1. Wazifa for enemy:

The wazifa for enemy works to keep you safe from the enemies‘ harm. You might have heard the statement: If you know yourself and know your enemies, you need not fear the results of hundred battles.

Enemies can cause you loss either openly or secretly. You need to find out who all your enemies are. Apart from devil and evil people you even find some enemies among your own friends and family. You even have some hidden enemies within yourself. Anger, ignorance, jealousy, dis-obedience of Almighty ALLAH etc,. are some of the enemies that reside within yourself. You should fight with these enemies as well throughout your life so that you die as a muslim.

2. Wazifa for enemy-Purpose?

In short any person or a thing that harms your worldly and hereafter life and makes you do something against islam or takes you away from Almighty ALLAH is your enemy. If some person is trying to cause destruction to your worldly life, you may remain patient sometimes but if it is the matter of islamic faith you should stay far away from such enemies. It does not mean that you should remain quite and suffer all the worldly loss & oppressions caused by your enemies. Rather you can defend yourself from them and perform the islamic wazifa for enemy to remain protected from their atrocities.

Verses with respect to enemy in the Holy Quran:

O People who Believe! Enter Islam in full – and do not follow the footsteps of the devil; indeed he is your open enemy.

Allah well knows your enemies; ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian, and ALLAH is Sufficient as a Supporter.

3. Wazifa for enemy-How to do?

A short but powerful wazifa for enemy can be done with the help of this name of ALLAH.


It is an arabic word which means “The Compeller” or “The dominating”. Recite this name of ALLAH for 1111 times along with Durood 3 times before and after and pray to ALLAH.

4. Wazifa for enemy-All Wazaif

Different wazifa for enemy are listed below:

i). Wazifa to defeat enemy:

As the name shows this wazifa is meant to defeat your enemies. If your enemy is competing with you in some matter, you may take help of this wazifa to defeat enemy so as to become dominant over your enemy.

ii). Wazifa to punish enemy:

When you are extremely overwhelmed by your oppressors this wazifa to punish enemy will teach your enemy a lesson in a good way without harming his life.

iii). Wazifa to make enemy sick:

Many people search for the wazifa to make enemy sick. If your enemy is continuosly performing black magic on you and ruining your health conditions, you may use this wazifa to make enemy sick. This wazifa will make him sick if he tries to cast black magic on you.

iv). Wazifa to make enemy suffer:

The wazifa to make enemy suffer makes your enemy feel guilty of his mischievious acts. After implementing this wazifa, your enemy will stop hurting you.

v). Wazifa to destroy enemy:

The wazifa to destroy enemy can be used for any kinds of enemies whether among humans or jinns. With the help of this wazifa, you will be able to destroy negative powers of your enemy.

vi). Wazifa to get rid of enemies:

If you have enemies at your workplace, and they are trying to keep you back in your job field, this wazifa to get rid of enemies will help you in escaping from them.

vii). Wazifa to keep enemy away:

The wazifa to keep enemy away is also intended for protection of yourself from your enviers. If you have some enviers who are jealous of you, perform this wazifa to keep their ill desires away from you.

viii). Wazifa for enemy to leave me alone:

If you want your enemy to just get out of your life, the wazifa for enemy to leave me alone will help you with it. After you perform this wazifa, the enemy will move away from your life and he will stop interfering in your matters.

ix). Wazifa to take revenge from enemies:

If you are willing to take revenge from your stubborn enemies this wazifa to take revenge from enemies will make the process easy. After casting this islamic wazifa, Almighty ALLAH will become your protector, he will take revenge from your enemies at the right time.

x). Wazifa for victory over enemy:

If your enemy has entrapped you in some false case and you wish to get victory over him and win the court case, then this wazifa for victory over enemy will be useful to you.