1). Wazifa for love:

Wazifa for love plays an important role in creating true love. Love is the soul’s food. No one can lead a loveless life. Nowadays people term lust as love. This is not the real definition of love. In love the person sacrifices his comfort and desires for the sake of someone else. Whereas lust is the selfish desire to gain self physical pleasure. Lust can end once the beauty of the partner vanishes. On the other hand, a true love cannot diminish with time. The wazifa for love is useful in creating such true love.

2). Types of love:

There are different kinds in love. Worldly love and the Sacred love. The worldly love is the love of the world or the humans in it for the sake of his soul’s pleasure. The sacred love means to love anyone or anything for the sake of Almighty ALLAH. The person who has this kind of divine love in his heart will get rewarded even for loving. Even we should love each other for the sake of gaining closeness of Almighty ALLAH.

3). Uses of wazifa for love:

The wazifa for love will help you to solve all your problems. If you like someone you are not supposed to commit relationship with them without marrying. You should instead perform the wazifa to create love in his heart for marriage. Some of the benefits that you receive after performing the wazifa & dua for love are:

  1. The wazifa creates love in the heart of your husband or wife.
  2. The wazifa brings your lover back to you and propose you for marriage.
  3. It creates attraction in your partner.
  4. If your parents are not agreeing for your desired marriage, the wazifa will make them agree.
  5. It will soften the heart of the target person.
  6. The wazifa can create love between siblings and relatives.
  7. Protect your married relationship from divorce
  8. Increase love between husband and wife
  9. Remove conflicts, clashes and fights in husband and wife.
  10.  Makes your partner always think and care for you.

4). Is it permissible to perform the wazifa & dua for love in islam?

If you like some muslim, you have the right to marry the person. There is no sin if you marry to the person the of choice. Few people in society consider love marriage to be bad. But you have the authority to marry the person whom you like. What is not permissible is to have relationships, sexual chats etc,. before marriage. You can obviously recite the islamic wazifa for love and pray for success in your marriage.

5). Conditions for performing the wazifa for love:

You should follow some of the rules while performing any of the described wazifas.

  • You should perform the wazifa in the state of ablution.
  • You should not disclose about the wazifa to anyone.

6). Short wazifa for love:

There are different methods of performing wazifa. One short and easy way is to implement wazifa by reciting the powerful name of ALLAH “Ya Wadoodu”. It’s meaning is “The most loving”. By reciting the name of ALLAH for several hundred times for several continuos days, you are saying that ALLAH is the most loving. Due to working on the wazifa hardly, and praying to ALLAH, you will experience the quality of ALLAH showering it’s blessings upon you. So when you pray for love with the imagination of the target person, your love will be created in the target person’s heart.

7).Conditions for the effectiveness of wazifa to create love:

  • Remember that you should not perform this wazifa on a wrong person. You can implement it on your husband or wife. If you want to make someone marry you, you can recite the name “ALLAHU JALLA JALAALAHU” and pray for marriage with the desired person.
  • You must be punctual with your 5 obligatory prayers.
  • Staying away from sins and obeying the commands of Almighty ALLAH.
  • Select a clean and empty room for carrying out the wazifa.
  • Do not harm other muslims nor cause injustice on anyone.

8). Wazifa for love – All related wazifa

Love problem:

Love problems are turning serious these days. What happens is people get acquainted with someone and end in falling love with him/her. When hurdles arise in marrying their love they undergo stress and depression and even look foe suicide. The islamic wazifa for love problem solution will create strength in you to deal with the matter wisely. If your choice is for the sake of ALLAH and the Islamic religion, you will remain successful in this world as well as in hereafter.

Love and attraction:

Another type of love wazifa is the wazifa for love and attraction. As the time passes, the life of the couples turns boring. One or both the partners do not attract closeness as they used to when they were married. The wazifa for love and attraction, makes you look good in the sight of your spouse and create strong passion in him/her for you.

Love get back:

If you are in love with someone and want to get your love back to you, you may perform the islamic wazifa for love get back. The wazifa will make your lover faithful and marry you soon.

Love of husband:

Every wife desires for love of husband. Without love of husband, the wife can never be happy and peaceful. If due to any reason, husband love is decreased, the wazifa for love of husband  will help you to increase your husband love.

Love marriage to agree parents:

When parents object for your love marriage, you need to take support of islamic wazifa for love marriage to agree parents. The wazifa convinces your parents and make them feel good about your desired life partner.

Wazifa to increase love between husband and wife:

When you want to increase love bond with your partner the wazifa to increase love between husband and wife works to fulfill this need.

Love come back:

Love come back wazifa is similar to love get back.

Wazifa for love in urdu:

This is the urdu version of wazifa for love for the readers in urdu who are having difficulty in reciting arabic wazifa. It functions to create love.

Wazifa for love in english:

This is the english version of wazifa for love for english readers. Wazifa is always effective when read in arabic language. However if the native of english likes to read in english these wazifas will help him out.

Love marriage to agree parents:

When parents oppose your desired partner you should not become depressed. You should handle the case cleverly by reciting the islamic wazifa and praying to ALLAH.

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