Dua for marriage

dua for successful marriage

Dua for Successful Marriage

Dua for successful marriage: Everyone desires for Successful marriage relationship. Most of the people keep aspirations and desires that their partner should match with them. But there are always ups and downs in the relationship. If you are already married and willing to lead a successful life you should implement the tips mentioned  and the  islamic dua for successful marriage. Praying for successful marriage: Dua is a very powerful source of communication with Almighty Allah. It makes the servant realize his weakness and the accept the authority of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah has power over every thing. When a person makes dua  becomes free from proud and arrogance. A muslim can never fail after praying for successful marriage. Dua for Happy Married Life: Nowadays, divorce is taking place at a faster rate. This happens due to lack of understanding among the couple. Every couple will face disagreements in their life. They should know the proper [...]