Most powerful quranic wazifa for marriage | Love marriage dua-Shadi ki dua | Shadi ka qurani amal

This is the most powerful Quranic wazifa for marriage purpose. This can be used as a love marriage dua. Shadi ki hajat poori karne liye behtareen shadi ki dua | shadi ka qurani amal.

Most powerful Quranic wazifa for marriage | Love marriage dua :

Marriage problems have become very common these days. People tend to fall in love with someone & get embarrassed when they won’t find any way for success in marriage. Unfortunately, few people visit fake amils who use either the black magic practices that are forbidden in Islam or who just collect money without performing any amal. In this post we are telling you the method of performing the love marriage dua for marriage success.

Quranic wazifa for love marriage

The Quran has solution for all problems of life. Although every surah has it’s own importance and prestige, there are some special verses which can speed up in bringing success. The Quranic surahs that work fast in removing hurdles in marriage are mentioned below.

So this is the highly effective Quranic wazifa for marriage | Love marriage dua to solve your marriage problems.

Surah Fatiha, Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, Surah Maryam, Surah Anfal, Surah Ahad

    • Recitation of these surahs in the form of a wazifa just even once daily can bring outstanding results.
    • Remember to read Durood-e-shareef 11 times before and after.
    • Do this practice till fulfillment of your desire.

Surah for love marriage 

Some of the other benefits of surah for love marriage apart from success in love marriage are below

Surah Fatiha : This is the first surah in the holy Quran. We recite it in our prayers everyday. It has great importance. It is useful in acceptance of our supplications. Curing from diseases and illness. Fulfillment of needs and desires etc,. This is the light that is sent from heaven.

Surah Yaseen : This beautiful surah is called as the heart of the Quran. Reading this surah once is equivalent to reciting the complete Holy Quran for 10 times. This is a means of forgiveness & intercession for the recitor. It removes the difficulties & sorrows. It fulfills the wishes of it’s reader.

Surah Rahman :This is called as the great surah of the holy Quran. It removes all the afflictions from it’s recitor. It is useful in curing dangerous diseases such as cancer, depression, mental illness, hepatitis etc,. Can be used as quranic wazifa for marriage to solve marriage problems.

Surah Maryam : This surah has close relation to Hazrat Maryam salamun a’laiha. This is useful in protection and safety of house. Helpful for women not having children. Also very effective in speeding marriage process.

Surah Anfal : Whoever recites this surah stays protected from hypocrisy. His hardships and problems will go away. His needs will be fulfilled. He becomes pious.

Surah Ahad : Reading this surah 3 times is equivalent to reciting the Quran once. This is useful in purifying the heart. Eliminating troubles and diseases. Fulfillment of wishes. Getting love of ALLAH. Empowering the faith. Receiving goodness of this world & hereafter.


Females should not do this wazifa during their mensus/periods. Do this wazifa in the state of ablution at a clean place & do not make fun of wazeefa/dua else you will suffer.

Shadi ki dua | Shadi ka Qurani amal :

Shadi ek paak rishta hota hai jo miya biwi ke darmiyan hota hai. Isme mohabbat ke sath sath bohat sari zimmedariyan bhi hoti hain. Aksar log shadi ko lekar pareshan hote hain. Kisi na kisi se mohabbat hojati hai aur shadi nahi hopati rukawaton ki wajeh se toh pareshan hojate hain. Is masle ke hal ke liye shadi ki dua ka Qurani amal aaj apko batayenge.

Quran shareef mein tamam masail ka hal maujood hai. Waise toh Quran shareef ki har aayat mubarak hai, lekin chand suratein khas maqsad ke husool ke liye jald asar karti hain. Shadi ki dua aur Shadi ka qurani amal ka tareeqa darj zeel hai:

Surah Fatiha, Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, Surah Maryam, Surah Anfal, Surah Ahad.

  • In suraton ko rozana wazaif ke taur par 1 martaba bhi padhlein. Apki muraad jald poori karne ke liye yeh kafi hain.
  • Is amal ko husool e muraad tak karte rahein aur shadi ki dua karein.

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Khwateen makhsoos ayyam mein is wazife ko na karein. Wazife ko wuzu ki halat mein paak saaf jagah par baithkar padhein. Aur wazife/dua ka mazaq na udhayein warna nuqsan hoga.


1). This amal of “surah for love marriage dua” will be effective & give you the best results only if you take care of the following points :

  • Read the Quranic dua and wazaif with correct pronunciation in accordance with the rules for reciting holy Quran.
  • Perform it with complete faith in Almighty ALLAH that he will grant you success in it.
  • Those who do not know to read the Holy Quran can learn it from a Quranic teacher. Feel free to contact us for learning the Quran.

2). Those who want to become Amils of this spiritual wazifa,  can also contact us. Amliyat courses.

3). If you are not getting success even after this “dua of how to get rid of dandruff permanently”, you may collect amulets from us for the solution of it.

With the help of Quranic Amulets and seals, the results will be faster.

All these amulets will be prepared in accordance with the Holy Quran and Hadith.

NOTE:- 1) “Shadi ki dua aur shadi ka qurani amal” ka yeh wazifa tab hi asar dikhayega jab keh:

Qurani ayaat/ duayein aur wazaif ko durust makharij ke saath arabi qawaneen ke mutabik padha jaye.
ALLAH tala par mukammal yaqeen aur bharose ke saath kiya jaye.
Jinhe Quran/duayein sahi makharij se padhni nahi aati wo kisi muallim/muallima se hidayat lein. Online Quran Nazara Tarjuma ke liye humse rabta karein.

2) Is wazife ke mahir banna chahte hain wo humse rabta karein.

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3) Is amal ko karne ke bawajud bhi kamyabi hasil nahi horahi ho toh humse rabita karein. Agar masle ka hal ke liye Taweez/naqsh lena chahen toh wo bhi miljayega.

In Sha ALLAH A’zzawajal taweez/naqsh ke zariye se mushkilaat jald hal hojayengi.

Yeh taweez/naqsh Quran-O-Hadith ke ain mutabik honge.




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#Most powerful quranic wazifa for marriage | Surah for Love marriage dua-Shadi ki dua | Shadi ka qurani amal #

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