Spells collection for all kinds of issues and day to day problems. We show you the methods of casting spells in a non-injurious way. You may perform spells in Islamic way without committing sins as in black magic spells. All our spells are easy to understand and implement. Even a beginner can easily understand and practice upon them.

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List of Spells that you may find on our site includes:


Love spells are in very much demand today. These are in practice since centuries. The spells include all kinds – spoken and unspoken words to access power. Our spells are free from black magic and voodoo harming casts. There are several categories in love spells further. They are listed below:

  • Full moon love spells
  • Magic love spells
  • Powerful love spells
  • Black magic love spells
  • Sweet love spells
  • Binding love spells
  • Easy love spells
  • Lost love spells
  • Voodoo love spells
  • Witchcraft love binding spells
  • Candle Love spells
  • Real love spells
  • Simple love spells
  • Witchcraft love spells
  • Voodoo love binding spells
  • Love spell caster


Marriage spells are used to harness and release internal personal energy by praying. For casting the marriage spells it is done with the intent of marriage. There are thousands of spells intended for marriage success. Some of their categories are listed below.

  • Marriage commitment
  • Marriage spells with candles
  • Marriage spell chant
  • Simple marriage spells
  • Breakup marriage spells
  • Free marriage spells
  • Easy marriage spells
  • Free marriage spell caster
  • Strong marry me spells


Enemy spells are the spells that are intended for self-defense and protection from harm causing enemies.

  • Enemy Spells
  • Defeat enemy
  • Spells to punish someone
  • Lemon Spell for enemies
  • Binding spell for enemies
  • Spell to get rid of someone
  • Freezer spell for enemies
  • Leave me alone
  • Spell to make someone die
  • Spell to make an enemy move away
  • Destroy enemy
  • Harm an enemy
  • Spells to curse someone(Spell to make enemy suffer)
  • Vinegar spells for enemies
  • Shut up spell
  • Spells for enemies at work
  • Spell to make someone sick


Protection spells are used to shield the person from negative energies and enemies. When some people or supernatural creatures try to harm the person physically or mentally, the protection spells come into role to break their mischieves.

  • Protection spells
  • Home protection spells
  • Protection spells for loved ones
  • Negative energy
  • Powerful protection spell
  • Simple protection spell
  • Easy protection spells
  • Free protection spells
  • Pregnancy protection spells
  • wiccan protection spells
  • Family protection spells
  • Protection spells for friends
  • Protection spells from enemies
  • Salt protection spell
  • Candle protection spell
  • Full moon protection spells
  • Magic protection spells
  • Strong protection spells
  • Relationship protection spell


Obsession spell work by obsessing the person’s mind and heart. Though people use several techniques to obsess someone we explain you legal ways of obsession without harming any trait of the target person. Here is the list of different obsession spells that you may find on our website.

  • Effective obsession spell
  • Love obsession spells
  • Dark obsession
  • Vagabond moon


Banishing spells are used to either forbid some act, bad habits or get rid of someone. Witches and black magicians cultivate these spells with wrong ways and bad intentions. Our spells are islamic. So these won’t hurt anyone nor is any bad intention behind performing these spells.

  • Banishing spells
  • Easy banishing spell
  • Banishing spell chant
  • Full moon banishing spells
  • Powerful banishing spell
  • Fast banishing spells
  • Simple banishing spell


Binding spells are used in two different ways. Either in binding someone into a love bond i.e,. marriage or can be used to bind the negative qualities of a person. These binding spells are somewhat similar to banishing spells in their working.

  • Binding spells
  • Love
  • Enemy
  • Breaking binding spells
  • Dark magic binding
  • Full moon love binding
  • Freezer love binding
  • Simple binding spells
  • Witchcraft binding
  • White candle binding
  • Protection
  • Ultimate binding spell
  • Free binding spells
  • Easy binding spells
  • Voodoo love binding
  • Powerful love binding
  • Wiccan binding spells
  • White magic binding
  • Voodoo binding


These spells are related with the relationship matters. The relationship spells can be used for bringing someone closer or in breaking a relationship. Whichever the spell might be, if it is done with a wrong intention using sinful ways it comes under black magic. If it does not go in contrary with Islamic laws and is done with a good intention,then it is permissible. There are several categories in this.

  • Breakup relationship spells
  • Healing relationship spells
  • Love relationship spells
  • New moon relationship spells
  • Reconcile relationship
  • Fix a broken relationship
  • New relationship
  • Unhappy relationship
  • Relationship spells
  • Free relationship spells
  • Powerful relationship spells
  • Full moon relationship spells
  • Save relationship
  • Ending a relationship
  • Long distance relationship
  • Rebound relationship


Crush spells are used if you have a crush on someone and want to get him back. The spells will make your crush like you and want to marry you. The spells should not be intented for establishing a relationship with a stranger before marriage. Different types of crush spells include:

  • Crush Spells
  • Crush call you
  • Attract crush
  • Easy crush spells
  • Simple crush spell
  • White magic crush spells
  • Crush like you
  • Crush ask you out
  • Crush dream about you
  • Free crush spells
  • Real crush spell


Mind control spells like love spell stimulate the target person’s mind and heart towards love. These spells do not make the person mad or lose his conscious as the dark magic spells do. In our rituals we do not make puppets of the target person as in voodoo practice. We perform Islamic & Quranic prayers to change the mind of some person without attacking on his health conditions.

