1). Wazifa for success in islam
2). Different wazaif for success
3). Why wazifa for success?
4). How to do wazifa for success?

1). Wazifa for Success in islam:

Wazifa for success is meant to help you gain success in your objectives. It is the dream and struggle of every person to get success. Very few people make effort to gain success in pious ways to please Almighty ALLAH. While majority of people want success just because they see other people advancing in the particular field. They do not bother whether it is good for protection of their islamic faith and hereafter life; They just desire for success. Since intention matters most in islam, you get what you intend for. If you keep good intentions while working for success, you get double benefits-success as well as the mercy, reward and pleasure of Almighty ALLAH.

2). Wazifa for Success -Different Wazaif:

There are different wazifa for success. They are listed below:

  • Wazifa for Success in everything
  • Wazifa for Success in life
  • Wazifa for success in exam results
  • Wazifa for Success in job
  • Wazifa for Success in career
  • Wazifa for Success in exam
  • Wazifa for Success in job
  • Wazifa for success in business
  • Wazifa for Success in interview
  • Wazifa for Success in love

i). Wazifa for success in everything:

This wazifa for success works to help you in gaining success in your desired task. It is not specific to a particular task. In general, this wazifa can be applied for success in any and everything.

ii). Wazifa for Success in exam:

Exams are one of the fearsome moments for some students. Even after preparation they do not seem to have self-confidence in what they have studied. This wazifa will remove fear from them and help them write the exams peacefully.

iii). Wazifa for Success in life:

If you are having many difficulties and problems in your life, the wazifa for success is for you; to help you come out of stressful conditions of your life.

iv). Wazifa for Success in job:

This wazifa is for those who are in search of a job since long time but are still left with no job. The wazifa will help them in getting a job soon.

v). Wazifa for success in exam results:

If you are a student who has already written some exam, waiting for results & have a fear that you might fail, then you should perform the islamic wazifa for success in exam results so that your fear does not come true.

vi). Wazifa for Success in interview:

As it is clear from the name that this wazifa is for those who are preparing for interview. If you are going to attend an interview, you should perform the wazifa for success in interview before appearing at interview.

vii). Wazifa for Success in love:

Love is what every soul desires for. If you are in love with some person, the wazifa for success in love helps you to make the marriage process easier and convince the dis-agreeing parties.

viii). Wazifa for Success in career:

If you are unemployed because you are not getting the job or career of your interest, this wazifa for success in career helps you in establishing the career of your choice for you. Or if you already have a business, it will help in increasing your profit.

3). Why Wazifa for Success?

Some of the benefits of performing this wazifa and why you should perform it is described below:

  1. Prevents you from loss
  2. You get good profit and success in business.
  3. It enables you to clear any tough interview or exams
  4. Removes obstacles in job
  5. Solves love problems

4). How to do Wazifa for success?

The method to perform the wazifa from the Holy Quran is given below:

  1. Perform Ablution.
  2. Select an empty, peaceful place.
  3. Read Durood e Shareef 3 times in the beginning and at the end.
  4. Recite Surah Dukhan 3 times.
  5. Then read the name of ALLAH, “YA FATTAHU” 41 times.
  6. Pray to ALLAH for success.