Demon’s effect treatment course | Demonic possession removal course – Aaseb aur asrat ki alamat | Asrat wa aaseb ka ilaj course

 (8 classes per course)  (Contact +92-3232344555 to know about its Hadiya/ Fee)

This is the fifth level course of “Demon’s effect treatment course | Demonic possession removal course – Aaseb aur asrat ki alamat | Asrat wa aaseb ka ilaj course” for those who have already finished  intermediate course of amliyat and rohaniyat., It deals with demon’s effect treatment, demonic possession removal & much more. This course contains a total of 8 classes. Students can take classes according to their convenience. Duration of this course is a maximum of 2 months. Students can even complete the course in lesser duration if they wish.Is course me asraat aur asaaib ka tafseeli bayan hoga. Asraat wa aasaib ki tareef, asraat wa aasaib ke alamaat,asraat wa asaaib ka ilaj karne ka tareeqa aur bohat kuch sikhaya jayega.


Female teaching staff is also available for ladies students.This course is conducted online.

In this course the following topics will be taught and discussed:

  • What is Demon’s effect and Demonic possession and difference between them.

  • Types of Demon’s effect and Demonic possessions.

  • What are the symptoms of Demon’s effect and Demonic possession in human body?

  • What are the symptoms of Demon’s effect and Demonic possession in a house or at a place?

  • How to know whether the person is effected by Demon’s effects or Demonic possession?

  • How to protect oneself and others from Demon’s effects and Demonic possession?

  • Treatment of Demon’s effects and Demonic possession and what to do and how to do for protection from its harm.

  • In this course such easy wazaif and duas will be taught to students through which they can easily treat Demon’s effects and Demonic possession.

  • Which duas and wazifas to read, how to read, when to read , in what quantity to read , and the method of their application will be taught and practicals will also be conducted.

  • We will also be conducting test on all that which we would have taught to the students.


  1. Every muslim can do this course
  2. For treatment of Demon’s effect and Demonic posession you will also be given such a powerful spiritual practice which has been continuosly done and transferred to us by our pious elders. This will be a tested practice and you will easily get results without working hard on it. Our elders have done lot of hard work upon it, we just act upon  the method shown to us by our elders so that we would get some portion their efforts’ fruit.
خواتین کیلئے لیڈس ٹیچربھی موجود ہے۔ یہ کورس آن لائن ہے۔ اس کورس میں یہ سب چیز یں سکھائی اور بتائی جائینگی۔
-اثرات اور آسیب کس کو کہتے ہیں اور اس میں فرق
-اثرات و آسیب کی علامات
اثرات و آسیب کی اقسام۔
 اگر جسم میں اثرات و آسیب ہو تو کیا کیا علامات ہیں۔
 گھریا کسی جگہ میں اثرات و آسیب ہو تو اس کی کیا کیا علامات ہے۔
کس طرح پتا چلے گا اس پر اثرات ہے یا آسیب ہے۔
 خود کو اور دوسروں کو کس طرح ا ثرات و آسیب محفوظ رکھ سکتے ہیں۔
اس کورس میں ایسی آسان دعائیں اور وظائف بتائے جا ئینگے جن کے ذریعے بآسانی اثرات اور آسیب کا علاج کرسکیں گے۔
-اثرات اور آسیب کے علاج اور اس کے شرسے بچنے کیلئے کیاکرنا ہے اور کس طرح کرنا ہے،
دعا ئیں اور وظائف کو ن سے پڑھنے ہیں ،کسطرح پڑھنے ہیں،کب پڑھنے ہیں کتنی تعداد میں پڑھنے ہیں۔اور ان کو استعمال کرنے کے طریقے کار اور (pratical) بھی کرایا جائے گا۔
 Testجو کچھ ہم نے آپ کو اس کورس میں سکھا یااور بتایا ہوگا اس کا ہم امتحان بھی لیں گے۔ 
 یہ کورس ہر مسلمان کر سکتا ہے۔
اثرات و آسیب کے علاج کیلئے عمل بخشہ بھی جائیگا۔یعنی ایسا عمل جو سینہ بسینہ چلا آرہا ہوتاہے،
بہت آزمایاہواہوتاہے،بغیر عمل کیئے،ذکوٰۃ ادا کیئے،محنت کیئے بغیر، اس عمل سے کام لیا جا سکتا ہے 
اس عمل پرہمارے بڑوں نے بہت محنت کی ہے ،ہم اپنے بڑوں کے بتائے ہوئے طریقوں پرعمل کر نیگے تاکہ ان کی محنت کے پھل کا کچھ حصّا ہمیں بھی ملے۔


