Prayer for Marriage


1. Blessing Prayer for marriage

Marriage is a wonderful bounty granted to us by the Almighty ALLAH. People often do not show gratitude for many of the biggest gifts of the Lord. They do not cherish as precious things as they deserve. Instead, they often remain ignorant and complain in all possible ways as they can. Cursing and infidelity are good for nothing. If you thank ALLAH for his blessings and obey him with patience & carry out the prayer for marriage, he will grant you much bigger gifts which you might not even have imagined.

2. Prayer for marriage in Islam

Marriage is of great essence in Islam. The objective behind marriage is not just lust. It is a religious duty that enforces the rights of one another on the spouses. And it acts as a means to gain peace and satisfaction from the partner. Human has a tendency for sexual desires within him. He needs a legal way to fulfill it. The only legitimate way for satisfying the soul’s desire is through marriage. If your marriage is getting on delayed, you may implement Islamic prayer for marriage to meet your need.

3. Marriage prayer points for singles

Here are some of the marriage prayer points for singles to get married soon. These prayer points are collected from Chapter Muzammil of the Holy Quran. The chapter contains a total of 20 verses. The English interpretation of its first section is written below.

  1. O the One Wrapped in piety! (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him).
  2. Stand up for worship during the night, except for some part of it.
  3. For half the night, or reduce some of it.
  4. Or increase a little upon it, and recite the Quran slowly in stages.
  5. Indeed, we shall ordain a heavy responsibility upon you.
  6. Indeed, getting up in the night is tougher; And the words flow with strength.
  7. Indeed, you have a lot of matters during the day.
  8. And remember the name of your lord, and leaving others, devote yourself solely to him.
  9. Lord of the east and lord of the west – There is no God except him. Therefore make him your sole trustee of affairs.
  10. And patiently endure upon what the disbelievers say, and leave them for good.
  11. And leave them to me – these wealthy deniers and give them some respite.
  12. Indeed we have heavy fetters and a blazing fire.
  13. And food that chokes and painful punishment.
  14. On the day when the earth and the mountains tremble, and mountains turn into dunes of flowing sand.
  15. We have indeed sent a noble messenger towards you, a present witness the way we had sent the noble messenger towards Firaun.
  16. In response, Firaun disobeyed the Noble Messenger. So, we seized him with a severe seizure.
  17. So how will you save yourselves if you disbelieve on the day that will turn children old?
  18. The heaven will split asunder with its grief and the promise of ALLAH will surely occur.
  19. This is indeed a bit of advice; So whoever wishes may take the path towards his Lord.

4. What are the uses of the Prayer for marriage?

You get numerous benefits after implementing prayers for marriage. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Get a suitable partner for marriage soon.
  • Resolves marriage problems and difficulties.
  • Breaks black magic, evil eye, curses, & witchcrafts on marriage if any.
  • Protects you from adultery and sins

5. How to do Prayer for marriage?

i. Ingredients required for Prayer for marriage

  • Plain White paper
  • Pen

ii. Procedure for the Prayer for marriage


A. When to cast the Prayer for marriage?


1. Suitable time for the prayer

You may enchant this prayer at any suitable time. It is preferable to fix a particular time after your obligatory prayers for carrying out the prayer for marriage.

2. Suitable place for the prayer

Select an empty, peaceful room for implementing the prayer for marriage. It is better to choose the place where you offer salah regularly.

3. Other requirements for the prayer for marriage
a. Clothes:

You may wear any clothing for the ritual. White clothes are more preferable as this indicates spirituality and purity. Wearing white clothes is also the sunnah of our Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). With this intention wear white clothes and perform spiritual practice. Apart from this, you should recite the Quranic verses and dua with correct Arabic pronunciation for them to be effective.

b. Cleanliness:

Take care of cleanliness and hygiene. Wear clean clothes. Ensure that there is no impurity on it. Also, the place should be clean and peaceful. Be in the state of ablution(wuzu). Another important point is to do not reveal about the practice to anyone. Keep it a secret.

c. Environment prayer for marriage:

To stimulate positive energies you may make use of some good incense. This will fresh up your mood and make you ready to enchant without feeling lazy or sleepy. Sit facing the Holy kaaba as you do in salah for performing this spiritual practice.

B. Method of the Prayer for marriage

The method to perform the prayer for marriage is as follows:

  1. Ablution

    Make fresh ablution.

  2. Durud

    Send Durood 11 times in the beginning and at the end.

  3. Enchanting

    Recite the Surah Muzammil 41 times.

  4. Writing

    Write it down on the white paper and blow on it.

  5. Praying for marriage

    Make supplication to ALLAH for marriage.

