1). Wazifa to convince:

Wazifa to convince works to make someone agree with your opinion. If someone is arguing with your good decision and not allowing you to proceed towards your objective, this islamic wazifa will convince them in a better way. It does not function like black magic by harming the target person. This works smoothly by softening the person’s heart and create an understanding in him/her.

2). Wazifa to convince-Different Wazaif:

There are different wazaif related to convincing and making the person agree. Some of them are:

i). Wazifa to convince someone:

This wazifa can be used in general for anyone whom you want to convince. Whether it is a girl, boy, parents or boss. It will make the person realize your sentiments and feelings.

ii). Wazifa to convince parents for love marriage:

This wazifa is specifically for your parents. If your parents are refusing for your marriage of choice, this wazifa can change their mind and heart. It will make your parents kind and accept your good choice.

iii). Wazifa to convince a boy for marriage:

It has become quite usual that a boy promises for marriage and turns away from his words at the later stage. This puts the girl in depression because they might have already committed sins before marriage like adultery. If this is the case, the girl should repent to ALLAH and perform the islamic wazifa to convince a boy for marriage to convince him & get along with him.

iv). Wazifa to convince a specific person:

Similarly, this wazifa is to convince the particular person whom you love to get married. If the girl has turned away from her words, perform this islamic wazifa to get her before you for marriage soon.

3). How to do Wazifa to convince ?

A very simple, easy and fastest method of performing the wazifa to convince someone is to recite the names of Almighty ALLAH. The specific names of ALLAH for this purpose are:



As-Samiu means “The hearing”. And the meaning of Al-Lateefu is “The Kind & Gentle”. These are some of the exalted qualities of Almighty ALLAH. Recitation of these names can bring you what you wish.

In order to convince someone recite these names for 1000 times along with Durood e Shareef 3 times before and after.

  1. Visualize your need during recitation.
  2. Pray to ALLAH for fulfillment of your wish.
  3. Perform this practice for 21 consecutive days.
  4. By the will of ALLAH, you will get success.