1. Wazifa for bad habits:

The wazifa for bad habits works to break someone’s bad habits or addictions. Addictions and bad habits represents complex condition that makes the person do something that is harmful to him. Many parents worry about bad habits or addiction of their children. Usually children take drugs or alcohol as a result of addiction. Once they get addicted it becomes quite difficult for them to quit it. By performing the wazifa for bad habits, you will be able to break the addictions and bad habits.

2. Bad habits Causes:

There are various reasons for getting addicted to bad habits. People may start adopting bad habits after they suffer huge loss or experience traumatic conditions or get deceived by their lover etc,. Another cause is staying with bad friends or relatives. When people develop friendship with addicted people they too develop the same in them. And some people involve in bad habits considering it as a fame and talent.

3. Wazifa for bad habits and addictions cure:

One of the simplest wazifa to get rid of bad habits and addictions is to recite the name of ALLAH. The name that you should recite is “الحسيب” (Al-Haseebu). It is an arabic name which means “The Reckoner “. If your child or relative is involved in addictions and bad habits, perform this wazifa while he is asleep.

  1. You should recite Durood e Shareef 3 times.
  2. Recite Ta’wwuz and Tasmiya once.
  3. Then recite the name of ALLAH 100 times.
  4. Blow it on the addicted person.
  5. Also blow it on water and give it to him for drinking.

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