  6. Amulet

    Fold it, seal and wear it.

  7. Duration

    Continue the recitation for 11 to 21 days.

6. Spiritual Warfare Prayers for marriage

6.1. Prayer for marriage reconciliation

When we are too busy in our day to day activities, we forget about each other’s responsibilities; And take things for granted which leads to breakups. When you implement prayer for marriage reconciliation regularly, it keeps you on the track and reminds you of your duties constantly.

6.2. Prayer for marriage in trouble

Life gets hard when we start comparing our marriages with other’s married life and complaining to each other for weaknesses & mistakes. We might think that this might change the behavior of the partner thereby propelling him/her to take action. But this will spin your wheel in the opposite direction and put your marriage in trouble. Once you realize that your relationship is getting out of the track, take appropriate steps & cast prayer for marriage.

6.3. Prayer for marriage restoration;

The restoration prayer for marriage strengthens your marriage relationship. It creates understanding between both the partners and heals the breakups. In this practice, you should recite the last 3 verses of Surah Hashr 313 times and pray.

6.4. Miracle Prayer to get married

This prayer works with the implementation of Surah Fatiha and the Kalma e Shahadat.

6.5. Islamic Prayer for marriage

In this ritual, the Surah Tauba is implemented for the purpose of a wedding. One should recite it 3 times and pray for marriage success.

6.6. Midnight Prayer for marriage

In this practice, one should wake up at mid-night i.e., at 12’O Clock. Offer 4 unobligatory prayers. Then recite the name of ALLAH 3000 times and pray for marriage soon.

6.7. Powerful prayer for marriage

Another powerful and effective prayer for marriage is to recite the Surah Yaseen. Enchant it 11 times and pray.

6.8. Online prayer for marriage

If you wish for us to perform prayer for you, you may request to us. Or any alternate prayers will be given to you depending on your situation.

6.9. Prayer for marriage to happen

Another simple prayer for marriage to occur is to recite just the verse no. 129 of Chapter Tauba.

6.10. Prayer for troubled marriage

If there are many obstacles in marriage, praying regularly will help you in clearing the blockages. For this, you should recite the Tasbeeh of Fatima and recite Surah Qasas.

6.11. Prayer for Peace in marriage

In order to maintain peace and tranquility in marriage, one should recite the Chapter Cow (Al-Baqarah) from the Holy Quran once daily.

6.12. Prayer for unity in marriage

To maintain unity among spouses recite Surah Ikhlas 313 times and pray.

6.13. Prayer for intimacy in marriage

Love is an important part of the married relationship. Without love, married life is very dull and boring. In order to create love, kindness, intimacy and peace among partners enchant the Ism e Azam “Ya Wadoodu” 1000 times and pray.

6.14. Prayer for infidelity in marriage

If you fear that your partner might deceive you, you should regularly implement Durood in abundance. This will make him/her loyal to you.

6.15. Prayer for forgiveness in marriage

Recite Surah Kahaf on every Friday and pray to ALLAH for the forgiveness of your and your partner’s sins.

6.16. Prayer for strength in marriage

Marriage life should never be ignored. Once you see that some clashes have developed between you and your spouse you should be fast in taking proper steps to save your marriage and praying for strength in your married life. After every obligatory salah pray for the betterment of your marriage.

6.17. Prayer for love in marriage

You should love your partner inspire of his/her defects and make him/her love you too. Sometimes due to your busy schedule, you might be ignoring the needs of your partner. However busy you might be, you should reserve sometime exclusively for your husband/wife on a daily basis. Praise each other and implement prayer to develop love.

6.18. Prayer for marriage protection

If you wish to protect your marriage relation from jealous people you should recite the last three Surahs from the Quran and the Ayat al Kursi 7 times each and blow on you and your partner. Also, pray to ALLAH for his refuge.

7. Wedding blessings prayer from Quran

Surah Maryam is another blessed chapter that is applied in wedding prayer to get married quickly.

8. Spiritual healing for marriage

In the spiritual healing for marriage practice the powerful phrase “YA Zul Jalali Wal Ikram” is recited 1100 times and supplicated.

9. Conclusion

You have the permission to implement any of the given prayers for marriage. However, It does not matter even you are a beginner in this field. Perform it with correct Arabic pronunciation and faith on Almighty ALLAH. Therefore, If you do not know to recite the Holy Quran you may take Courses from us. Or if you wish to become a practitioner of this wazifa you may take Amliyat courses & rohaniyat courses. Apart from this if you want us to perform Istikhara, Islamic spells, dua, Black magic breaking amliyat, ruqyah for your problems, prayers you may request us. For further guidance and Quranic taweez / Amulets contact us.


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