Wazifa for visa problems

Effective spiritual Wazifa for visa problems

Wazifa for visa problems

If someone has applied for a visa, i.e., any sort of visa whether it is a visit visa, work visa, or tourist visa and he wants that it should be approved for sure Then person should do this wazifa with true intention and pure heart and be hopeful that he will get it stamped soon with the help of Allah.

Spiritual Wazifa for visa problems

Any person who is suffering from visa problem can perform spiritual wazifa for visa problems which are as follows:

  •  Wake up at night when its time of tahajjud prayer and make fresh wudu and offer eight nafals.
  • After every 2 rakats recite Aayat al kursi for 21 times.
  • After completion of 8 rakats pray to Allah.
  • Do this practice daily until you hear from the department.

Effective Dua for Visa problems

Some people feel unsafe about doing a job in their country or wants to go abroad so they try to apply for a visa. But, but many people find hardship on getting a visa. Therefore, those people who want to visit abroad country makes Effective dua for Visa problems which is helpful in getting a visa for visit or job for them and make their future secure.


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