Wazifa for love

Wazifa for love – Dua for true spouse attraction in Urdu

  1. Wazifa is the gift leftover by saints or scholars to spread blessings of Holy Quran in every field of life.
  2. However, most of the people grab advantages by performing particular wazifa.
  3. Therefore, Islam suggested Wazifa for love which eventually proves to be very effective.

Dua for true love

Perform this Dua for true love to put your love in people’s heart or to bring your lover before you for marriage. The method is as follows:

فَسَيَكْفِيكَهُمُ اللّهُ وَهُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ

(سورۃ البقرۃ،آیت 137)

  • Keep reciting Durood-e-Shareef all the time for 3 days.
  • On the third day when it is first lunar Thursday start this practice. In sha ALLAH you will be successful.
  • This practice is of 7 continuous days.
  • Whenever you want to perform the wazifa of above-written verse, recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times before and after it.
  • Recite the above verse for 101 times daily.
  • After this make supplication by reading this dua: (Allahumma inna naj’aluka fii nuhuurihim wa na’udhubika min shuruurihim)

In sha ALLAH by the blessings of this wazifa, your desire will be fulfilled.

Wazifa for love in Urdu

Mohabbat ke amliyat me ye amal saree-ul-asar hai lekin iske liye zaroori hai ke aap ke qalb mei mehboob ke liye sachayi ho. Zehan wa qalb me kisi bhi qism ki aaloodgi naa ho mehboob ka khayal nihayat pukhta ho aur ise apni shareek e zindagi banane ki aarzoo inteha ho. Phir ye Wazifa for love in Urdu karein:

  • Is wazifa ko shuru karne se pehle 3 din Durood e shareef ka wird har waqt jaari rakhein.
  • Kisi bhi waqt ghaafil naa rahein, teesre roz arooj e maah ki nauchandi jumuarat ya neik sa’at mein is amal ko karein,In sha Allah kamyabi hasil hogi.
  • Yeh amal kul 7 din ka hai. Is aayat mubaraka ka jab bhi wird shuru karein awwal wa aakhir 11 martaba Durood e Shareef zaroor padhein lekin ek baat ka khayaal rahe ke naagha bilkul naa hone paaye.
  • Bila naagha rozana is aayat mubaraka ko bawuzu halat mei 101 martaba padhein.
  • Baad padhne ke dua mange aur dua mei sirf yeh jumle adaa karein.

(Allahumma innaa naja’luka fii nuh’uurihim wa nau’dhubika min shuruurihim)

Is amal ki barkat se In sha Allah aap jin ahbab se mohabbat chahte hain hasil ho jayegi aur log aap se mohabbat karne lagenge ya jis ke liye aap ne is amal mein tasawwur rakha hai woh ap se mohabbat karne lagega.

Wazifa for love and attraction in Urdu

  1. Everyone attracts and love the people who have good character and is generous to all people.
  2. Therefore, the best Wazifa for love is to wish for generous behavior to all people.
  3. Moreover, a person should have faith in Allah and wait for a better time to arrive.

Dua for spouse love

  1. Holy Quran is a book of complete guidance and benefits. Quran has nearly every dua for every situation.
  2. For attaining love of a spouse, Quranic dua for spouse love is highly preferred.
  3. A person can recite this dua to witness the benefits of this Quranic dua.
Wazifa for love and attraction

If some differences are raised between husband and wife then perform this wazifa for love and attraction. The method is as follows :

  • Take the first four letters from an Urdu chart of the moon which is Buddooh’u and recites it as ‘ya -buddoohu’ keeping in mind what you want and do it with full concentration.
  • You have to recite it for 3100 times daily at a fixed place, at the same time along with Durood-e-Shareef 11 times before and after.
  • Pray to Almighty Allah for success.
  • Remember that the sexual activity must be avoided during the complete ritual of 40 days, it is a very powerful and fast working wazifa for the outstanding relationship between husband and wife.

11 times Darood 786 times full bismillah 11 times Darood. Then perform dua


Dua found very benefiial of those who are trying to get their love of life. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Therefore, the effective dua for love is to wish for something (makes dua) in front of the One who controls everything in the universe. However, a person has to be patient for the best results to come.


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