1). Marriage of own choice:

Marriage of own choice in other words is termed as “Free choice marriage” or “love marriage” has become a common trend these days. Many youngsters in today’s society are preferring marriage of their choice. It occurs by the mutual love and consent of both the bride and groom without the interference of parents assent. In many cases parents do not agree even after the efforts made by their children to convince them.

 1.1). Pros & Cons Of Love Marriage:

The marriage that occurs due to choice does not demand for any dowry. Since the partners would have been married by choice they will have to prepare their mind to face any difficulties that come in their way after marriage. All the financial burden must be carried out by the partners when their parents are in opposition to them. This could sometimes lead to frustration in partners. If they wish to lead a happy life after marriage of own choice they will have to sacrifice a lot of things for each other.

2). Wazifa for marriage of own choice:

The wazifa for marriage of own choice is meant to help you solve problems that come during your marriage. It could be useful for all conditions whether you are financially weak or your parents are not agreeing for your marriage. You could perform the wazifa and pray to ALLAH for easiness and to soften the heart of the objecting parties. The wazifa will be effective if you make effort on implementing it with full faith in Almighty ALLAH.

3). Wazifa for marriage of own choice Purpose:

What the wazifa for marriage of own choice does for you is this:

  1. Removes hurdles in marriage.
  2. Makes you financially strong.
  3. Controls your strong emotions from turning into anger.
  4. Creates your love in the heart of dis-agreeing people.
  5. Removes your stress and depression.

4). How to do Wazifa for marriage of own choice?

This wazifa involves recitation of a specific Durud called Durood-e-Tanjeena. You should perform this wazifa after your Fajr prayer. The method of performing the wazifa for marriage of own choice is as follows:

  1. Recite Surah Fatiha 11 times.
  2. Then Recite Durud e Tanjeena 313 times.
  3. Pray to ALLAH for removal of all your problems that are preventing you from marriage.
  4. Perform this practice for 41 consecutive days.
  5. By the will of Almighty ALLAH you will experience easiness in the marriage of own choice.

5). Wazifa for Marriage of own choice-More Wazaif:

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This is the powerful wazifa for marriage of own choice | Very strong wedding prayer for desired marriage |-Wazifa for shadi | Kisi se shadi karne ki dua pasand ki shadi ke liye.POWERFUL WAZIFA FOR MARRIAGE OF OWN CHOICE | VERY STRONG WEDDING PRAYER FOR DESIRED MARRIAGE:Those who want to do marriage of their own choice must perform this strongest wedding prayer for desired marriage | powerful wazifa for marriage of own choice. The method is as follows : دل کبوتر ہو رہا ہے، گھیرا پڑا یسین کا میرا ساجن میل دے، صدقہ محی الدی کا یا کریم و کرم کر یا رحیم و رحم کر سخت دل کو نرم کر یا غوث اعظم دستگیر میری فریاد میری فریاد میری فریاد It is important to keep the strong imagination of your lover while performing this wazifa.  Start this on the first lunar thursday and end it on wednesday, means this is a seven-day [...]