Freezer Spells

Freezer Spells:

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1). Freezer spells

2). Do freezer spells work?

3). Freezer spells for love
    (3.1). Lemon freezer love spell
       (3.1.1). Lemon spell to bring ex back         
          ( Ingredients
          ( Casting freezer spell to get ex back
4). Freezer spells to break up a couple  
     (4.1). Casting spells to break up a couple

5). Freezer spells for enemies

6). Concluding freezer spell

1. Freezer spells:

Freezer spells function similar to binding and banishing spell. The difference is these are cold spells while others may use variety of techniques in them. Freezer spells need a freezer for it’s casting. While others do not need this. It involves both types – Positive and negative freezing. And again both types in them black and white magic depending on the types of spell casting and intentions. In short, If we use legally islamic ways in casting it falls under legal casting. Conversely, if anything against islam is included in the ritual that comes under black and witch-crafting.

2. Do freezer spells work?

Yes the freezer spells work if you follow the instructions carefully. Freezing is one the techniques used in the treatment. Along with this when we recite the powerful Quranic verses or the names of ALLAH or any islamic wazifa , dua and pray to ALLAH for fulfillment of needs, Almighty ALLAH fulfills our needs and requirements. You need to take care of some conditions.

  • Cleanliness is one of the factors. Always take care of your clothes and location while implementing Islamic prayers and casting rituals.
  • Create a protection circle around you as a safety.
  • Ensure that you do not speak out to others about your prayers and rituals.
  • Focus on what you are reciting and what is your objective.
  • Fix a particular time and place.
  • Fulfill all the islamic obligations such as offering 5 salahs a day, fasting restricting from sins etc,..

3. Freezer spells for love:

Freezer spells can be used for all purpose. You can also use in locking or binding of a person or object. Freezer spells for love can help you with your love problems. If you are having any obstacles in marriage, this can help you in clearing the hurdles. Or the other way, you may use it even if you want to forget your love. If you are in true love with someone but the other person is just time passing with you & taking your love for granted, you may use lemon freezer love spell to chuck him/her out of your life.

Water is the precious gift that ALLAH has given us. It has the property of purifying and cleaning. It is also a best calming agent. Useful in warding off anger and enmity. So one can take use it in spiritual rituals for purifying yourself or others, protection, binding, soothing pain, self defense etc,.

 Lemon freezer love spell:

Lemon resonates with frequency of the moon’s energy. It is used for healing as well as in destruction. It depends on the type of ritual the spell caster is performing. Lemon freezer love spell is meant to bring your lover to marry you or forget him/her away.

Lemon spell to bring ex back:

This spell will help you bind your lover back to you in marriage. If your crush has cheated on you, you can cast this spell to bring ex back. It is always better to perform an istikhara first & carefully decide whether you want to marry before casting any spell to bring love back.

  • A fresh lemon.
  • Knife.
  • A piece of paper sheet.
  • Red thread.
  • Freezer
Casting freezer spell to get ex back:

This is pretty easy way to bring your ex back to you.

  • Cut the fresh lemon at it’s middle exactly ensuring that it does not separate into two parts.
  • Write the name of your lover and your name on the paper leaving some gap in between.
  • Recite the powerful name of Almighty ALLAH,  “الجامع” (The Unifier) for 1111 times along with Durood 11 times before and after.
  • Blow it on the paper.
  • Fold the paper in such a way that both the names touch each other.
  • Now insert this paper in the middle of lemon.
  • Tie it with the red thread so that it does not open up and lemon holds the paper tight.
  • Then put it in a freezer and leave it there.

4. Freezer spells to break up a couple:

Are you are fed up with someone in your life? You sincerely wanted to marry someone but he/she is just using you for fun? Is he not at all serious of marrying with you? Are you very much upset with his hurting nature and want to forget of marrying him/her anymore? The freezer spells to break up a couple will make you forget about being a future couple with him/her. The method of casting the freezer spell to break up a couple is given below:

Casting spells to break up a couple:

  • Take a small sheet.
  • Fold it.
  • Write your name and the name of your ex on the opposite sides of the paper.
  • Recite Surah Lahab 41 times.

بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ

1.  تَبَّتْ يَدَآ أَبِى لَهَبٍ وَتَبَّ
2. مَآ أَغْنَىٰ عَنْهُ مَالُهُۥ وَمَا كَسَبَ
3. سَيَصْلَىٰ نَارًا ذَاتَ لَهَبٍ
4. وَٱمْرَأَتُهُۥ حَمَّالَةَ ٱلْحَطَبِ
5. فِى جِيدِهَا حَبْلٌ مِّن مَّسَدٍۭ

Perish the hands of the Father of Flame! Perish he!

No profit to him from all his wealth, and all his gains!

Burnt soon will he be in a Fire of Blazing Flame!

His wife shall carry the (crackling) wood – As fuel!-

A twisted rope of palm-leaf fibre round her (own) neck!

  • Pray to ALLAH that may he remove him/her from your heart forever.
  • Blow it on the paper.
  • Cut the lemon at it’s centre ensuring that it does not get separate.
  • Sprinkle some salt over it.
  • Insert the paper in between the lemon.
  • Tie it with a black thread so that it holds the paper tight.
  • Keep it in the freezer.

5. Freezer spells for enemies:

The function of freezer spells for enemies work by locking and restricting the evil abilities of enemies. These spell will bind your enemies from harming you. These are also known as freezer spell to keep someone away as these spells keep you enemies away from you. The ritual involves steps similar to steps mentioned in spell to break up a couple.

7. Concluding freezer spells:

You could cast any of the freezer spells mentioned in our post with good intentions even if you are a beginner. Even you can become an expert by practice. The more you practice on the spells the more powerful and effective do they become. You just need to follow the instructions, perform regularly with sincerity towards ALLAH for successful results. If you are finding it difficult to cast it yourself we can help you out with the casting process. Feel free to contact anytime for further assistance and services.

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