1). Wazifa:

Wazifa is an arabic term. The literal meaning of wazifa is employ or work or practice something regularly. However the figurative meaning of wazifa is to recite the phrases containing praise of ALLAH; Or the Quranic surahs, verses, words of supplication, glorification, refugee of ALLAH; Or the supplication & glorification words endorsed by the Prophets of ALLAH and their companions or the pious Islamic saints (friends of ALLAH); Or the good phrasal words that are not in contrary with Islamic beliefs and rules.


1). Rewarding Wazifa:

This is a type of wazifa in which all the reciting words are taken from Islamic aspect. All the wordings have good meanings and are recited with good intention. The phrases usually have glorifying words, repenting and supplication words.The wazifa is either taken from the Holy Quran or Hadith or from the teachings of Allah’s saints. This wazifa is done with the intention of seeking ALLAH’s pleasure. So when the person does these wazifas to please ALLAH & get his need fulfill, he will get rewarded by ALLAH in this world and in hereafter as well.

2). Permissible Wazifa:

This type of wazifa contains words other than the Quranic verses or Hadith supplications. The phrases do not contain any bad meanings. These phrases do not go against Islam. So, it is permissible to recite this kind of wazifa as well for treatment.

3). Tormenting wazifa:

This type of wazifa contains sinful or denying words. It has words that go against the beliefs of Islam. The tormenting wazifa words put the recitor into a big sin or infidelity depending on the type of words. The infidel words takes the recitor out of islam. He becomes disbeliever due to it as long as he repents from his act. It is forbidden to recite this kind of phrases as wazifa.

3). Collection of wazifa:

Our website contains varieties of wazifas. There are thousands of wazifa that you can find on our site. A list of few of them is described below:


The wazifa for love is meant to create love in the heart of the desired person. It is helpful in ending fights, quarrels and disagreements. It contains several divisions in it. Different kinds of wazifa for love are listed below:


The wazifa for husband group contains all the wazifas related to husband problems. The wazifa are capable of turning your husband’s heart. After implementing the wazifa your husband will listen to you. If he does not have a job, the wazifa will help him get a suitable job. There are wazifa to end bad habits of your husband if he has any and control your husband anger. List of various wazifa for husband are given below:


This group of wazifa for wife contains all the wazifas related to wife. You can select the relevant wazifa depending upon the type of issue with wife. If your wife does not respect or love you, you should implement wazifa for wife love and wazifa to make wife obedient. The wazifa are helpful in controlling your wife and calling her back to you if she has went away from you without your permission. Some of the popular wazifa for wife are listed below:


This group of wazifa for husband and wife is related to all the husband and wife related controversies. The wazifa are effective in strengthening the husband and wife relationship and increasing love. Some of the famous kinds of wazifa in this are given below:


This group deals with all the wazifa related to marriage problems. The wazifa will help you in dealing with the marriage matters easily. It removes the obstacles in marriage. The wazifa for marriage group contains the following famous list of wazifas.


This is another set of wazifa to get married. Some of the popular wazifa to get married are below:


This set contains all the wazifa related to marriage proposal. If you are not getting any proposals or proposals do come but do not return with a positive reply, these wazifa will be helpful to you. List of various wazifa for marriage proposal are:


If you are struck with love issues this set of wazifa for love marriage will help you  come out of your problems. The Islamic wazifa make your love marriage successful and easy. Various wazifa for love marriage are:


This group contains all the wazifa related to convincing someone. Whether you would like to convince your parents for marriage, or convince your lover to marry you or convince someone to do something there is a different wazifa for every different requirement and need. List of wazifa to convince are mentioned below:


LOVE is what everyone desires to get back. The wazifa for lost love contains set of all wazifa related to lost love back. These wazifa are helpful to those who cannot think of marrying anyone else other than their love. Various wazifa for lost love are listed below:


This group of wazifa to overcome contains all the wazifa related to overcoming with something, whether you want to overcome your enemy, overcome fear of someone or something, or overcome problems, difficulties and diseases, these wazifa will help you out. List of different wazifa to overcome:


This set deals with all the wazifa related to break up. If you want to break an illegal relationship or wish to break your engagement or marriage due to a valid reason, these wazifa will be useful. You need to take permission before carrying out the wazifa for break up. Different wazifa to break are listed below:


Collection of all the wazifa to make someone agree or do what you want. All these wazifa to make someone are easy to understand and implement. There are various kinds in this.

