore, Muslim does not associate others by Allah. It is our firm belief that Allah has a solution to every problem.
  3. So, Muslim remember Allah in every hardship and beg to help in the face of dua. Fast working dua for good husband is the one that is prayed by a person with a pure heart. Then dua is effective for a person.


Read Ya Wadud-Allah’s name……..500 times,  Salavat/ Darood 5 times before and after Then do a dua



Marriage is one important decision for people. But, sometimes this decision turns wrong and the person has to face difficulty in maintaining the relationship. Many couples face hardship in creating love between their companions due to many factors. In these circumstances, dua for husband and wife problems is preferred because no one can change person thought or fortune without Almighty decision.


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