  • Powerful mind control spells
  • Free mind control spell
  • Control someone


Attraction spells are to attract something or someone towards you. With the help of islamic attraction spells, you will be able to attract your love for marriage; Attract husband or wife towards you; Gain attention of the target person; Attract wealth, prosperity and fame. Different kinds of attraction spells include:

  • Love attraction spells
  • Easy attraction spells
  • Free attraction spells
  • White magic attraction spells
  • Attract husband
  • Dream of me
  • Money attraction spells
  • Full moon attraction spells
  • New moon attraction spells
  • Without ingredients
  • Think about me spell


Jealousy is sometimes good and at times bad. It is one of the negative qualities in most of the people. Some power is required to get rid of it. For this, one should gain the internal power by reciting the Islamic prayers and supplicating. With the help of islamic jealousy spell you can control the level of jealousy within your heart.

  • Jealousy spell
  • End jealousy
  • Free jealousy spells
  • Get rid jealousy
  • Wiccan jealousy
  • Getting over jealousy
  • Stop jealousy spells
  • Cure jealousy spells
  • Banish jealousy


Many people suffer from shortage of money. When they do not get enough income even after struggling they begin to adopt wrong ways for earning. The money spells will create power in you to remain patience and think in a better way for earning. The spells will keep your mind calm and create better ideas for earning money through legal source. There are many types in money spells.

  • Money spells
  • Money candle spells
  • Money wiccan spells
  • Free Money spells
  • Simple money spells
  • Attracting money spells
  • Chanting money spells
  • Change your life money spells
  • Get money spells
  • Goodluck money spells
  • Instant money spells
  • New moon money spells
  • Quick money spells
  • Money voodoo spells
  • Money herbs spells
  • Ancient money spells
  • Powerful money spells
  • Blue moon money spells
  • Cinnamon money spells
  • Easy money spells
  • Green candle money spells
  • Hoodoo money spells
  • Magic money spells
  • Overnight money spells
  • Real money spells


Revenge spells are used for defense against enemies. If your enemies have done injustice upon you, you should perform Quranic verses spells to stop them from their mischieves. When you pray to ALLAH and he will revenge your enemies in a better way.

  • Powerful revenge spells
  • Revenge spells without ingredients
  • Revenge spell chants
  • Voodoo revenge spells
  • Revenge spells
  • Simple revenge spells
  • Revenge spells without candles
  • Free revenge spells
  • Hoodoo revenge spells


Freezer spells are cold spells. These are used for variety of purposes. Some of their applications are given below:

  • Love
  • Enemy
  • Breakup
  • Vinegar freezer spells
  • Salt freezer spells


Job spells can be cast multiple times. If you are un-employed, these spells will help you find a new dream job soon. These spells will have a long lasting effect.

  • Job spells
  • Job promotion spells
  • Job spell chant
  • Candle job spells
  • New job spells
  • New moon job spells
  • Job interview spells
  • Powerful job spells
  • Dream job spells
  • Free job spells
  • Voodoo job spells


The marriage proposal spells are for those girls and boys who are in desperate need of getting married.

  • Powerful marriage proposal spells
  • Receive marriage proposal


Seduction spells are used for making someone crazy in your love. It could be your husband or wife from whom you want to get immense love and pleasure. There are variety of spells with necessary tips explained. These spells will benefit you in a very short time if you follow the given instructions.

  • Magic seduction spells
  • Voodoo seduction spells


These spells are implemented with lemon as an ingredients in them. Lemon has a special energy in it. It’s energy should be used in a positive way and not to harm anyone. There are variety of spells in this category too.

  • Enemies
  • Lemon freezer breakup
  • Lemon magic spells
  • Lemon revenge spells
  • Bring ex back
  • Lemon love spells
  • Lemon money spells




  • Good luck spells
  • Misfortune spells
  • Bad luck spells
  • Fortune spells



Healing spells are for improvement in  your health conditions. If you are suffering from some disease however serious it might be the powerful Quranic healing spells will help you in fighting with it.

  • Self healing spells
  • Candle healing spell
  • Free healing spells
  • Magic healing spell
  • Witchcraft healing spells
  • Emotional healing spells
  • Full moon healing spells
  • New moon healing spells
  • Wiccan healing spells
  • Strong healing spells








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