  • Wazifa to make someone love you
  • Wazifa to make someone obey you
  • Wazifa to make someone listen to you
  • Wazifa to make someone contact you
  • Wazifa to make someone do what you
  • Waziaf to make someone mad in love
  • Wazifa to make someone talk to you
  • Wazifa to make someone marry you


Breaking magic magic effects has become a serious need today due increasing practice of black magic and curses. This set of wazifa for black magic contains all the wazifa related to black magic cure. You may select any according to your problem.

  • Wazifa for black magic in english
  • Wazifa for black magic cure
  • How to find out who is doing black magic
  • Wazifa for black magic in urdu
  • Wazifa for black magic to go away
  • Wazifa to break black permanently


These contain set of all wazifa related to enemy. If you are fed up of your enemy, the wazifa for enemy will help you get rid of his harm. Here is the list of various wazifa for enemy:

  • Wazifa to defeat enemy
  • Wazifa to make enemy sick
  • Wazifa to destroy enemy
  • Wazifa to keep enemy away
  • Wazifa to take revenge from enemies
  • Wazifa to punish enemy
  • Wazifa to make enemy suffer
  • Wazifa to get rid of enemies
  • Wazifa for enemy to leave me alone
  • Wazifa for victory over enemy


Protection is a very important matter in life. When you feel you are completely surrouded by enemies and problems the only way to get out of the problems and remain safe is by implementing the wazifa for protection. Various wazifa for protection are listed below:

  • Wazifa for protection from enemy
  • Wazifa for Protection from black magic
  • Wazifa for Protection of pregnancy
  • Wazifa for Protection from evil eye
  • Wazifa for Protection from shaitan
  • Wazifa for Protection against enemies
  • Wazifa for Protection from jinn and all evil
  • Wazifa for Protection of house
  • Wazifa for Protection of job
  • Wazifa for Protection from miscarriage
  • Wazifa for protection of wealth


Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to get rid of bad habits. The wazifa for bad habits when implemented regularly will help you overcome and stop those habits further. Various wazifa for bad habits include:

  • Wazifa to stop bad habits
  • Wazifa to stop drinking
  • Wazifa to stop smoking
  • Wazifa for addictions cure


These wazifa are meant to fulfill your wish in a legal way. When you desire something, you adopt various ways to fulfill it. Meanwhile, you get with people who lead you astray. The islamic way to fulfill one’s need and wishes is the lawful and best way for success. List of different wazifa for wish are given below:

  • Wazifa for any wish
  • Wazifa for wish in 3 days
  • Wazifa for impossible to possible
  • Wazifa for impossible wish
  • Wazifa for immediate wish
  • Wazifa to fulfill wish


A group of wazifa for problems to deal with all your difficulties and problems of life in an efficient way. Whatever the problem might be, whether it is marriage related, job, work or financial related, the wazifa for problems solution will help you achieve you goals easily. List of various wazifa for problems are:

  • Wazifa for problems in marriage
  • Wazifa for all problems
  • Wazifa for all purpose
  • Wazifa for Problems at work
  • Wazifa for Problems in love
  • Wazifa for financial problems
  • Problems in love marriage
  • Wazifa for difficulties
  • Wazifa for Problems in life
  • Wazifa for Problems in job
  • Wazifa for problems to go away
  • Wazifa for married life problems


Money is the desperate need of everyone. All of us want’s money for one or the other cause. Wazifa for money helps you get money lawfully. Some of the various wazifa for money are listed below:

  • Wazifa for money in english
  • Wazifa for money problems
  • Wazifa for money recovery
  • Wazifa to increase money
  • Wazifa for money back
  • Wazifa for money urgently
  • Wazifa to get money immediately


Set of Wazifa for wealth to help you gain wealth and establish your family life. If you still unmarried and unemployed, the wazifa for wealth act as a support to you and makes you able to earn wealth through a legal source. Variety of wazifa for wealth are listed below:

  • Wazifa for wealth in english
  • Tasbeeh for wealth
  • Wazifa for Wealth and prosperity
  • Wazifa for Wazifa for wealth gain
  • Proven wazifa for wealth
  • Surah for wealth
  • Wazifa for Wealth and success
  • Wazifa for wealth in urdu
  • Wazifa to increase wealth


Success is what everyone aims for. Who does not like to be successful? In order to boost your success rate here is a collection of different wazifa for success you can find on our site.

