1). Wazifa for love:

Wazifa for love is meant to help those suffering with love problems. Love is the personal feeling filled with emotions, affection and pleasure. When two people get attracted towards each there due to some reason, love develops between them. Resemblance and Similarity is something that brings two people closer. The reason could be anything but when you decide for companionship of someone you should look for his/her religion along with similarity.

2). Wazifa for love in islam:

Islam encourages it’s believers to be with love and affection with your parents, relatives and friends. When a person speaks with his brother with love respect is developed in both of their hearts. Expressing love is a best way to increase your love in the heart of near and dear ones. Giving gifts is also another best way to encourage love with your neighbors and relatives. Love has wider definitions in islam, it is not restricted to just the love between a man and woman. There can be love for Almighty ALLAH, Love for his messengers, Love of the companions, Love of the religion, Love of humans and things other then human for the sake of islam etc,. The wazifa for love in islam can help you to create love in the heart of creatures.

3). Permissibility of Wazifa for love in islam:

Is it permissible to perform the “wazifa for love in islam” to attract lover ?

If you like some person of opposite sex, you can marry the person. Anyhow, if you are facing difficulties you may perform any of the islamic wazifa to get married to your love. But it is not right to perform the wazifa and dua for attraction & increasing love without marrying first because this could put you in sins like adultery without marriage.

4). Who can perform the Wazifa for love:

  1. Any one who wants to create love in his spouse can perform the wazifa for love.
  2. The one who likes to create love among his siblings, children or relatives.
  3.  One who wishes to turn an enemy into his friend or remove hatred from friends.

5). Wazifa for love benefits:

After you implement the wazifa for love, you get many benefits. Some of them are mentioned here regarding what the wazifa for love does?

  1. Creates love in the desired person.
  2. Improve communication in your relationship.
  3. Your partner will develop deep feelings and good thoughts for you.
  4. There will be an improvement in your boring sexual life.
  5. Prevent your married relationship from breaking.
  6. Make your spouse loyal to you.
  7. Protects your spouse from looking at someone else other then you.

6). How to do the Wazifa for love?

This simple wazifa for love is taken from two of the names of Almighty ALLAH. They are:

الغفور الشكور

“Al-Ghafooru” means “The All forgiving”. The one who forgives and accepts repentance. The one who overlooks our faults and pardons us by his mercy. No matter, how big the sin is when we repent towards him he forgives it and loves us. If you have committed too many sins you should never loose hope in ALLAH, ask forgiveness from the forgiver and stay away from them in future. When you make a practice of reciting this name regularly, you will find yourself secured and realize the immense love of your creator.

“Ash-Shakooru” means “The Grateful” or “The most appreciative”. The one who gives us back in abundance. He acknowledges and likes even the smallest of our deeds. His appreciation is limitless.

Method of Wazifa for love:

The wazifa for love should be carried out by reciting the above mentioned two names of ALLAH. The method to perform the wazifa for love is:

  1. Perform ablution.
  2. Select an empty, peaceful room.
  3. Read Durood 11 times in the beginning and at the end.
  4. Recite the above mentioned Asma al husna 1000 times each.
  5. Pray to ALLAH for creation of love in the heart of the target person.
  6. Practice this for 11 consecutive days.
  7. By the will of Almighty, you will notice the results quickly.

7).Wazifa For Love in islam-More wazaif:

1).  Wazifa for love in english:

i). Wazifa for love in 1 day:

As the name says, this wazifa is of one day to help those who not wish to perform lengthy wazaif. You may implement the Quranic chapters in this, some dua for love and make supplication. It will work if you perform with full dedication and read the Quranic verses with correct pronunciation.

ii). Wazifa for love in 3 days:

Another wazifa for love in 3 days works to create love and attraction in the desired person. In this wazifa you could take help of the Surah Ikhlas from the Holy Quran. You may use ingredients like perfume, sugar or water. You should recite the surah for several times and blow on them and use them. It should be recited for 313 times.

iii). Wazifa to create love:

This is another wazifa for love. It is taken from the verse of Surah Taha. When a person recites the Holy Quran to please ALLAH, he gets many virtues and rewards. Since in it there is a cure of all diseases and problems for muslims, they should take treatment from the Quranic prayers. The more you recite the Quran the more powerful does your spiritual power become.

The specific verse which is practiced in this wazifa is the verse number 39 of Surah Taha. It is a simple practice which does not require any other ingredients. You should be regular in your obligatory salah, fix a particular time and enchant the verse for 111 times along with durood and make supplication to ALLAH. Do it for atleast 11 days.

2).  Wazifa for love in urdu:

This wazifa is explained in roman urdu to benefit all kinds of visitors.

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