1.  Wazifa to overcome

The objective of wazifa to overcome is to help you overcome obstacles or your enemies. Whether you have fear of something or suffering from poverty, depression, difficulties or problems, this list of wazifa to overcome will enable you deal with all such matters without any worries.

2. Wazifa to overcomeDifferent wazaif:

  • Wazifa to overcome difficulties
  • Wazifa to overcome depression

i). Wazifa to overcome fear:

Fear of speaking is one of the commonly found issue. Fear is the emotion found in every human being. It acts as a stimuli in danger; Prevents oneself from from taking steps that are harmful. But quite often people’s fear takes birth on the basis of assuming things. The wazifa to overcome fear will solve your problems.

O Descendants of Israel (Jacob)! Remember My favour which I bestowed upon you, and fulfil your covenant towards Me, I shall fulfil My covenant towards you; and fear Me alone. {Baqarah 2:40}

This is one of the verse from the Holy Quran. Almighty ALLAH instructs us to fear him but none. So we should concentrate towards obeying the commands of ALLAH and fearing Almighty ALLAH alone, remaining fearful of sins. If some other things are troubling you, you should remember this Quranic verse and recite it for several times in arabic.

ii). Wazifa to overcome obstacles:

Sometimes obstacles keep you back in life. The obstacles do not let you to succeed in your matters. Hurdles can come in any matters marriage, job, work, exams, interview, business etc,. The wazifa to overcome obstacles will create fortune and ease in your tasks.

iii). Wazifa to overcome difficulties:

Another problem that people suffer is financial difficulties or difficulties in leading a peaceful life or difficulties in promotion etc,. The islamic wazifa to overcome difficulties will help them in removing their hurdles.

iv). Wazifa to overcome depression:

Similarly, depression is a mood dis-order which people suffer due to extreme stress conditions.  This occurs when people remain sad with no interest or pleasure in anything. After performing the Quranic wazifa to overcome depression, they will get cure.

v). Wazifa to overcome poverty:

Poverty is the major problem in countries like India, pakistan. The aim of this wazifa is to overcome poverty. Along with performing the wazifa to overcome poverty, you will also have to make efforts for a legal source of earning.

3. Wazifa to overcome-How to do?

The easiest way to do wazifa to overcome something is by reciting the name of ALLAH. The beautiful name that you need to recite is:

الرحمن Ar-Rahman

It is an arabic word which means “The Most Gracious “. When you recite this name for thousands of times and visualize the magnificient quality of Almighty ALLAH, and pray to him for eradication of difficulties, all your hurdles and obstacles will get cleared soon.

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