Wazifa for husband love

Powerful Islamic Wazifa for husband love in Urdu in Islam

  1. Husband is one of the most precious relations for any women. They are connected by blood and soul. Women live with their husband for the rest of their life.
  2. Therefore, love between companions is the most important element to live rest of life with happily and peacefully.
  3. Wazifa helps to generate love between companions and helps them to live together happily.

Powerful Wazifa for husband love in Urdu

  1. Dua is the basic objective of those who are trying to get success or face problems in getting success.
  2. Most women could not get love from their husband. However, the husband wants to love their wife but cannot do it due to many reasons.
  3. Therefore, powerful Wazifa for husband love in Urdu is very easy and it helps a wife to get attention from their husband and create a loving relation between each other.

Wazifa for husband love in Urdu

  1. Prayers is the wish makes by a Muslim to get help from Allah in the difficulties and hardships. If a person cannot make dua in Arabic or can’t recite the verses of the Quran.
  2. They can make Wazifa in any language. For instance, English, Urdu, etc.
  3. Because Wazifa for husband love in Urdu is effective in any language as dua is depended on a person’s motive and intentions.
  4. Indeed Allah is the best listener. Allah answered all the prayers that you made.

Powerful Wazifa for husband love

  1. Many people face difficulty in creating love between companions due to many factors. But, these difficulties are temporary.
  2. As Allah won’t give problem without its solution. Quran is the book of guidance and benefits.
  3. Therefore, the Quran has many surahs and powerful Wazifa of husband love. One has to recite them and believe Allah for the best results.

Wazifa for husband love in Islam

  1. Quran and Hadith recommended many dua for every aspect of life.
  2. However, the special Wazifa in Islam from Quran is reciting the 24th verse of Surah Qasas.
  3. Because, when Hazrat Musa exiled he made this special dua which is located in verse 24 of Surah Qasas.
  4. Nevertheless, if the decision is better for the rest of life. Then dua is effective for a person.

Islamic Wazifa for husband love

  1. Muslims believes that anything is possible for Allah.
  2. Therefore, they prefer prayers in every hardship. Islamic Wazifa for husband love removes hardships faced by most of the women on creating a love for their husband and removes all the hurdles that come in between husband and wife love.
  3. Although, it depends on a person’s intentions whether their dua will be answered.


Read Ya Wali-o.Allah’s name …46 times after every salah. Salavat / Darood 1 time before and after. And make a dua



Marriage is one important event for people in their lives. Unfortunately, the love between husband and wife is not generated or ended due to some reasons. Therefore, a person can find the right dua for love for creating love between them. So, Allah will surely answer the dua made by a person with a good motive.


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