1. Wazifa for love

Wazifa for love plays an important role in creating true love. Love is the soul’s food. No one can lead a loveless life. Nowadays people term lust as love. This is not the real definition of love. In love the person sacrifices his comfort and desires for the sake of someone else. Whereas lust is the selfish desire to gain self physical pleasure. Lust can end once the beauty of the partner vanishes. On the other hand, a true love cannot diminish with time. The wazifa for love is useful in creating such true love.

2. Dua for love

If you are in love with someone, you could carry out the dua for marriage to make the target person marry you. Apart from this you could perform the dua for love to increase love between the partners. Dua makes the person realize his weakness and accept the powers of Almighty ALLAH. When you make dua to the Creator, you make yourself closer to him.

3. Why Wazifa for love?

The objective of the wazifa for love is to increase love in your partner’s heart and make him loyal & faithful. It is also helpful in bringing ex back and binding you in a marriage.

4. Who can do the Wazifa for love?

A husband or a wife could implement the wazifa for love to make their their partner love them.

5. Any bad effects of Wazifa for love?

The wazaif are islamic, taken from either the Holy Quran, Hadith, Names of ALLAH or praising duas. They do not have any bad impact on the target person nor do they cause any harm like black magic.

6. Is it permissible to make dua & Wazifa for love?

If you like a muslim girl or a boy, you have the right to marry the person. There is no sin in marrying the person of your choice. Few people in society consider love marriage to be bad. But you have the authority to marry the person whom you like. What is not permissible in islam is to have relationships, sexual chats etc,. before marriage.

If your parents are against your will, do not take any weird step out of overflowing emotions. Instead, request them and include their presence in your marriage. If you wish to marry you can recite the islamic wazifa for love and pray for success in your marriage.

7. Conditions for the effectiveness of Wazifa for love

  • Remember that you should not perform this wazifa on a wrong person.
  • You can implement it on your husband or wife.
  • If you want to make someone marry you, you can recite the name “ALLAHU JALLA JALAALAHU” and pray for marriage with the desired person.
  • You must be punctual with your 5 obligatory prayers.
  • Staying away from sins and obeying the commands of Almighty ALLAH is necessary.
  • Do not harm other muslims nor cause injustice on anyone.

8. How to do the wazifa for love?

i. What is needed for the wazifa?

  • A prayer mat
  • Clean, peaceful room

ii. Procedure of the Wazifa for love

a. When to do the wazifa for love ?

1. Suitable time for the wazifa

The best time to carry out the wazifa for love is at night after Isha prayer just before going to sleep.

2. Suitable place for wazifa

Select an empty, peaceful room for carrying out the wazifa for love. It is better to choose the place where you offer your obligatory salah regularly.

3. Other requirements in wazifa for love
A. Clothes:

You may wear any clothes that are clean, thick and cover your body properly. White clothes are more preferable as this indicates spirituality and purity. Wearing white clothes is also the sunnah of our Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). With this intention wear white clothes and perform the spiritual practice.

b. Cleanliness:

Take care of cleanliness and hygiene. Wear clean clothes. Ensure that there is no impurity on your body., clothes or the praying place. Be in the state of ablution(wuzu). Another important point is do not reveal about the practice to anyone. Keep it secret.

c. Environment to cast the wazifa for love

To stimulate positive energies you may make use of some good incense. This will fresh up your mood and keep you active in your prayer.

b. Method of Wazifa for love

The method to perform the Wazifa for love is as follows:

  1. Ablution

    Make fresh ablution (Wudu)

  2. Preparation for the wazifa

    Lay the prayer mat and sit facing towards the Holy Kaaba.

  3. Begin the wazifa

    Start this spiritual healing practice with the recitation of Durood e Shareef 11 times.

  4. Ya Wadoodu

    Then recite the powerful name of Almighty ALLAH 2100 times.

  5. Visualization

    Keep strong imagination of your need while enchanting.

  6. Praying for love

    Make supplication to ALLAH.

  7. Continue to become a practitioner

    Continue it for atleast 41 consecutive days. You may extend it to 90 days or 170 days to become an effective spiritual therapist.

9. Different Wazifa for Love

9.1. Wazifa for Love problem

Love problems are turning serious these days. What happens is people get acquainted with someone and end in falling love with him/her. When hurdles arise in marrying their love they undergo stress and depression and even look foe suicide. The islamic wazifa for love problem solution will create strength in you to deal with the matter wisely. If your choice is for the sake of ALLAH and the Islamic religion, you will remain successful in this world as well as in hereafter.

9.2. Wazifa for Love and attraction

Another type of love wazifa is the wazifa for love and attraction. As the time passes, the life of the couples turns boring. One or both the partners do not attract closeness as they used to when they were married. The wazifa for love and attraction, makes you look good in the sight of your spouse and create strong passion in him/her for you.

9.3. Wazifa for Love of husband

Every wife desires for love of husband. Without love of husband, the wife can never be happy and peaceful. If due to any reason, husband love is decreased, the wazifa for love of husband will help you to increase your husband love.

9.4. Wazifa for Love marriage to agree parents

When parents object for your love marriage, you need to take support of islamic wazifa for love marriage to agree parents. The wazifa convinces your parents and make them feel good about your desired life partner.6.5 Dua Istikhara for marriage Another method of making Istikhara for marriage is to recite Surah Yaseen after Surah Fatiha in both the 2 cycles of salah. Those who know it by-heart could implement this Istikhara and pray.

9.5. Wazifa for love between husband and wife

When you want to increase love bond with your partner the wazifa to increase love between husband and wife works to fulfill this need.

9.6. Wazifa for Love come back

Love come back wazifa is similar to love get back.

9.7. Wazifa for love in islam

This is another powerful but short wazifa for love in islamic way. It includes remembering the forgiving attribute of Almighty.

9.8. Wazifa for love in urdu

This is the urdu version of wazifa for love for the readers in urdu who are having difficulty in reading the english language. It functions to create love. It is useful to both urdu and hindi readers.

If you need further guidance or have any issues with finding the desired wazifa, or want to take spiritual service from us, then you may contact us directly at [email protected] or Whatsapp: +92-3232344555. Amil Mohammad Yousuf Sahab.

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