Binding Spell

1. What is a binding spell?

Binding spell refers to any spell that either tie someone with the object, place or individual he likes, creates a close bond or restricts someone from some ability or activities. A binding spell can be of both types of black magic and white magic depending upon the types of spells cast and the intentions made. In this post, we are teaching you to spell casting in an Islamic way which does not encourage any sort of black magic witchcraft. These spells do not harm anyone. The Islamic spells are for the well being of all Muslims and humanity.

2. Binding spell types

A binding spell can be classified into two types. Positive binding spell & Negative binding spell.

i). Positive binding spell:

This is the one that creates a love bond between the target person and an object, place or an individual. It works by increasing the ability of the target person in a good way.


It’s objective is to join two things together. For example, if you were having sentiments for some person, you might bind him with you in a marriage relationship; If you were fond of someplace like Makkah or Madina you may bind it to your heart so that it’s love remains in your heart; Or if you have attachment with some precious things you could bind those so that they won’t get lost from you.

ii). Negative binding spell:

A negativing spell refers to a spell that takes away something from someone. It usually takes away some abilities from the target person.

Purpose :

To remove unwanted, evil, harmful qualities & bad habits from someone. This spell restricts and controls the acts of the target person. For example, if someone is continuously harming you for no valid reason,  you could bind them from hurting further. You may limit the mischievous powers of your enemies. Furthermore, if you want to get rid of bad habits you may do so with this; Or if you are a woman and some unknown guy is harassing you, this could be stopped. And finally in protection.

3. Uses of Binding Spells:

  • Make your ex come back to you.
  • Bring your love to marry you.
  • Binding valuable objects.
  • To bind your enemy from harassing.
  • Bind bad habits.
  • Protection.
  • To get rid of someone.
  • Stop someone from harming you.

Ultimate binding spell for enemy:

Binding spell for enemy is meant to restrict you enemy from troubling you. Enemies always create problems. They try to stop you from your progress. If in spite of many attempts the enemy does not stop causing harm to you, this binding spell for enemy could be useful for you. It will help you to keep a distance from your enemies. The main objective is to keep your enemies away. This will not harm him like black magic.

Binding spells for protection:

Binding spells for protection aims to protect you from the negative behavior and energies of the enemy. The spell nullifies the effect of magical powers if someone is trying to do on you.

Freezer binding spell to stop someone from doing harm:

The freezer binding spell helps you to freeze out the words or acts of people against you. If someone is harassing you, or trying to ruin you, use these freezer binding spell to stop someone from doing harm. These spells will help you freeze out your enemy from attacking. This spell will stop your enemies from interfering in your life. It does not harm him, rather stop him from troubling further.


  • Freezer
  • A paper.
  • Marker.
  • Bag

Casting freezer binding spell:

  • To cast this spell to take the white paper.
  • With the imagination of enemy, write in short all the acts of your enemy that you want to get rid of. For example “I want to get rid of his magic, gossip” etc. with the help of ALLAH.
  • Recite Surah Fatiha 111 times. Pray to ALLAH.
  • Blow it on the paper.
  • Fold it and keep it in a bag.
  • Fill the bag with water.
  • Freeze the bag.
  • Keep it until the matter gets resolved.
  • After that take it out from the freezer. Once it melts, burry the paper and pours water on it.

Powerful binding spell to get rid of someone:

The powerful binding spell to get rid of someone will take your enemy out of your life. The Islamic spell which you could cast is from the names of Almighty ALLAH.

“المهيمن”  (The Guardian, the Preserver)

  • Recite it for 1000 times along with Durood 3 times before and after.
  • Pray to ALLAH for your need.
  • You will get rid of your enemy soon.

Love binding spell:

This love binding spells will join you with your soulmate for the whole life. It will create your love and attraction in his mind. If your ex has cheated you, this will help you to make him loyal and return back to you.

Concluding with binding spell for enemy, love & protection:

You could cast any of our binding spells mentioned in our post even if you are a beginner. Even you can become an expert by practice. The more you practice on the spells the more powerful and effective do they become. You just need to follow the instructions, perform regularly with sincerity towards ALLAH for successful results. If you are finding it difficult to cast it yourself we can help you out with the casting process. Feel free to contact anytime for further assistance and services.


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