1). Love come back:

Love come back wish could be fulfilled by taking some proactive steps and performing the wazifa for love come back. It is usually very heart-breaking when you loose the one whom you love. It becomes difficult at times to get back the past feelings. This occurs when you have had a lot of fights with your spouse and insulted each other. But as the time passes you realize their positive points and start missing each other.

By taking some measures cleverly and ignoring the short-comings of each other they can re-unite and lead a happy life. Keeping in mind all the bad words your spouse uttered in anger cannot help you in resolving the matter. It will instead develop some other newer issues. When you keep thinking about the worse things that happened in the past, it will create frustration, anger, hatredness and agression in you leaving you with the poor performance in everything.

2). Wazifa for love come back:

People fall in love with someone and they even end it before converting it into a stable & legal long term bond of marriage. It could occur due to various reasons. Due to few jealous people in the society or because of rejection from parents or mis-understanding between them. It even ends when any of the individual keeps suspecting the other and does not fully trust him/her. Later on after breaking, they realize the importance of each other and hope to get the person back for marriage. In this case, he/she could do the wazifa for love come back

3). Wazifa for love come back purpose:

The wazifa for love come back helps you to achieve the following:

4). How to do wazifa for love come back?

After you implement the wazifa for love come back, you will no more find any problems in your relationship. You can marry the desired person and fall in love with him/her again. The simple way to perform the wazifa for love come back is through Asma e Ilahi. The wazifa is the combination of 4 Asma.

الرؤوف الرحيم الجامع الودود

(“Al-Raofu Ar-Raheemu Al-Jaamiu Al-Wadoodu”)

These are the powerful names of ALLAH Almighty . The meaning of Al-Wadoodu is “The Loving, the Kind One”. Al-Jaamiu means “The Gatherer”. Al-Raofu means “The compassionate and the english interpretation of the word “Ar-Raheemu” is “The Most Merciful “. You need to keep in mind it’s meaning while reciting the wazifa. When you work on it with full effort, you will see the results. The method to carry out the wazifa for love come back is:

  1. Perform ablution.
  2. Recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times in the beginning and at the end.
  3. Then recite the 4 names 1000 times each.
  4. Make supplication to ALLAH.

5). Wazifa for love come back – More Wazaif:

1). Wazifa for love come back in english:

i). Wazifa for love come back in 21 days:

This is a twenty one days wazifa to help depressed girls and boys cope up their difficult situation. You are not allowed to perform it on a wrong person or with a bad intention. Pure intentions are must. We suggest you to first perform the Istikhara for marriage before commencing this wazifa for love come back in 21 days. This method involves black pepper as ingredient. You should take 41 pepper seeds and recite Surah Yaseen on each one of it. You should also keep the visualization of your need.

ii). Wazifa to bring back love:

This is another wazifa to get your love back. It is done by reciting a special verse for 101 times after Isha prayer. After completing the practice, it is blown on sweets or water and through some means fed to the target person. Even this practice persists for a minimum of twenty one days.

iii). Wazifa for love come back that brings wife:

If your wife has less romantic skills and fights with you for every little thing, and goes away from your house, this is the perfect wazifa. The wazifa for love come back works to generate love in your wife’s heart. It will make her obedient to you and love you.

Many wives become irritated when they do not get whatever they wish from her husband. She always demands attention and love from her husband. If he neglects even slightly, she will start misbehaving. Once you cast the wazifa, it will bring her on the right path. If the wife lacks the sufficient charm and understanding in the relationship, it could lead to unnecessary problems inspite of all your compromises. But praying to the Almighty can rescue you from all your difficulties.

iv). Wazifa for love come back that get’s your husband back:

When you realize that your husband is pissed off due to some of your activities or because you have hurted him too much and has left his house, gone away from you without informing, this wazifa for love back will help you bring your husband back to you. This wazifa is taken from the Holy Quran. Surah Fatiha is recited in this in the way that when you reach the sentence “iyyaaka na’budu wa iyyaaka nastae’en” repeat it for 101 times. Complete the Surah  for 11 times likewise and pray for the return of your husband. Your husband shall come back to you within 2 to 3 weeks.

2). Wazifa for love come back in urdu:

i). Wazifa for love come back in roman urdu:

This wazifa is in roman. It is helpful for those who cannot read english. It is also called as kali mirchi ka wazifa.

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