Wazifa for softening heart of boss Dua Prayer & Spiritual Solution

This is the most powerful wazifa for softening heart of boss. Best Dua prayer and spiritual solution to soften heart.

Wazifa for softening heart of boss :

An important part of communicating with your boss is getting heard. And for getting heard,you need to do quite a bit with your communication and diplomacy skills. The proper way of addressing Your boss, is by being polite as well as conveying the concern in your tone in the most subtle yet catchy manner! When you can communicate employee concerns well enough, you stand a good chance of being actually heard by your boss. It is logical that Your boss or supervisor won’t be showing as much concern as you are especially when it is you who is in the thick of things. Hence, Along with these things you need to perform the wazifa for softening heart if he is very hard with You.

Tips for getting attention of boss Dua prayer :

Here are the best ways by which You can be assured of getting your boss’ attention as well as getting the serious employee concerns addressed.

Selecting Right Time: Choose such a time to communicate with your boss when he is free. 

Written Notes, Emails etc,. : Unless you have an agenda that you have forwarded to your boss, you might not be even considered. Then in such a case, there comes the need for proper documentation with valid points that you can bring to the notice of your boss.

Logic Prevails: The technique is to calmly and logically express your ideas to boss. And at the same time not being subjected to “raised” eyebrows when trying to convince your boss.

Thus, along with keeping these things in mind you can also perform the Islamic dua prayer for softening heart of the boss. The method is explained below.

Spiritual solution for softening heart :

The islamic spiritual solution for softening heart is as follows. Perform this daily before appearing in front of your boss.


  • Firstly read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Read the above written Name of ALLAH “Ya A’zeezu” 41 times.
  • Again recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • In Sha ALLAH You will get success.


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