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1. Wazifa for marriage soon:

Marriage is one of the most important event of a person’s life. Everyone keeps many desires and expectations with respect to his/her marriage. As you all know that everything seems good at it’s right time and so is the matter with marriage. If it occurs at the suitable time, it keeps an healthy and emotional balance. Wazifa for marriage fulfills your wish and dreams with respect to marrying.

2. Wazifa for Marriage Purpose:

Marriage prevents you from committing sins. It safeguards half of your faith. Marriage is not just the physical relationship of two persons. Infact it is a means of creating deep intimacy between husband and wife. Marriage will keep you happy if you perform it for the sake of your islam. Maintaining respect and love with the partner is a great deed from islamic point of view. Almighty ALLAH get’s pleased when you look at your spouse with love. A good marriage bond triggers satisfaction of heart and peace of mind. It also gives rise to mutual co-operation between husband and wife. So the wazifa for marriage will help you in getting married soon.

3.How to do Wazifa for marriage?

One of the easy but powerful wazifa for marriage can be done by implementing the names of ALLAH.

الرؤوف (Ar-Raoofu):

It means “The most Kind, The most affectionate”. By reciting this name of your creator for several times you praise the quality of your lord. And when you pray to ALLAH for your need after enchanting his beautiful name, he will fulfill your need.

الباقي (Al-Baaqi)

The meaning of this name is Immutable, The everlasting. This is also a powerful wazifa for marriage success. Recite it for thousand times or more everyday and make supplication. Very soon you will get a good news and you will get married to a best partner.

4. Wazifa for marriage-Different Wazaif

Wazifa for Marriage In English:

i). Wazifa for marriage soon:

This wazifa for marriage soon is for those looking to get married soon. It is the amal of 11 days. It involves two different methods. One is by recitation of Ism e Azam for fulfillment of marriage need. And another one is with the help of surah Ikhlas. You will get success in it once you perform it with full faith & concentration.

ii). Wazifa for marriage in 3 days:

This is a type of 3 days wazifa for marriage that occurs for 3 days unlike other long spiritual practices. In this wazifa, a powerful islamic dua will be recited with hard work for 3 consecutive days.

iii). Wazifa for marriage in 7 days:

This is a 7 days wazifa for marriage that lasts for 7 days. You should not skip any single day while performing it. In this wazifa you will have to recite the powerful Quranic verses. You could even create a prayer seal and wear it for quick marriage process.

iv). Wazifa for marriage in 21 days:

This wazifa for marriage in 21 days amal as the name suggests should be done for 21 successive days without any gap. It is done by reciting the Quranic Surah called Surah Mumtahina for several times.

v). Wazifa for marriage problems:

This wazifa is meant for solving all kinds of marriage problems. It comprises of four special Names of Almighty ALLAH. These will be recited for a fixed number of times as explained in the post.

vi). Wazifa for marriage in 11 days:

This is another wazifa for marriage that is for 11 days. When someone finds it too difficult to perform wazaif for 41 days or 90 days, this 11 days wazifa will help him out efficiently. This dua is taken from the famous Surah of the Quran i.e., Surah Yaseen. You need to recite it as well as write it as explained in the instructions clearly.

vii). Wazifa for marriage after divorce:

For the people striving for marriage after divorce this wazifa acts as a pain reliever. In this wazifa, two different Surahs of the holy Quran will be implemented for 21 successive days. And supplication will be made to ALLAH.

viii). Wazifa for marriage of own choice:

Marriage of own choice is also called as free choice marriage or love marriage. In order to get married to desired prtner, this wazifa will be effective. This wazifa is a combination of Surah Fatiha and Durood e Tanjeena.

ix). One day wazifa for marriage:

This is just one day wazifa for marriage. You require to reserve only one day to complete this amal. It consists of reciting four different attributes of Almighty ALLAH, and one verse from the Holy Quran.

x). Wazifa for marriage in one week:

This is an alternate wazifa for marriage that goes for one week like the 7 days wazifa for marriage. This is a special practice that comprises of Durood, 3 different Surahs and all the Salams from the holy Quran.

Wazifa for marriage in urdu:

Urdu Wazifa for marriage consists of several wazaif in urdu language. These wazaif are intended to help those people who cannot read and understand the english language. There are different kinds of marriage wazifa in urdu. Some of them are listed below:

a). Wazifa for marriage in 3 days in urdu:

This is a 3 days urdu language wazifa for marriage.

b). Wazifa for marriage problems in urdu:

This is a urdu dua & wazifa to solve all your marriage problems

c). Wazifa for marriage in 21 days in urdu:

This is a urdu wazifa for marriage that goes on for 21 days.

d). Wazifa for marriage soon in urdu:

This wazifa for marriage soon in urdu is intended for quick marriage.

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