1). Wazifa to break:

The wazifa to break can be used for breaking up an illegal relationship, breaking engagement or marriage which if not broken causes great harm, breaking curses, black magic or evil eye.

2). Wazifa to break-Different Wazaif :

  • Wazifa to break relationship
  • Wazifa to break engagement
  • Wazifa to break illegal relationship
  • Wazifa to break curses
  • Wazifa to break marriage
  • Wazifa to break black magic
  • Wazifa to break bandish
  • Wazifa to break nazar
  • Wazifa to break rishta

i). Wazifa to break relationship:

If you are unfortunately involved in a wrong relationship or your friends or relatives are into an illegal relationship, the wazifa to break relationship will help you in forgetting about the target person and bond.

ii). Wazifa to break marriage:

There are many people who fall into affairs before marriage and commit sins like adultery. After this act their lover would have have left the person and have become ready for marriage with some other person. In this case the victim can perform the wazifa to break marriage.

There is another case of jealousy due to which a person desires for the breakage of marriage. It is not fair to make dua to break someone’s marriage merely because of jealousy. Taking help from black magicians to break a marriage is sin because he casts black magic which is forbidden in islam.

iii). Wazifa to break engagement:

Same is the case with engagement. When the victim’s lover is getting engaged with someone else, the victim who has committed adultery with him/her can make perform the wazifa to break engagement. Only islamic dua should be done, and not black magic. Whoever practices black magic or pays magicians the money to perform black magic both become sinful.

iv). Wazifa to break black magic:

This wazifa deals with breaking black magic. If someone has done black magic on your marriage or job and you are not getting success in your desired field, you may perform the Quranic wazifa to break black magic.

v). Wazifa to break curses:

Cursing involves making some selfish and negative wishes for a person. People may try to intentionally put a curse on you so that you may not become a well established person. The islamic wazifa to break curses can help you in getting rid of your enviers and evil wishers.

vi). Wazifa to break nazar (evil eye):

Evil eye is also a type of curse. In this the evil spell caster curses on you through his evil eye magic. On the other hand evil eye could occur by people even unintentionally when they praise your quality. You may remain unaware of who is casting evil on you, but you are capable of taking refugee in Almighty ALLAH. After performing the wazifa to break nazar (evil eye) you will stay under the protection shield of Almighty ALLAH.

3). How to do Wazifa to break relationship?

The wazifa to break relationship that is illegal can be easily implemented with the help of Name of ALLAH. The magnificient name that you should recite is :


The meaning of this name is ” The Most High” or “The Pure”. In order to break the relationship, you need to recite this name of ALLAH 1100 times along with Durood 3 times before and after. Then pray to ALLAH for your need. You should perform this wazifa for 21 consecutive days. With the will of ALLAH you will get success.