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1). Get back lost love:

Get back lost love wazifa and dua to help you succeed in your good intentions. It is very easy to fall in love but succeeding in it is a challenging and more important task. In order to take your imaginary love to a permanent relationship bond of marriage, you should be ready to make some efforts with lots of patience. If you loose patience you are not going to get success in your goal. You need to have all your hope in the decisions of Almighty ALLAH. You can get releif by implementing the islamic wazifa to get back lost love.

2). Wazifa to get back lost love:

The wazifa to get back lost love is very effective and spontaneous in showing the results. It will bring changes in your life. If you are in doubt you should whether or not perform this wazifa or if you need some additional information and wazifa more specific to your problem, you may contact us personally. We can help you with a suitable wazifa.

If you have lost your love you should suddenly start disturbing him/her again for your marriage bond. Instead, you should give some free time to him/her to rethink about the matter and miss you. Girls mood keeps on changing, at one time she becomes enemy and at the very next moment she will become a close friend. They usually return back within sometime without much effort but this is not the case the other way round.

Men are very concious about their self-esteem. Once the man feels that the girl does not respect and value him the only way he tries to gain back his lost dignity is by replacing the girl with a new one. What the girl could do to get him back is implement the wazifa to get back lost love and show him that you still value him and ask forgiveness from him for your mistakes.

3). Wazifa to get back lost love purpose:

Some of the benefits that you could receive by implementing the wazifa to get back lost love are:

4). How can do the Wazifa to get back lost love?

  • The husband could perform it if the wife has become less romantic towards him and is not responding to his lovely words properly.
  • The wife could implement it if her husband is paying less attention towards her or if he is getting attracted towards other women.
  • Those girls or boys who are in true love with someone and cannot think of marrying anyone else.
  • Those boys and girls who have unfortunately committed adultery before marriage.

5). How to get back lost love?

The simple way to do the wazifa is by implementing the Ism e Azam. The two names that you should recite are:

السميع المجيد

The respective meanings of these words are “The Listener” and “The All Glorious”. The method to perform the wazifa to get back lost love is as follows:

  1. Perform ablution.
  2. Select an empty, peaceful room.
  3. Read Durood e Shareef 11 times.
  4. Recite the above mentioned names 313 times each.
  5. Make supplication to ALLAH.
  6. Carry on the wazifa for 7 consecutive days.

6). Wazifa to get back lost love-More Wazaif:

1). Wazifa to get back lost love in english:

i). Wazifa to get back lost love in 21 days:

If your wife is broken up with you or your husband has gone away from you, the Wazifa to get back lost love will help you fixing the issues. One needs to implement this wazifa after Isha Salah for 21 continuous days. Blowing on some sweet items or food items and feeding it to the target person through some person is also useful. The spiritual practice should be done with pure intentions. It does not cause any harm to the target person like black magic.

ii). Make someone fall in love wazifa to get back lost love:

This is another wazifa that works with the implementation of the Name of ALLAH “The Waajidu”. It means “The Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing “. When you recite it for thousands of times you recall the special quality of ALLAH in your mind and heart. Enchant it for atleast 1111 times along with Durood and pray to ALLAH for your need. You will get success with the will of ALLAH. When you cast the wazifa regularly with full dedication and love of ALLAH, you will definitely observe the powerful results that will change your sad moments. Show impatience to fulfill your desires will not work. If you wish that ALLAH should fulfill all your desires, you should become obedient & faithful to him at first.

iii). Bring back spells wazifa to get back lost love:

This is another kind of spiritual ritual that works with the usage of candles. Many black magicians use candles to inflict some person with black magic effects. We do not encourage any such acts. The candle used is just for the purpose of keeping concentration. Along with the candle as an ingredient, the Quranic dua is recited. The Quranic wazifa used is the Surah Ikhlas.

iv). Get Ex wazifa to get back lost love:

One more helpful spiritual ritual to get you ex back to you. This wazifa to get back lost love. It involves two different methods. First method deals with the recitation of the Quranic dua and the second one uses reciting the name of ALLAH “AL-JAMIU”. Both of these methods various ingredients. Whoever is comfortable with it can carry it with this.

2). Wazifa to get back lost love in urdu:

i). Wazifa to get back lost love in roman:

This is the roman urdu version of wazifa to get back lost love. It’s full procedure is explained in roman. It uses black pepper as an ingredient. The wazifa persists for 21 days.

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