Wazifa for lost love back

Wazifa for lost love back

Love is something which makes two people feel happy & pleasurable. It develops with the deepening of feelings between two persons. As the feelings for each other increases even does the love. But what if you suddenly lose your lover? It is a very painful thing when you lose your partner. If you are facing such troubles you need to find proper solution for it. You can head over the powerful islamic wazifa for lost love back.

Strong wazifa for lost love

Few girls start thinking of suiciding when the person who promised them to marry rejects at the last moment. It is not a wise idea. Suiciding will only cause harm to you. You should stop thinking of such actions. Instead keep hope from Almighty ALLAH and perform the strong wazifa for lost love soon. In this practice you should recite the Surah Fatiha 313 times and pray to ALLAH for wedding with your love.

Rohani wazifa for lost love 

Before performing the wazifa carry out the istikhara for marriage and find out its interpretation. When it comes in your favour, implement this wazifa to get lost love. Do this only for the purpose of marriage or for increasing love between spouses. In this ritual you should recite the powerful names of ALLAH, “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu” 1000 times and make dua for love come back.

Wazifa for lost love to come back

If you want to keep up your relationships & marriage safe you need to perform the most powerful Quranic wazifa and dua. This wazifa for lost love to come back could be done by enchanting the Surah Yaseen for 41 times and making dua to ALLAH.

Dua for lost love in english

This dua for lost love back is in english to help those who cannot read arabic at all. Every muslim should learn arabic. Anyhow, if you are in the learning stage, you could meanwhile recite the English dua for lost love. The phrase that you need to recite is this:

“O ALLAH, You alone do I worship and Mohammad (peace be upon him) is your messenger. I seek help from you. Remove distress from me and help me with my love problem”.

Islamic prayer for getting lost love back

Sometimes, husbands think of quitting their wives and marrying some other girl. This leaves their wives filled with tension & depression. Instead of bringing negative thoughts, they should perform the Islamic prayer for getting lost love back. The wazifa that you should enchant is

“Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu Bi-Rah’matika Astagheeth”

You should recite the wazifa for 313 times and make supplication to ALLAH for 11 consecutive days.


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