Khwateen ke liye ladies teachers bhi maujood hain.Yeh course online hai.

Is course me yeh sab cheezein sikhayi aur batayi jayengi.

  • Asraat wa aasaib kis ko kehte hain aur inme faraq?

  • Asraat wa aasaib ki aqsaam

  • Agar jism mein asraat wa aasaib ho toh inki kya kya alamaat hain?

  • Ghar mein kisi jagah asraat wa aasaib ho toh iski kya kya alamaat hain?

  • Kis tarah pata chalega uspar asraat hai ya aasaib hai?

  • Khud ko aur dosron ko kis tarah asraat wa asaaib se mehfooz rakh sakte hain?

  • Is course mein aisi aasan duayein aur wazaif bataye jayenge jinke zariye ba asaani asraat aur aasaib ka ilaj karsakenge.

  • Asraat wa aasaib ke ilaj aur iske shar se bachne ke liye kya karna hai aur kis tarah karna hai?

  • Duayein aur wazaif kaunse padhne hain, kis tarh padhne hain, kab padhne hain, kitni tadad mein padhne hain aur inko istemal karne ka tareeqakar aur practical bhi karaya jayega.

  • Jo kuch humne apko is course mein sikhaya aur bataya hoga iska hum imtihan bhi lenge.


  1. Yeh course har musalman karsakta hai.

  2. Asraat wa asaaib ke ilaj ke liye amal bakhsha bhi jayega yani aisa amal jo seena ba seena chala aaraha hota hai, bohat aazmaya huwa hota hai, mehnat kiye begair is amal se kaam liya jasakta hai. Is amal par hamare badon ne bohat mehnat ki hai, hum apne badon ke bataye huwe tareeqon par amal karenge take inki mehnat ke phal ka kuch hissa hamein bhi mile.

Weekend classes are also available:24/7
one to one classes are also available.

Those who want to learn the art of spiritual treatment
and making amulets,talismat can also contact us
جوحضرات عملیات، تعویزات، تلسمات سیکھنا چاہتے ہے وہ بھی ہم سے رابط کر سکتے ہیں۔
Jo hazaraat amaliyaat, taweezat, talismat sikhna chahte hen wo bhi humse raabta karsakte hen.

Contact Expert Amil Mohammad Yousuf


 #Demon’s effect treatment course | Demonic possession removal course – Aaseb aur asrat ki alamat | Asrat wa aaseb ka ilaj course#

1 thought on “Demon’s effect treatment course | Demonic possession removal course – Aaseb aur asrat ki alamat | Asrat wa aaseb ka ilaj course”

  • Asslamu Alaikum

    This course is great! You learn the effects of demons and jinn when in person or house and also a powerful treatment for removal.
    You also learn how demons possess and how to diagnose patients for treatment as well.
    Well detailed and Ustad sahib helps you understand properly using examples and real life scenarios.
    You do need to have a some what grasp of the Urdu language as it is taught in Urdu but explained very well and easy to understand.
    After each lesson there is a Q & A to answer any question you may have.
    There is also revision and test at the end of the module to ensure you have understood everything well.

    MAy Allah bless Ustad sahib and give him long life ameen

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