Wazifa for bad

Wazifa for bad, Wazifa for bad Dushman ki barbadi, to remove bad luck for husband ka taqdeer badalne

  1. Wazifa for bad is the gift leftover by saints or scholars to spread the blessing of Holy Quran in every field of life.
  2. However, most of people grab blessings by performing particular wazifa.
  3. The Wazifa for bad husband is very effective getting a good result without negativity.

Wazifa for Dushman ki Barbadi

  1. Every Muslims belief, only Allah has controls power of everything that is in the earth and heaven. Therefore, Muslim don’t have to associate anyone other by Allah.
  2. It is our firm belief that Allah has a solution to every problem.  Therefore, the Wazifa for Dushman ki barbaadi is to wish for something (makes dua) in front of the One who controls everything in the universe.
  3. Nevertheless, Muslim have to remember Allah in every hardship. Moreover, they beg to help in the face of dua and wait for the positive outcome.

Wazifa to remove bad luck

  1. Different people make different motive in life. To achieve this motive, removing bad luck is a very essential tool.
  2. Wazifa to remove bad luck can be made on the exam, job interview, business, and many other sectors.
  3. Indeed, Allah will answer the prayer if the decision is right for the person.

Taqdeer badalne ki dua

  1. There are several ways of making dua. For instance, people make dua from Quran verses, some of them prefer dua or Manzil.
  2. However, the Takdeer badalne ki dua is to ask Allah to give them good luck and give them success in every field of life.
  3. Nevertheless, Allah answers those prayers which have a good motive and true intentions.

Wazifa for bad husband

  1. Most women face difficulty when it comes to finding a good character husband.
  2. Even, if they are bonded with each other, the other difficulty that is faced by them is that their husband has not that kind of behavior which they have expected.
  3. In these circumstances, Wazifa for bad husband is preferred because no one can change a person’s thought or fortune without Allah decision.


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