Dua for marriage night

1st Islamic Surah Dua for marriage first night occasion

  1. Marriage is the start of new life and family. It also provides to grow in selflessness as you serve your children and wife.
  2. Every person wants to start this new life with blessing and success. But, many people cannot do it due to many factors.
  3. Therefore, they prefer dua for marriage night. Dua makes with true intentions will surely be answered.

Dua for the first night of marriage

  1. Marriage is one important event for people in their lives.
  2. It is a union of mates vowing to spend the rest of their lives together through every thick and thin.
  3. Unfortunately, many people face difficulty and get nervous on the first night.
  4. In such conditions, a person makes Dua for the first night of Marriage which eventually proves to be very effective.

Dua for 1st night of marriage

  1. Muslims believes that anything is possible for Almighty. Therefore, they prefer dua in every hardship.
  2. Islam recommends Dua for 1st night of marriage to removes hardships faced by a person on night o\f marriage or starting the new life.
  3. Although, it depends on a person’s intentions whether their dua will be answered.

Islamic Dua for marriage first night

  1. Dua is the basic objective of those who are not married due to many factors. But, which Islamic dua for marriage first night is most effective for them?
  2. There are many dua(s) in Quran and Hadith regarding married. Like, Surah Yaseen, surah duha, etc.
  3. However, the most effective Islamic dua for marriage is the one which is made of pure intentions.

Surah dua for marriage

  1. Allah revealed the Quran to the Last Prophet through angel Jibrael on different occasions.
  2. Muslim believe that it is the book of guidance.
  3. However, Allah put many cures in Quran surah and dua for marriage. Qurani Surah dua for marriage can help a person for marriage as they are very effective.

Dua for occasion of marriage

  1. Many people face difficulty in finding the best companion and at the occasion of marriage due to many factors.
  2. But, these difficulties are temporary. As Allah won’t give problem without its solution.
  3. Quran has many surahs and powerful dua for occasion of marriage. One has to recite them and believe Allah for the best results.


Darood/Salavat 11 times. Surah Mumtahina  7 times. Darood/Salavat 11 times..then do a dua.



According to Muslims belief, only Allah has the power to control anything in earth and heaven. Therefore, Muslim does not associate others by Allah. Only Almighty has the power to break and make relation. A person has to make surah dua for marriage with pure intention in front of Allah. Moreover, the person believes that only Allah will answer their prayers. So they have to wait for the positive outcome.


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