Spell to make someone fall in love with you


1. Spell to make someone fall in love with you:

The spell to make someone fall in love with you will help you get your love back. When people fall in love with someone they just want their lover at any cost. They usually lose their thinking capacity and patience. As a result, they look for someone who could bring them back their love. They do not care whatever amount it might cost, they just want their wish to be fulfilled. In this article, we are revealing you some free but powerful spells.

2. Spell to make someone fall in love with your conditions:

If you want to get success with the spell to make someone fall in love with you charms, you need to perform it on a regular basis. You cannot expect it to show results within an hour or two. Since you are beginning it for the first time, you need to practice on it for a few days. Even the practitioners won’t get instant results for whatever they wish. They cast it regularly. And as time passes they gain experience in it. The more they practice on it the more power do they get. Many days, weeks, months and even years pass gaining expertise in it. After that, they become a skilled practitioner. And with the help of Almighty ALLAH, their needs get fulfilled instantly.

3. Prayer to make someone fall in love with you:

You can make someone fall in love with you instantly. It is not impossible either. Love can be of varying quality. Few people consider profound feelings of friendliness as love. Some consider sympathy and caring for each other to be loved. While some others find love in just lust and sexual attraction. Love will be productive when it is done for the sake of Almighty ALLAH. Yes, you can perform the Islamic spells & prayer to make someone fall in love with you &  marry you. The condition is he/she should be a Muslim.

4. How to cast a fall in love spell to make someone fall in love with you?

Do you want to cast a love spell on someone for free? We are here to tell you free love spells that can help you achieve your goals. In order to cast this, perform ablution after offering your obligatory prayer.

  1. Select a lonely place.
  2. Take some sugar.
  3. Recite Ya Waajidu 1111 times along with durood 3 times before and after.
  4. Blow it on the sugar.
  5. Perform this for 41 consecutive days.
  6. Serve it to your husband.

5. Spell to make someone love you deeply:

The Islamic spell to make someone love you deeply are meant to create your love in another person’s heart. These spells will increase feelings and emotions for you in the desired person’s heart. Many wives feel depressed when they find their husband has turned away from them. We even hear people saying love is impatient. Those who have fallen in love know what it is? How did they feel when their partner ignores them? If you like someone and want them back very badly the powerful Quranic spell to make someone fall in love with you.

6. Instant love spells to make someone love you forever:

Love is one of the strange and pleasurable things that can happen to any human. In case you are in true love with someone and want to marry him/her you may cast these instant love spells to make someone love you forever. You might be deeply in love with some person and might be wondering if even he/she has the same feelings towards you. The extent of happiness that you reach is unbeatable when you realize that the person whom you love loves you too & want to marry you. You can make your dream come true with the help of the following spells to make someone fall in love with you. The method of enchanting these spells is given below.

7. Spell to make someone obsessed with you:

To cast this spell to make someone obsessed with you, you need the following ingredients:

  • A container.
  • Cotton.
  • A clean white paper.
  • Saffron.
  • Rosewater.
  • A candle


  1. After Isha prayer perform ablution.
  2. Write Surah Fatiha & Surah Ikhlas on the white paper with saffron and rose water.
  3. Then below it, write down your name and name of the person you want to marry.
  4. Fill the box with cotton.
  5. Place the paper inside it.
  6. Close the box.
  7. Turn off the lights.
  8. Place the candle in the middle of a table & ignite it.
  9. Keep the box on the table in front of you.
  10. Stare at the candlelight to gain concentration.
  11. Start reciting the Surah Ikhlas.
  12. Recite it for 111 times.
  13. Open the box.
  14. Blow it on the paper.
  15. Once again close it and keep it in a safe place.
  16. Pray to ALLAH for your need.

8. Spell to make someone fall in love with you:

The love spell to make someone fall in love with you are both beautiful and powerful. They induce your feelings into the heart of another person. These make you look attractive in the sight of other people. After performing the spells for a particular period of time you find your love is induced in the heart of that person. These spells will give you a push. In order to remain loved in the sight of the other person, you need to maintain enchanting these spells. These spells are not meant to harm anyone. If you do this with the wrong intention it’s outcome will come back on you as well.

9. Charms to make someone fall in love with you:

The white magic love charms are not for creating lust in another person. Or not just for creating physical attraction. They invoke your true love. The person will become sincere to you and fulfill the relationship by marrying you. We find many spells on the internet that manipulate the thinking capacity of a person & force him for a particular act. Islamic spells are not similar to them. They do not cause any harmful effects on the person. These spells do not force the person’s thoughts to take control of him. Instead, they work smoothly without causing trouble for anyone.

10. Concluding with spell to make someone fall in love with you:

At the end of these rituals you may obtain one of the following results: i). The person will love you deeply. ii) He/she will like you less than your expectations. iii). No feelings at all. If the third one is the case with you after implementing the spells you may take help from us. We are ready to cast a spell on behalf of you.


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