Spell for love

a Worked Spell for love of husband-wife or boyfriend for me

  1. Love is a very strong warm feeling that a person has when he cares very much about someone or wants to be together with each other for the rest of their life.
  2. But eventually, some people lost each other due to many obstacles. So they perform a spell for love.
  3. Therefore, to live their life with loved one’s personality makes a spell for love to attain their lost lover back.

Spell for husband love

  1. Husband is one of the most precious relations for any women. They are connected by blood and soul. Women live with their husband for the rest of their life.
  2. Therefore, love between companions is the most important element to live the rest of life with happily and peacefully.
  3. Spell for husband love helps to generate love between companions and helps them to live together happily.

Spell for boyfriend Love

  1. Most girls face difficulty when it comes to finding a good character and a loving boyfriend.
  2. When they are bonded with each other, the difficulty that is faced by them is that they have not the bonding of love.
  3. In these circumstances, spell for boyfriend love is preferred because no one can change a person’s thought or fortune without Allah decision.

Love spell for wife

  1. Marriage is the start of new life and family. It also provides to grow in selflessness as you serve your children and wife. Every woman wants to start this new life with a loving husband.
  2. Therefore, the husband makes dua every time for achieving this.
  3. Love spell for wife is helpful and effective in creating love and attraction in wife’s heart and helps them to lead their rest of life together with happiness due to a spell for love.

Love spell worked for me

  1. Muslim believes that Allah knows about everything and is familiar with every heart.
  2. Most women love their husband with all their heart but cannot get love from their husband.
  3. Therefore, love spell worked for me helps a wife to get love from their husband and create a loving relation between each other.


Darood Ibrahimi 11 times and Ya Wadudu 111 times and again Darood Ibrahimi 11 times. Now blow on the pot and do this daily for 11 days. In shaa Allah within 41 days after doing this Ya Wadudu Wazifa for Love. You lover will fall in love with you medley.

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