1). Marriage Soon Wazifa:

Marriage is a necessary part of everyone’s life. Many youngsters keep many desires with respect to their marriage. Almighty Allah has made pairs of every life he created; science has also proven evidence for this. It is a common belief of muslims that the marriage pairs are decided by Almighty ALLAH beforehand. Yet, we meet our life partners accidentally or by chance in this world. Marriage is not just the name of enjoyment, it comes along with many responsibilities and duties. Making dua for marriage is always useful.

2). Wazifa for marriage Soon:

Every person has a distinct personality. All the people have not the same nature as everyone’s thoughts are different. When you get to meet your soulmate you find out that the partner who works on the compatible school of thought is the right one for you. But unfortunately, everyone is not such lucky to meet with the right partner. To help you with this, prayer is the strongest weapon. We suggest you recite this wazifa for marriage soon, with a pure heart and keen intention. You will surely get the desired result.

3). How to do Wazifa for marriage soon?

The wazifa for marriage can be done in various ways. One of the methods to perform the wazifa is to recite the name of ALLAH along with the Surah Ikhlas. The name of ALLAH that you have to recite is this:

ذو الجلال والإكرام (Zul Jalali Wal Ikrami)

This is an arabic name. It means “The lord of Majesty and generosity” and “The lord of Honour and Glory. Allah is the owner of every blessing, honour, and perfection. He grants blessings and honour to his servants.

The method to perform the wazifa for marriage soon is:

  1. Read Durood e Shareef 11 times.
  2. Recite the Name of ALLAH 313 times.
  3. Then recite Surah Ikhlas 313 times.
  4. Perform this for 11 consecutive days.
  5. By the will of Almighty ALLAH, you will get married soon.

4). Wazifa for Marriage Soon-Different Waziaf:

i). Wazifa for marriage:

This is a specific wazifa for marriage in 21 days. It is so called because, it goes on for 21 successive days. The purpose of doing it is to get married. It includes enchanting Durood along with two different Surahs- Fatiha & Ikhlas. It’s full method is explained in it’s post.

ii). Islamic wazifa for marriage:

The islamic wazifa for marriage is another kind of wazifa for getting married fast. In this wazifa you will be reading the Surah Falaq as explained in the post more clearly.

iii). Nad e Ali wazifa for marriage:

Nad e Ali is a special dua which is dedicated to qualities of Hazrat Ali(radiallahu a’nhu). Almighty ALLAH has granted power and authority to some of his special servants to help others. It is with this intention in mind people perform the Nad e Ali wazifa for marriage.

iv). Quranic Wazaif for marriage:

This Quranic wazaif for marriage is the combination of 6 wonderful Surahs that make faster and easier the process of marriage by the will of ALLAH. It also removes the obstacles present in marriage.

v). Powerful wazifa for urgent marriage:

This is a very short and easy wazifa for urgent marriage. It does not take much of your time but is still powerful. It will last for 11 continuous days.

vi). Wazifa for marriage of a girl:

If a girl is upset due to no proposals for marriage, she could perform this wazifa for marriage of a girl. It will get her a suitable man for marriage soon.

vii). Wazifa to remove blockage, bandish & black magic from a girl’s marriage:

Few girls suffer from spiritual diseases such as evil eye, black magic, jinn possession or blockage in marriage, thia wazifa will her come out of all these defects and open’s her good fortune for marriage.

viii). Wazifa to get married soon:

This is an effective and powerful wazifa to get married soon. It contains the personal Name of ALLAH. It is done for 41 consecutive days. You will start noticing the outcome after completing your spiritual practice.

ix). Wazifa for marriage proposal:

This is the best wazifa for marriage proposal soon. Once you complete the wazifa, you will receive a good and pious spouse within short time. It consists of a strong dua that praises ALLAH which is one of the verses of the holy Quran and a dua taken from hadith. It is done for 3 weeks.

x). Wazifa to remove obstacles in marriage:

Obstacles come into your life without your knowledge. You feel that your life is going on smooth but the very next moment you find some obstacles striking your way in marriage process. When obstacles arise they won’t allow you to marry as much as you may try. But this wazifa to remove obstacles in marriage can help you tackle these problems.

xi). Wazifa to get married to someone you love:

The “wazifa to get married to someone you love” needs some hard work to execute this wazifa but it is very powerful. It can fulfill your need in 11 days or within 1 month by the will of ALLAH. After completing the wazifa you will get desired proposal for marriage.

xii). Wazifa for getting married:

Another short and sweet wazifa for getting married quickly. It does not involve recitation of lengthy dua and wazifa. Instead it works with the recitation of the beautiful name “ALLAH”.