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1). Bring back lost love:

Bring back lost love in your life by giving a second chance to the one whom you love. Naturally speaking, it seems very unjust to interfere and manipulate the self-desires of a person.  The islamic wazifa to bring back lost love does not force anyone to love someone, what it does is it removes mis-understandings from the person’s heart; Intensifies the love which he already have in his heart; And increase trust.

2). Wazifa to bring back lost love:

You are not required to commit any illegal activity to win back your love. For e.g,. if the women is unmarried and want to get her lover to marry her she need not display her entire physical beauty to seduce the man. Instead perform the wazifa for marriage with your love. Having trust in the power of Quranic dua and performing the islamic wazifa will yield you fruitful results. Honesty is an important part. You should be honest and make your lover beware of the defects or weakness you might be having beforehand so that it may not create issues after marriage.

Taking help of black magic to renew your lost love is prohibited in islam. Love should not be just for the sake of lust, it should be for the purpose of strengthening your islamic faith.

3). Wazifa to bring back lost love Purpose:

The wazifa to bring back lost love serves for different purpose. Some of the benefits of implementing the wazifa are:

  • Re-unite the persons in a better bond that is marriage.
  • Strengthen the love and create a stronger bond.
  • Ability to understand each other’s sorrows and happiness.
  • Eliminate evil eye.
  • Break black magic or negative energies.
  • Reduces anger and jealousy.
  • The desire of competing with each other will be eliminated.
  • Reduce the chances of divorce.
  • Protects the man from getting attracted to other women.
  • Makes the women faithful to her husband.

4). Who can perform the wazifa to bring back lost love?

Anyone who is in love with a good person and got separated before uniting in marriage could perform the wazifa. The husband or wife could perform it to create love and attraction in their spouse. Those who are having a fear of committing sins if they do not get their love could do the wazifa to bring back lost love and pray for marriage.

5). How to do wazifa to bring back lost love?

Get your lover back by implementing the wazifa. It is a tested wazifa for getting back your lost love. An easy way of performing the wazifa is with the help of Almighty ALLAH. The two powerful names that you should recite is:

الوكيل اللطيف المجيد

Al-Wakeelu means “The Trustee, the Dependable “. Al-Lateefu means “The kind” And Al-Majeedu implies “The All Glorious “. These are the special qualities of Almighty. When you recite it for hundreds and thousands of times, you will feel it’s wonderful effects.

The method to do the wazifa to bring back lost love is as follows:

  1. Perform ablution.
  2. Read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  3. Recite the above names for 1000 times.
  4. Keep visualization of your need during the recitation.
  5. Make supplication to ALLAH.

6).  Wazifa to bring back lost love-More Wazaif:

There are different ways of carrying out the wazifa. Some methods are very simple that do not need any other ingredients while few others include usage of certain ingredients.

1). Wazifa to bring back lost love in english:

i). Wazifa to bring back lost love in 3 days:

It is an easy way of carrying wazifa to bring back lost love in 3 days or 21 days. Naturally the spiritual practice goes on for 21 consecutive days. It includes recitation of a Quranic dua. You should implement it after Fajr or Isha Prayer. It should be recited for at-least 101 times. The full procedure is explained in it’s post. If you would like to finish it within 3 days, you should recite the given dua for 1000 times instead of 101. It requires some sweets or eatables as ingredients.

ii). Candle wazifa to bring back lost love:

Another form of wazifa to bring back lost love that uses candles as an ingredient. Many magicians practice candle magic for various purpose. We are letting you know the candle wazifa that do not cause any harm. There are three different types of rituals involved in this wazifa. The first method makes use of red candle for keeping up the concentration and visualization effect. Along with this, the Quranic Surah Ikhlas is recited. It is enchanted for atleast 111 times along with Durood.

Another method of wazifa to bring back lost love involves usage of a cloth. It is cut in a rectangular shape and the Quranic verse is written at it’s corner with the target person’s name in the middle. The Quranic verses should be recited for 1111 times. Then the cloth is nailed onto the wall.

iii). Spells wazifa to bring back lost love:

These spells include 3 different ways of casting the wazifa to bring back lost love. The first method makes use of three different candles-Pink, white and red candles. Every colour has the ability of reflecting it’s own intensity & frequency of light. By adjusting the candles around a plain sheet of paper with the name of your love, you recite the Quranic dua 1111 times. It could be done for 7 to 11 days. Then wrapped in a cloth and burried in a safe place.

Second method is simple without any ingredients. It is a basic supplication prayer asking help from Almighty ALLAH. It should be recited 786 times.

The third method once again uses some ingredients namely rosemary, coin, marker and an envelop. The main dua recited in this method is the powerful name of Almighty ALLAH.

And the last method includes reciting ayat e kareema.

2). Wazifa to bring back lost love in urdu:

i). Wazifa to bring back lost love in roman urdu:

The wazifa is in roman urdu to help the urdu readers understand the method of performing the wazifa to bring back lost love.

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