  • Wazifa for Success in everything
  • Wazifa for Success in life
  • Wazifa for success in exam results
  • Wazifa for Success in job
  • Wazifa for success in marriage
  • Wazifa for Success in exam
  • Wazifa for Success in job
  • Wazifa for success in business
  • Wazifa for Success in interview
  • Wazifa for Success in love
  • Wazifa for Success in career


Unemployment is increasing at a rapid rate. Dua to lack of job, people begin to adopt wrong ways to earn money. The set of wazifa for job will help you gain the strength to search and work for a right job. Different wazifa for job that you can find on our site are listed below:

  • Wazifa for job in english
  • Wazifa for job in 3 days in urdu
  • Wazifa for job in abroad
  • Wazifa to get job in 3 days
  • Wazifa for job in 3 days in english
  • Wazifa for job interview
  • Wazifa to get job immediately


The set of wazifa for jinn are related to jinn and getting rid of jinns.


This is another fabulous set containing all wazifa to become rich.


These wazifa for luck are meant to bring good fortune and remove back luck from your lives.


If you are suffering with pregnancy issues, the set of wazifa for pregnancy will help you to become pregnant and blessed with a child.


These wazifa deal with enhancing beauty.

wazifa for marriage in one week

Wazifa for marriage

Wazifa for marriage: Marriage is a legal bond between two persons.  By this relationship the couples announce their bond publicly. It is the joining between husband and wife in a sexual bond that lasts till death. Unfortunately, nowadays divorce is cutting marriages at a fast rate. Everyone dreams of marrying. They have their own expectations and desire with respect their wedding. You too might be looking for it. Here we have the powerful wazifa for marriage. Many astrologers threaten you saying that you are suffering from black magic. In very rare cases this problem occurs. Many people get scared. You should not fear thinking about it. Instead you should perform the islamic wazifa for marriage and make supplication to Allah. When you implement dua regularly you will notice the successful results. Wazifa for marriage soon: A lot of changes occur after marriage. You can observe changes in personality, and nature of the persons. [...]


Shadi ka wazifa in islam | Jaldi Shadi ki dua | Nikah ka amal

Kya aap nikah karna chahte hain? Kya apki shadi me rukawaten hain? Is post me hum apko shadi ka wazifa , jaldi shadi ki dua ke mukhtalif amal aur taweez ke bare me batayenge.Islam mein Nikah: Shariat e Islamiya mein nikah ek deeni aur mazhabi amal aur ek gehra akhlaqi wa qalbi talluq hai. Mard wa aurat mein ulfat aur yaghaniyat aur miya biwi mein bahami munasibat ka pakiza rishta hai. Iska asal maqsad yeh hai keh mard wa aurat ke meil milaap se ek kamil aur khushgawar zindagi wajood mein aaye aur nasal insani ka silsila bhi hudood e ilahi ke nigrani ke darmiyan badhta, phulta phalta rahe. Nikah insan ko gunah se bachata hai. Neik shaks se nikah karne se aada imaan ki hifazat hoti hai. Jo shaks aurat ka naan nafqa dene ki qudrat rakhta ho use chahiye ke nikah kare. Yeh sunnat hai. Aur jo mard [...]

wazifa for husband wife problems solution

Wazifa for husband wife problems | Dua for husband wife problems Solution in islam

Contents:1). Wazifa for husband wife problems solution (1.1) Dua for Husband wife problems 2). Relationship problems causes 3). Purpose of "Wazifa for husband wife problems solution" 4). Any bad effects of "wazifa for husband and wife problems"? 5). What are the uses of "Wazifa for husband wife problems"? 6). Some wazifas for solving husband wife problems (6.1) Best wazifa for love between husband and wife (6.2) Quranic wazifa for husband and wife problems (6.3) Name of Allah wazifa for husband wife problem solution 7). Dua for husband and wife problems solution 8). Concluding dua & wazifa for husband wife problems solution1.Wazifa for husband wife problems Solution:Husband wife conflicts is not a new thing that needs introduction. It has become very common between couples these days. It is one of the worst situations that the husband and wife go through. You can perform the wazifa for  husband wife problems solution if you are looking for an Islamic solution [...]


Wazifa for wife come back | Dua for wife come back home Prayer !!!

Wazifa for wife come back | Dua for wife come back home: If your wife has gone away from you without your permission and is not returning back or is angry on you than perform this wazifa for wife come back | dua for wife come back prayer to bring your wife back home quickly.Wazifa for wife come back : If you are experiencing trouble controlling your disobedient wife, and her disobedience has reached to such a point that she left your home and your patience is stretched to breaking point. Then,there comes the need of wazifa for wife come back prayer . Also read a post on wazifa for husband come back. Dua for wife come back : The method to perform dua for wife come back is as follows : Al-GhafooruRecite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times. Read the name of ALLAH 313 times. Recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times. Pray for your wife to come back to you. Do this [...]