1). What is a Jinn?

Jinn is an arabic word. It’s literal meaning is to conceal. These are one of the supernatural creatures of the Omnipotent ALLAH, there name is true with the fact that they are hidden from human sight. Since they are invisible to us, hence their name is Jinn. Many people do not believe in jinns because they are invisible to them. However, this is not the right way to make decision that such creatures do not exist at all because we cannot see them. It is obligatory upon every muslim to believe in existence of Jinn since it is proved from various verses of the Quran and also from the Hadith.

And created jinn from the flame of fire.[Rahman 55:15]

2). Jinn Creation Purpose:

ALLAH-the Almighty states in the Quran:

And I created the jinns and men, only for them to worship Me. [Zariyat 51:56]

It is clear from the above verses that Jinns are created from fire unlike human being are created from clay. And the purpose of creation of jinn is so that they may worship the All-Powerful ALLAH.

3). Jinn Powers & Abilities:

Almighty ALLAH has granted some extra powers to them in addition to what he has given us. There are few dis-believers of islam who considers jinns as God. There is a Quranic Verse that states regarding this and clears the concept of jinn.

And out of sheer ignorance they have ascribed jinns as partners of Allah, whereas it is He Who created them, and they have invented sons and daughters for Him! Purity and Supremacy is to Him, from all what they ascribe. [Surah Ana`am 6:100]

  • Jinns have the power and ability of taking any physical form. They may get transformed to Human appearance, animal or that of plants.
  • The jinns have the ability of moving from one place to another far away place within fraction of time.
  • They have the ability to enter into someone’s body and possess them. Their possession could be due to various reasons either due to revenge against some person or they might have fallen in love with the victim.

4). Types of Jinn:

There are different kinds of jinn. Some of good while others are evil. Both the believing and non-believing jinns exists like there are muslims, non-muslims, pious and hypocrites among human beings. They too have family and children and lead a life like humans. Good jinns are present at clean places like mosques whereas the devil ones are found at dirty places. Furthermore Jinns are classified into several types. Their categories are listed below:

  1. Hinn
  2. Ghul
  3. Marid
  4. Ifrit
  5. Jann
  6. Palis
  7. Shaitan
  8. Nasnas
  9. Silat
  10. Shiq

5). How to find a jinn:

There are some of the symptoms by which you can estimate the presence or jinn possession. Some of them are:

  1. Unusual disturbance in your work.
  2. Hearing strange noises and knowing sounds on the roof or doors or windows.
  3. Sensing that someone is looking at you and is near you or touching you or calling your name.
  4. Seeing strange or moving objects.
  5. Hearing footsteps of someone going upstairs and coming downstairs while there is none there.
  6. Observing a lot of strange images and visions on the wall.
  7. Things getting burnt or stolen from home frequently.
  8. Huge Snakes or cats that come and disappear in a very small hole .

4). How to control a jinn?

If a jinn has taken possession over you, you could get rid of the jinn with the help from the book of the creator. By taking help from the Quran regularly, you can successfully break the effects of jinn in your body or house.

5). What are jinns attracted to?

The jinns are attracted to chalk, coal, droppings of animals or impure places and impurities. If you wish to remain protected from jinns, you should stay clean and make an habit of listening and reciting the Holy Quran.

6).Wazifa for Jinn:

The islamic wazifa for jinn is meant to destroy jinns. If a stubborn jinn is troubling you, causing disturbance to your health condition or work you should perform the Quranic wazifa to get rid of jinn. The islamic wazifa to get rid of jinns is highly effective and powerful.

An easy method to get rid of Jinn is given below. The surah that you should recite are:

  1. Surah Fatiha once
  2. Surah Jinn once
  3. Ayat Al Kursi 7 times
  4. Surah Ikhlas 7 times
  5. Surah Falaq 7 times
  6. Surah Naas 7 times
  7. First & Last 5 verses of Surah Baqarah 11 times
  8. Blow it on yourself and on some water. Drink it and sprinkle some on your body and in the house.

7). Different Wazifa for Jinn:

There are different kinds of wazaif for jinn removal. Some of them are listed below:

  • Wazifa for calling jinn
  • Wazifa to destroy jinn
  • Wazifa to burn jinn
  • Wazifa to control jinn
  • Wazifa to remove jinn from yourself