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1. Wazifa for protection:

The wazifa for protection is meant to establish a protective shield around you and your belongings. When you feel that you are entrapped by some enemies the Quranic wazifa could be of great help to you. It is very easy to implement islamic prayers. When you recite the Quranic verses specific to protection for several hundred times, and pray to ALLAH for protection, you will be secured.

2. Different Wazifa for protection:

  • Wazifa for protection from enemy
  • Wazifa for Protection from black magic
  • Wazifa for Protection of pregnancy
  • Wazifa for Protection from evil eye
  • Wazifa for Protection from shaitan
  • Wazifa for Protection against enemies
  • Wazifa for Protection from jinn and all evil
  • Wazifa for Protection of house
  • Wazifa for Protection of job
  • Wazifa for Protection from miscarriage

i). Wazifa for protection from enemy:

When you perform this wazifa, your enemy will get suppressed. Even if he tries to attack you he will not be able to succeed in his goals. It will hide you from the sight of your enemy. First five verses and last five verses of Surah Baqarah can protect you fully from your enemies.

ii). Wazifa for protection from black magic:

Black magic has become very common nowadays. People cast black magic on every little arguments or fights with someone. It creates un-expressible pain in the target person and spoils his health or work. By reciting the Surah Taha regularly you can break the black magic and remain protected.

iii).Wazifa for protection from evil eye:

Evil eye is another disease associated with your soul. It occurs when the envier cast a jealous look at you or curses at your plus points. By reciting the islamc wazifa taken from hadith evil eye could be cured.

iv).Wazifa for Protection of job:

Some enemies are present even at the workplace who try to take your job away from you. They make false allegations about you to your boss so that he may get angry on you and remove you out from his workplace. When you feel such a danger the wazifa for protection of job will protect you from becoming jobless.

v).Wazifa for protection from jinn and all evil:

Not only humans, even the devil spirits and jinns try to harm people. Although we cannot see them, we can pray to ALLAH to protect us from those unseen creatures. Almighty ALLAH is the most powerful, he will keep you in peace and security from jinns and evil spirits.

vi).Wazifa for Protection of house:

This wazifa is for protecting your house from calamities or those who want to conquer your property without any rights.

vii).Wazifa for protection of pregnancy:

It is very critical condition during pregnancy. There is always some kind of fear associated with it whether the delivery is going to be normal or not. The Quranic wazifa for protection of pregnancy will protect your baby and you will have a normal delivery.

3). How to do Wazifa for protection?

The simplest wazifa that you can perform for protection is reciting the Kursi Verses which is popularly called as Ayat al Kursi. These are the most powerful protection prayers that create a protective shield around you instantly. You should recite it for 21 times along with Durood 3 times before and after and blow it on yourself or your belongings that you wish to protect.

wazifa for protection from enemy