Wazifa for infertility

This is the powerful Islamic Taweez wazifa for infertility treatment to cure female infertility. 

Wazifa for infertility

Female infertility is one of the commonly prevailing diseases among women around the globe.  However,  A woman is considered to be infertile or sterile if she can’t produce children after one year with frequent unprotected physical relation with her husband. Therefore, wazifa for infertility can cure this problem of women.

Wazifa for infertility Treatment

This can only be true when we are sure about the fact that the husband is okay and his test report doesn’t reveal any disease, then there might be a deficiency in the wife. This is a very critical condition for any women because of its a matter of family. Therefore, wazifa for infertility treatment can help many women who perform this wazifa with a true heart.

Powerful Wazifa for infertility

This is the powerful wazifa for infertility treatment to cure barrenness of such women.


صورتیں بنانے والا



  • Barren women must fast continuosly for 7 days.
  • Then recite Durood-e-Shareef 3 times.
  • And recite Ya Musawwiru 21 times
  • Afterward, recite Durood Shareef 3 times.
  • Then, Blow it over some sweet and eat it.
Taweez Wazifa for infertitlity

Those husbands who want to increase their sexual stamina can perform this Taweez wazifa for infertility and to gain sexual power for males | dua for male infertility. The method of this amal is as follows:

  • Read Durood-e-Shareef 3 times
  • Recite YA QAWIYYU , YA MU-EENU 1000 times
  • Again recite Durood-e-Shareef 3 times
  • Make supplication and also blow it on water and drink.
  • In sha ALLAH your objective will be achieved.
Wazifa for infertility for man

Allah Almighty says in Quran: Then made him a drop of fluid in a secure shelter. (Surah Mominun, verse 13). In Holy Quran it is said for atleast 11 times that man is being created from a drop of fluid. Recently science has discovered that just 1 out of 30 lakhs sperm is required to fertilize a women’s egg (ovum). It means that 0.00003 % of the ejaculated semen is enough to fertilize women’s ovum. If someone’s sperm count is less than no need to worry he can perform this Wazifa for infertility for man is as follows:

Surah Mominoon, Verse 13

  • Take Jaft Baloot, Takham Bhang and Kundar in equal quantity and make a fine powder of them.
  • Recite the above-mentioned verse 41 times along with durood 3 times before and after & blow on it.
  • Mix 1 gram of this powder in milk.
  • Drink it once in the morning.
  • Similarly, mix another 1 gram in milk and drink in the evening.
  • Do this for 40 days. In sha ALLAH sperm count will increase.

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