Black magic cure

1). Black magic cure:

Black magic cure is a malicious act that includes harmful magics ranging from injuring the person’s health, job, relationship, wealth or even practicing magic for his death. Black magic has not emerged out newly today or yesterday. It is in action since primitive illiteral period. In spite of many advancements, people have not yet stopped themselves from evil castings.

Other names of Black magic:

Black magic cure is also called by other names such as dark magic, witchcraft, magical spells, voodoo spells, sorcery,( Jadu, Sihr in Urdu). It functions with the use of evil spirits and demons for evil purposes.

2). Does black magic really work?

Does black magic really work? Is black magic real? How does black magic work? These are some of the common questions that many ask. The existence of black magic witchcraft is proved from the verses of the Holy Quran. Almighty ALLAH has warned those who learn black magic cure to cause destruction. Whoever does it has no part in the hereafter’s life.

3). How does black magic work?

Black magic is a dark art in which the magicians take help from the disbelieving jinns. And the jinns won’t help them until they commit some sins or infidelity. They demand several sins from them ranging from the illegal sacrifice of animals, human killing, sex, to becoming non-muslims for the fulfillment of their wish. When their demand is accomplished, they help the black magic & make him happy. But after this, the black magic cure get’s trapped into severe punishment of ALLAH in the hereafter.

4). How is black magic used?

    • Black magic uses the bad spirits to collect information regarding someone so that they can harm them.
  • They use the evil power of bad spirits and jinns to torture some person physically, mentally, internally and externally all possible ways they can.

5). Black magic in Islam:

All sorts of magic, black, red, voodoo magic cure work against the laws of Islam. These are even against moral behavior. And you need to remember one important law that when the evil caster does black magic it’s outcome will be seen on both the victim and the black magic caster. He will suffer from the same cursings in return that he had cast on another innocent person.

6). Symptoms Of Black Magic:

The person affected with black magic cure may experience some or many of the following symptoms.

  • Extreme loss or gain of weight in a very short time.
  • Depression and anxiety for no reason.
  • Weakness.
  • Irritating sensation.
  • Severe headaches, stomach ache.
  • Not remembering events.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Feeling negative energies.
  • Hearing some strange sounds.
  • Hearing knocking of doors, roofs, etc.
  • Feeling a choking sensation in the stomach or other parts of the body.
  • Seeing shadows.
  • Feeling that someone is sleeping beside.
  • Changes in appearance.
  • Excessive bleeding in women.
  • Bad nightmares.
  • Excessive crying.
  • Paranoia (A feeling that someone is watching you).
7). How exactly is black magic done on someone?

There are many techniques used even in black magic cure.

    • One of the most popular practices in use is to inflict some food or beverage with black magic and making the target person eat or drink it. Few magicians perform black magic with just the photograph and some belongings of the victim. They take anything that the victim possesses like his hair, nails, clothes or jewelry along with his/her photo and bind black magic on it. After this, the victim suffers from pain.
  • Another dark craft used is by voodoo dolls. In this practice, the magician creates a doll of the target person. Puts needles into the region where he wants to cause harm. Uses some of his belongings. Then enchants evil curses upon the person. The black magicians usually perform it on the full moon night using the energy of the moon in a negative way
  • And some black magicians use lemon to perform selfish acts.

8). Popular Black magic:

When people fail in all the tricks & hacks, they step towards black magic for fulfilling their dreams and desires. In black magic cure, they communicate with dead spirits and disbelieving jinns. They use black magic for variety of purposes. Some of the popular rituals that black magic perform are:

i). Black magic for love:

There are many people who take help from black magic cure. This happens because when they fall in love problems they become blind and wish for fulfillment of their desires. Black magic takes benefit of their situation and show them the wrong ways. They implement black magic for love to solve their problems. In this way, both the black magic and the one who is taking his service become sinful. If you are having issues in love you should perform Islamic wazifa and dua for love problem solutions.

ii). Black magic for getting love back:

When someone loses his/her love and wish to get the love back they fail to choose the right direction out of stress, And they take help of black magic for getting love back. What happens in this ritual is, black magic cure uses evil forces to alter the mind of the target person. It works by hypnotizing the person.

iii). Black magic for money:

Similarly, black magic cure is done to acquire money. In this black magic for money ritual, the black magic casts non-Islamic rituals. He fulfills the demands of the jinns without worrying about loss of his faith.

iv). Black magic for husband:

This is intended to change the behavior of the husband. In black magic for husband love and controlling the spell caster casts illegal spells to make the wife gain control over her husband. Even though the husband is not injured by it, the method used to fulfill the need is in-appropriate in black magic cure.

v). Black magic for revenge:

People make use of black magic for revenge when they have some fights with their enemies. Nowadays people lose their temper and patience very fast. Even after small disagreements, they think of taking revenge from their enemy and teaching lesson to enemies. This conduct is not fair. If some enemy of your’s is harming you constantly, you should take help of Islamic wazifa and dua for enemies defeat.

vi). Black magic to make someone love you:

This black magic cure is used to forcefully make a person to commit illegal acts such as sex with the desired person. Sometimes it so happens that you love someone and wish to live your life with him. But the person refuses to stay with you. In such cases, people go for this ritual. Quranic wazifa to make someone love you is the right choice since it does not involve illegal ways nor does it harm the target person. It just makes you look good in the sight of the target person.

vii). Black magic for love marriage:

The goal of black magic cure for love marriage is also similar to the above mentioned black magic to make someone love you. This magic is done so as to get married to the desired person. Since the techniques used for the fulfillment of wishes are evil, it comes under dark magic art.

viii). Black magic for attraction:

The objective behind performing this magic is to gain attraction. It may be of anyone, unmarried person, husband or wife. Once again it uses witch-crafts for the accomplishment of it.

ix). Black magic for breaking relationship:

This is used for the purpose of breaking the relationship. Once again, here the manners are not maintained, black magic just breaks the relationships for whichever they get paid for. They even break the married couples for the purpose of wealth. Breaking a husband-wife relationship is a great sin.

x). Black magic to break marriage:

With this technique, the black magic breaks the marriage. Before casting out the ritual, the spell caster does not investigate whether it is legal to break the marriage or not. He just implements black magic cure to break the marriage. If a Muslim wants to break his/her marriage he/she should take the advice of a well educated Islamic scholar.

xi). Black magic to destroy enemy:

This dark art is used to trouble enemies and make them suffer. It uses pure black magic to destroy the enemy. In some cases, the enemy gets injured badly or even dies off. Our advice to you is, if your enemy is troubling you perform the Islamic wazifa and dua to destroy enemy‘s evil power. With this, you will be able to get rid of his torture. ALLAH is the best revenge taker. We should leave the matter to him if someone has done wrong with you and perform quranic dua and wazifa for self-defense.

xii). Black magic to control someone:

This black magic is done on someone to make the person lose his self-thinking power. It causes him to do what the person wants him to. But if the person has a habit of being punctual in his obligatory prayers and obeying the commands of Almighty ALLAH and his beloved messenger, such black magic won’t be able to affect him.

9). Black Magic Cure:

The Quranic verses will break the magical effect from you and make you a normal person. Recite the Holy Quran everyday and blow it on yourself for protection.

The Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq & Surah Naas are the specific surahs that are used in the treatment of black magic. These powerful verses work effectively in breaking magic if recited regularly.

Concluding black magic cure:

You may recite the mentioned Quranic Surahs for the cure of black magic. If you do not know to recite the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation, you should listen to the recitation of the Qari. It is obligatory upon every Muslim to learn QURAN in Arabic.


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