1. Istikhara meaning:

Istikhara” is an Arabic word. It has got its origin from the root word “Khairun”. Khair in English means good / goodness. In general, Istikhara in English means to seek goodness from Almighty ALLAH, in other words asking ALLAH to grant good and all that is good for us in this world and the hereafter. It is by istikhara that we ask ALLAH to guide us in our decisions & protect us from loss. Many people misinterpret the meaning of the word istikhara to “revealing reality of some person’s fate in dreams”; This is not the correct meaning. The right istikhara meaning is what we just now described in the beginning.

2. Online Istikhara:

Online Istikhara is popular nowadays. Often we come across critical situations in life where we need someone to guide us to the right way. What happens in Duacentre Online istikhara is the specialized healing expert and scholar Hazrat Mohammad Yousuf Sahab recommends you the best possible solution to your problems.

No doubt ALLAH is the real helper and the guide. But everyone does not know the way of how to seek help from ALLAH and how to deal with problems of life. There are some servants of ALLAH whom ALLAH has granted the knowledge of affairs. Luckily they have both the knowledge of Islam and the fear of ALLAH.

Since, they are sincere to Almighty ALLAH and do not have any intentions of committing sins, consulting them for advice and counseling in the complicated matters of your life will grant you success. They will teach you the right way to deal with problems without gaining wrath of Almighty ALLAH.

In the holy Quran where ALLAH instructs us “Ask those who know and are fearful of ALLAH if we do not have knowledge of something.”

3. Importance of Istikhara:

Importance of istikhara can be noted from this hadith. It is narrated by Hazrat Jabir radiallahua’nhu that ” The prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) used to teach us to do istikhara in all matters as he taught us the Surahs of the holy Quran”. From this, it is very clear how good it is to perform istikhara. So we should make a habit of performing istikhara in all aspects of our life rather than restricting it to only marriage and job. Fortunate is the Muslim who does istikhara and supplicates to ALLAH in all matters.

4. How to pray istikhara step by step:

Istikhara prayer is the prayer of guidance and goodness. You need to perform istikhara salah and at the same time seek advice from the Knowledgable Islamic Scholar and spiritual healing expert. Here is the full guide on how to pray istikhara step by step.

4.1) How to do istikhara?

i). Perform Salat al Istikhara:

a). Ablution for salat al istikhara:

You might be aware that before performing the salah you need to clean yourself. In case of minor impurity you must perform ablution (Wuzu) to get rid of it and become eligible for offering the salah. And in case of major impurities such as intercourse, menstruation or semen discharge etc,. you must perform Ghusl (Full body wash). You can learn more about how to perform ablution and how to perform ghusl from Duacentre.

b). Space for salat al istikhara:

Ensure that you select neat and clean space for praying the salah. It is preferable to offer this at the place where you offer your obligatory prayers regularly. Also, make use of a clean prayer mat. You may perform even without prayer mat if unavailable.

c). Cleanliness:

Take of the cleanliness of your clothes. You should wear clean clothes and offer salah. The clothes should not have any impurities on them. If there are any, wash them off properly.

4). Begin salat al istikhara:

You should offer 2 cycles of salat al istikhara as you offer other salahs. Begin the salah with Takbeer e Tehreema ” ALLAHU AKBAR”. Then Recite Ta’wwuz ( meaning in English: ” I seek refuge in ALLAH, from the cursed satan”) and Tasmiya ( meaning in English: ” Allah, in the name of, the most affectionate, the most merciful.”).

Recite Surah :

As usual, recite Surah Fatiha once in each of the prayer cycles. Recite the Surah Kafiroon once. Start it with “Bismillahir Rahman Nir Raheem”. And recite Surah Ikhlas in the second cycle. Likewise, complete 2 prayer cycles.

ii). Istikhara prayer for guidance:

After completing your salah, recite the istikhara dua in Arabic. When you reach the word ھذا الامر imagine your task. Recite this istikhara dua for 7 times. And sleep on your right side without talking to anyone. You could continue it for 7 continuous days.

5). Istikhara dua in Arabic:

The istikhara dua in Arabic is taken from hadith of the prophet (peace be upon him). You should recite this dua with correct Arabic pronunciation.


6). Istikhara dua in English

Few people like to keep in mind the meaning of istikhara dua in English while reciting the Arabic version. While some others do not know it’s meaning. For them, this is the istikharah dua in English given below.

“O Allah (My Lord)! I ask guidance & goodness from Your knowledge, and from Your Mighty Power.
And I ask for Your great blessings.
You are capable and I am not.
You know and I do not and You know the unseen.
O Allah! If (in your knowledge) this task is good for me, for my religion and my subsistence and in my hereafter, for my present and later needs, Then You ordain it for me.
And make it easy for me to get and then bless me in it.
If in your knowledge this task is harmful to me, in my religion and subsistence and in the Hereafter, in my present and later needs.
Then keep it away from me and let me be away from it. And ordain for me whatever is good for me, And make me satisfied with it.
7). Istikharah prayer rules & signs of response

i). Istikhara dream:

Let us know some more about istikhara dream. Dreams after istikhara do not reveal exact knowledge of what you should do. Instead, you get to know about some signs after the dream. Sometimes dreams also contain self-thoughts, it does not show the exact illustration. But, when you pray to ALLAH for your needs he will definitely answer your prayers. You will receive benefits of performing istikhara salah and dua.

ii). Istikhara signs & Istikhara results:

It is also useful to know about istikharah signs and how to interpret istikharah dreams correctly. Here are few tips regarding istikharah results.

How to interpret istikharah?

  • It is not necessary to see dreams after istikharah.
  • Neither it is a requirement for voice to be heard.
  • Even if you did not see any dream, follow the opinion that becomes dominant in your heart after performing Istikhara.
  • You must be having basic Islamic knowledge regarding permissible and impermissible things. You should not perform istikharah in unlawful tasks.
  • If you see some good thing like the mosque, Kaaba, Madina, etc. after performing the salah persistently, this is a positive result.
  • Similarly, to get your istikharah done by someone else is also not proved from sunnah. Instead of taking suggestions of other Muslims is sunnah. It is stated in a hadith that the one who does a task by considering others suggestions will not be ashamed and the one who performs istikharah in his tasks will not remain unsuccessful.
  • Consult a knowledgeable, wise and the one fearing ALLAH for interpretation of istikharah. You may contact us at our contact number or Email Id.

iii). Istikhara colors:

Here are some simple facts about Istikhara colors.

  • White and green colours are considered to be positive results.
  • Seeing white, green or blue colors indicate good dream whereas seeing black indicates a bad one.
  • Black color or seeing dirty things, again and again, indicates a negative result.
8) Confused after istikharah?

If you are confused after istikharah and are unable to make any decision regarding your marriage, job or some legal task you may share your problems with us and we will help you with the best possible solution to it. We can help you out with istikharah for marriage, istikharah for love marriage, istikharah for job and istikharah for husband wife problems and much more.


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