Wazifa, Prayer, Amal, spells, Ruqya, for black magic

The concept of wazifa | prayer | amal | Ruqya spells | Black magic spells used in spiritual treatment and the correct method of performing wazifa.

Understanding the Concept Of Wazifa, Prayer, Amal, Black Magic Spells, Ruqya Spells & Spiritual Treatment :

Wazifa, Amal, or Ruqya for black magic spells means a special ritual or prayer which is performed either spiritually for the purpose of spiritual treatment or satanic enchants done to fulfill some need illegally or just prayer spells done for the sake of religion. These rituals are either performed by someone reciting a spell and after the experiment proven to be a solution to the problem or are narrated in Hadith Shareef.

There are different types of wazifa | wazaif practices.

1). Spiritual Wazifa | Wazaif:

Spiritual wazaif means the ones that are connected with spirit. The spirit is the command of Allah. It gets healthy and powerful with the recitation of the verses of Holy Quran. Or by reading different names of Almighty Allah & repeating them with concentration to gain inner peace. There are several ways of developing these skills in Islam explained by different Sufism trends.

2). Islamic Wazifa | Wazaif:

These are the so-called wazaif which are taken either from the Holy Quran or Hadith and were collected by the companions of the beloved Prophet and arranged into different ahadith which are miracles of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). These contain the solution to all our problems which we face during different phases of life.

3). Black Magic Spells:

Black magic spells are those enchantments in which satanic aid is the main force behind the scourer. The satan has his kingdom over the seas. He commands and sends Jinns to help the magician who would be performing black magic charms. In return to the satanic aid, the magician would be demanded to do different types of sinful things such as to burn the Holy Quran (May ALLAH forbid), Kill animals or people, Demand for Sex, to use bad words for Allah and his messengers etc,.The bigger the sin, the more powerful his magic works. It is obligatory on every Muslim to stay away from these kinds of magics.

Correct Method Of Performing Wazaif | Islamic Prayer:

The amil has to keep in mind the following rules if he wants to succeed & get desired results. If he does not consider these things while performing the wazaif he will not get fruitful results.

1.Take care of clothes and bed:

The Amil should make sure that his clothes are very clean. He should not allow anyone to sleep on his bed. The clothes should have no drops of blood or urine on them otherwise he may suffer from illness.


He should perform ablution before starting the wazaif. And if a woman is performing Quranic wazaif she should not continue them during her menstrual cycle.

3.White Cloth:

The dress which has to be worn should be the color which is told in the ritual and has to be a newly opened cloth which is not switched for men (Like Ehram). This will bring the results very quickly and after finishing the wazaif he should keep it in the safe place and wear the same next day.

4.Hard Work:

Hard work is the key to success is a prayer for black magic. The fixed time and place is also a success factor. If he does not maintain the time and place then he may not succeed.

5.Halal income:

The income should be pure. He should earn through hardship and good means. Hence, if the earning is by fraud or unfair or sinful means then it will become a barrier.

6.Protection Circle:

The amil should make a protection circle before starting any of the wazaif. And he should not come out of the protection circle until he completes the ritual or the jinn may harm him or even kill him. And make amal for black magic.

Wazifa, Amal, Ruqya aur Rohani Ilaj :

Wazifa ka matlab hai woh jo kisi shaks ne apne tujurbe ki bina per koi amal khas traeeqe se padha ya phir wo wazaif jo hadees se sabit hon aur kisi khas matlab ke liye kiye jayen toh unhe wazaif kaha jata hai. Chahe wo wazifa hajat ke liye padha jaye ya phir apne kisi bhi deeni ya dunyawi matlab ke lie. Kuch wazaif toh sirf Allah taala ki raza ke liye padhe jate hain jabke baqaya apne kisi zaroorat ke liye ya kisi bemari ko door karne ke liye padhein jate hain. In wazaif ke bohat si aqsam hain jinke tafseel abhi aap padhenge.

Wazaif ke aqsam :

1).Rohani wazaif :

Rohani se murad wo wazaif hain jin ka talluq rooh se ho aur rooh kyunke paak hai aur iski ghiza noor hai. Aur kyunke rooh Allah ka amar hai, in wazaif yani Qurani suraton ko padhne se rooh ko taqat milti hai ya Allah ke kisi naam ka bar bar wird karne se usko noori quwwat hasil hoti hai.Toh iska matlab yeh huwa keh yeh wo wazaif hain jin se rooh ko taqwiyyat milti hai aur Allah taala ka qurb hasil karne ke li ye mukhtalif rohani silsilon se isko hasil kiya jata hai.

2).Islami wazaif | Ruqya :

Yeh wo wazaif hain jo Quran aur Hadith se sabit hain aur Nabi ke mu’ajazat me se hain. Yani ke jo aap ne kaha aur sahaba ne unko naqal kiya wo hadith bangayin, toh apne hamein sone se jagne tak ke tamam masail balke Bait Al khala jane tak ke masail aur zindagi ke tamam masail se aagha kiya hai.

3).Kala Jadu Totka:

Kala jadu totke wo hain jin me shaitan ki madad li jati hai aur uski pooja ki jati hai,ab kyunkeh shaitan ka takhat pani per hai aur wo wahan se apne jinnat ko bhejta hai keh jo log uski pooja karte hain un ki madad karen. Shaitan ka qurb haasil karne ke liiye unko mukhtalif kaam karne hote hain jisme Ma’azallah Quran ki ihanat aur Allah aur Rasoolon ko bura bhala kehna padta hai jis se wo shaitan ke sathi ban jate hain aur wo beshumar jinn ko us ki khidmat par laga deta hai. Jitna bada gunah kiya jaaye utni zyada Jadu ki shaitani quwwat unhe hasil hoti hai. Aise amal se bachna har musalman par lazim hai.

4.Hindi ke mantar:

Hindi ke mantar wo hain jin me kufriya mantar padhein jate hain aur hindu mazhab ke jinnat se madad li jaati hai aur unki pooja ki jati hai jis se wo khush hokar wo amil ki madad karte hain. Is tareeqe me bhi shirk wazeh hota hai. Kali devi,hanuman,bhro wagaira ko hazir karne k liye unki bhent de jati hai aur mukhtalif qisam ki cheezen sindhoor ,gulab ke phool aur bohat se cheezen dauran amal in jinn ko khush krne ke liye di jati hain ,ye silsila khatam nahi hota amil ko kaam lene par har dafa ye bhent deni hoti hai. Is tarah ke gande harkaat se Allah taala hifazat farmaye.

Wazaif karne ke kuch shariat hain:
  • Apne bister aur kapdon ka khas khayal rakhein.
  • Taharat.
  • Riyazat O mehnat.
  • Hisaar lagana.
  • Halal rozi.


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