How to get rid of hair dandruff permanantly | Home Remedy to remove dandruff – Sar ki khushki door karne ka tareeqa

This is an effective post on how to get rid of hair dandruff permanently | home remedy to remove dandruff. Sar ki khushki khatam karne ke liye sar ki khushki door karne ka tareeqa is post mein bataya jayega.

How to get rid of hair dandruff permanently ?

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp which causes flakes of skin to appear.  In another words, Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. A little amount of flaking is normal that results from the dead skin cells. But few people experience an unusually large amount of flaking. Along with this flaking, redness & irritation will aslo be observed in such people . This disorder of scalp is mostly seen in people under adolescence age. It may affect men and women both. It often causes itching. 

There are many causes of dandruff. Some of the causes include :

  1. Dry skin.
  2. Not washing hair frequently.
  3. Using inappropriate hair products such as shampoos, conditioners etc,.

Dua to remove dandruff :

First of all, you will have to become an amil of the following dua to remove dandruff. Once you finish the procedure stated. You can go to the next step of home remedy to remove dandruff permanently.

“Ya Shaafi”

The method of performing the “Dua to remove dandruff” is as follows :

  • Take some salt.
  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef 121 times.
  • Read the above name of ALLAH for 1000 times.
  • Blow it on the salt.
  • Perform this practice for 11 consecutive days.
  • Once this is completed, use this salt preparing the home made product for dandruff cure. It’s procedure is mentioned below.

Home remedy to remove dandruff :

A best Home remedy to remove dandruff is as follows:

  • Things required: Salt 1 teaspoon, Curd 1 cup.
  • Procedure: Mix both of these ingredients nicely.
  • Then apply it all over hair and leave it for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Then wash the hair with a good shampoo.
  • Do this atleast once in a week.
  • In sha ALLAH you will get rid of dandruff and the skin will also become smooth.

Sar ki khushki door karne ka tareeqa :

Aaj hum apko sar ki khushki door karne ka tareeqa batayenge.

Khushk balon mein chiknahat ki kami ki wajeh se khushki paida hojati hai. Sar mein khushki bohat aam hoti jaarahi hai jiska natija takleef daah kharish ki shakal mein nikalta hai aur yeh masala sirf khwateen tak mehdood nahi balke mard hazarat ko bhi iska saamna hota hai aur isse bachne ke liye naye naye shampoo ka istemal karte hain. Aise afraad jinki jild khushk hai unke chahiye keh apne baalon ke liye kisi aise shampoo ka intekhab karein, jo zyada teiz na ho jisse aapke sar ki jild aur khushk hojaye.

Aam taur par uski wajeh baalon ki safayi ka zyada khayal na rakhna ya jildi masail hote hain. Sar ki jild ko tar rakhne ke liye teil ka istemal karte huwe is ilaj ka bhi istemal karein, jo khushki ko khatam karne mein bohat zyada faidamand saabit hota hai.

Sar ki khushki door karne ka ilaj :

Rohani ilaj ki madad se sar ki khushki khatam ki jasakti hai. Sar ki khushki door karne ka ilaj ka tareeqa yeh hai :

  • Thoda namak lein.
  • Durood-e-Shareef 121 martaba padhein.
  • ALLAH taala ka ism mubarak “Ya Shaafi” 1000 martaba padhein.
  • Namak par dum kardein.
  • Is amal ko rozana 11 dino tak karein.
  • Iske baad is namak ko neeche bataye gaye gharelu nuskhe mein istemal karein.

Sar ki khushki door kane ka tareeqa:

Ajza:- Namak ek chai ka chamach, Dahi ek cup.

Tarkeeb aur tareeqa istemal:-

In donon ko ache se milalein.

  • Nahane se pehle ya jab baalon ko shampoo karna ho toh is paste ko baalon mein ache se lagayein aur ek aadhe ghante ke liye laga rehne dein.
  • Aadhe ghante ke baad baalon ko saaf paani se dholein ya phir kisi ache shampoo se baal dholein.
  • Iska istemal hafta mein ek baar zarur karein.
  • In sha ALLAH isse baalon ki khushki mukammal taur par khatam hojayegi aur sar ki jild bhi naram rahegi.

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