1). Wazifa for black magic
2). Different wazaif for black magic
3). How to do wazifa for black magic?

1). Wazifa for black magic:

Wazifa for black magic functions to break all the black magic effects and make you free from the magical forces. It also works to break all kinds of curses, evil effects, and witch-crafts. Black magic occurs due to negative energies of the magician. It creates disorder in the victim’s health, marriage or financial conditions. The victim becomes very weak and suffers mental depression due to this. It is necessary to take preventive steps and perform the islamic wazifa to cure black magic.

There is a wrong conception among people that black magic can be cured only through black arts. This is not true. The holy Quran has cure for all problems. It is even highly effective in keeping the black magical energies away from you. You need to identify first if you are really suffering from black magic. Sometimes people have some internal disease and mis-interpret it to black magic. You should firstly go through medical examination and confirm that you do not have any disease that is causing issues. Once you are sure that you have black magic you could carry out the Quranic wazifa for black magic cure.

2). Wazifa for black magic-Different wazaif:

There are different wazaif in black magic. They are listed below:

  • Wazifa for black magic in english
  • Black magic cure
  • Wazifa for black magic in urdu
  • Black magic go away

i). Wazifa for black magic in english:

This wazifa is in english version. It involves use of duas and wazifas in english to break black magic. This is helpful to those who cannot recite arabic verses. However I suggest them to learn arabic if they do not know since it is more powerful to recite duas in english.

ii). Wazifa for black magic in urdu:

This wazifa is in english language for those who cannot read and understand english. In this the method of breaking black magic is explained in roman urdu.

iii). Wazifa for black magic cure:

If you wish to cure black magic with the help of Quranic verses, this wazifa for black magic cure will help you to get rid of it. The Quranic wazifa and dua have a special power in them that can break all the negative energies and nullify the black magic forces.

iv). Wazifa for black magic to go away:

This is an alternate wazifa for black magic to go away from you. When you do this wazifa regularly as per the given instructions, you will get cure from black magic and lead a normal life like others. All your pain will disappear by the will of ALLAH.

3). How to do wazifa for black magic?

An easy way of carrying out the wazifa for black magic is by implementing one of the names of ALLAH. The powerful name of ALLAH that you should recite to break black magic is this:


It is an arabic word which means “The Subduer”. This wazifa is highly effective and powerful in showing results. The method to perform the wazifa is:

  1. Perform ablution.
  2. Recite Durood e Shareef 11 times.
  3. Then recite the name of ALLAH 1100 times.
  4. Once again recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  5. Blow it on your palms and rub them all over your body.
  6. Also blow it on water, drink it and sprinkle some on your body.