Wazifa wealth

Wazifa wealth – This is the best wazifa for wealth & prosperity & a powerful spiritual dua for sustenance purpose. 

Wazifa wealth

This is a very strong Wazifa wealth, Spiritual dua for sustenance and powerful wazifa for wealth & prosperity. The name of Allah ”Al-wahhaabu”has great powers for this purpose and when recited in the following manner gives unbelievable results.


  • Perform your isha prayer daily.
  • Select a suitable fixed time & fixed clean place as this is a key to success.
  • Wear clean clothes.
  • Read this name for 1100 times.
  • Continue it for 41 days.
  • Then on the last day write it on a paper and keep it with you .
  • This is the best wazifa wealth.


The person cannot buy happiness with wazifa wealth but wealth can bring happiness in a person life because with wealth a person can achieve his dreams and buy what he wants. But, this wealth can also curse someone life by giving him a burden from inside. Therefore, a person has to make wazifa wealth or wazifa for wealth and prosperity so that a person can live life with peace.


Sustenance is the ingredient everyone wants in their life and struggle just to earn their sustenance. If a person has so much wealth but no sustenance in society then this wealth is of no use. Therefore, the person makes wazifa wealth or spiritual dua for sustenance to make wealth as well as sustenance in society and can live their life peacefully.


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