1. Wazifa for lost love back

Love is blind” this is what we heard. When people fall in love they become eyeless to defects of their lover. They even become deaf and dumb to hear the negatives of their love. Their condition will be like they cannot live without their lover. And the very next day some fights take place and the promise of staying throughout the life breaks off; they get separated. But feelings remain even after break up. This wazifa for lost love will help you get your love back to marry you in a permanent and legal bond that is marriage.

2. Wazifa for Lost love-Uses

The wazifa for lost love can also be used to get the love of your spouse. If your spouse has started neglecting you, it will make him/her attracted towards you. The wazifa will create your love in your partner’s heart. It will get your ex back to marry. Make your wife obey you.

3.How to do Wazifa for lost love?

The wazifa for lost love could be implemented by reciting the name of ALLAH “الودود”. The meaning of it is “The most loving”. When you recite this Ism for several hundred times you accept and think about the wonderful quality of Almighty that he is the most loving. And when you pray to him for your love to marry you, he will put your love in the person’s heart for marriage. He will regret for his mistakes and remain careful in the future.

The procedure of performing this wazifa is very simple.

  1. You should perform ablution.
  2. Select an empty, clean room.
  3. Recite the Ism e Azam 3000 times along with Durood 3 times before and after.
  4. Make supplication for your need.
  5. Do this for atleast 7 consecutive days.

4. Wazifa for lost Love-More wazaif:

1). Wazifa for lost love in english:

i). Lost Love back:

This wazifa for lost love back is taken from one of the verses of the Holy Quran. One should recite it for 700 times along with durood 11 times before and after. Then pray to ALLAH. This practice is for 41 continuos days. The dua which is recited is from the Verse no. 139 of Surah Al-Imran. This verse is useful in removing sadness from the recitor and creates strong hope in him. It will help him tackle love problems and what the so called love triangle problems. The wazifa will resolve conflicts of husband and wife and make them live in harmony.

ii). Wazifa for love come back:

This is another short wazifa for lost love that contains 4 different names of Almighty ALLAH. Al-Raoofu stands for “The most compassionate and kind”. Whoever invokes it again and again gets immense benefits from Almighty ALLAH.

Al-Raheemu is another quality of ALLAH which means “The most merciful”. It is helpful to you in removing calamities. It creates friendliness and protects you from enemies and difficulties.

Al-Jamiu means “The Gatherer”.This powerful Ism is helpful in getting you back whatever you lost. It could either be a lost thing or a person or bringing your love back.

Al-Wadoodu stands for “The most loving”. By enchanting this several hundred times, you will be able to solve disagreements, fights, remove hatredness, grudge, jealousy and carelessness.

With all that said this wazifa for lost love includes reciting all the four names of ALLAH for 1000 times along with durood in the beginning and at the end with the visualization of your need and supplicating to ALLAH will bring back to you your lost love.

iii). Get back lost love:

Get back lost love is another form of wazifa for lost love. A slightly different method is involved in this. It includes the recitation of 2 Asma ul husna namely Al-Samiu, Al-Majeed. This means “The Listener” and “The All Glorious”. Recite it atleast 313 times each or for 1000 times and pray for your marriage with the person whom your desire. It should be done for 7 to 11 days. Ensure that you are regularly performing the obligatory salah and obeying the commands of Almighty ALLAH. When you enchant the beautiful quality of ALLAH “Al-Samiu” again and again your faith and closeness to ALLAH will increase; And ALLAH will bless you with the fulfillment of your desire. And the recitation of the name Al-majeed will grant you victory in your task. Keep your intentions pure while reciting the wazifa for lost love.

iv). Bring back lost love:

This is an alternate wazifa for lost love. It serves to re-unite the partners. Strengthens the love bond and breaks any negative energies like black magic, evil eye, and jinn possession. The method involved in this is very simple without any ingredients requirement. The asma ul husna that you should recite is Al-Wakeelu, Al-Lateefu, Al-Majeedu.

The Ism Al-Wakeel will protect you from fear, enemies, or some danger. You will get ALLAH’s help in your tasks.

Al-Lateefu recitation is useful in settling all your affairs with ease as per your choice and increasing the sustenance.

Whoever recites Al-Majeedu several times, his heart will glow and get enlightened with the love of ALLAH. He will become sincere and faithful.

Overall in this wazifa for lost love, you should recite the above three names for 1000 times each and pray for lost love back soon.

2). Wazifa for lost love in urdu/hindi:

i). Wazifa for lost love in roman:

The wazifa for lost love is also called as khoya pyar wapas pane ka wazifa. Some of our readers like to read posts in roman urdu. This explains all the steps clearly in roman urdu. It needs black pepper seeds as ingredients.

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