1). Get married soon
2). Wazifa to get married soon
3). Uses of wazifa to get married soon
4). Who can perform the wazifa to get married soon
5). How to do wazifa to get married soon?
6). More Wazifa to get married soon


1). Get married soon:

Some people get married for love while some others love after getting married. Youth tries many ways to get married soon, but many remain unsuccessful. And when they fail, they become nervous and disappointed. One should not become disgraced due to this because marriage occurs at it’s best time that is fixed by Almighty ALLAH. You could rather pray to the Almighty to create easiness in your marriage.

Whenever you see a wedding you feel amazed and dream of your own ceremony to take place quickly. You feel that even you really want to get married. Although you feel excited, you should not rush while taking the decision of marriage. You should wisely choose the partner because he will be involved with you throughout your life in either strengthening your faith or causing you fall in disobedience of ALLAH Almighty and his Messenger (peace be upon him).

2). Wazifa to get married soon:

The islamic wazifa to get married soon could be carried out regularly to accelerate the marriage process.Wedding is just for one day and the married life lasts long. Before getting married, you should be aware of the rights of each partner and should get prepared for how to lead life with your partner in the future. You find a variety of wazifa in islam that can help you in getting married fast.

3). Uses of wazifa to get married soon:

The purpose & objectives of implementing the wazifa to get married soon are listed below.

  1. Helps you overcoming loneliness and helplessness.
  2. Makes you more secure by binding you in a permanent relationship with a suitable partner.
  3. You will get company of someone who could share your joys and sorrows equally.
  4. It allows you to fulfill your sexual desires and relieve yourself.
  5. Acts as a means to propogate human race and build the society with creative children.
  6. Maintains good health and reduces mental stress and depression.

4). Who can perform the wazifa to get married soon:

Any boy or a girl who is un-married could perform this wazifa to get married soon. If he/she cannot do it, someone else could perform on their behalf. The parents or sister,brother,friend could implement the wazifa for marriage and pray for the wedding of the required person.

5). How to do wazifa to get married soon?

There are many different ways of carrying out the wazifa to get married soon. One of the easy and simple wazifa could be done by reciting the names of ALLAH. It is better to cast the wazifa after your obligatory salah. The Asma al husna that you have to recite are:

المقتدر المقدم

These are the self-existing attributes of the Almighty which can never alter. The one who recites the praising names of ALLAH will get his need fulfilled.

Al-Muqtadiru means “The All Determiner, The Dominant “. The one who is supreme whose power and decisions prevails over all. The one who ordains everything precisely and has all the knowledege, authority and abilities to decide the outcome of every deed. Whoever recites this name constantly, ALLAH opens up the ways for his achievement easily.

“Al-Muqaddimu” means “The Expediter, He who brings forward “. The one who opens up the ways, brings things forward, expediates and grant success a

6). More Wazifa to get married soon